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Metodologías avanzadas para crear prototipos virtuales en 3D fiables


Oferta Tecnológica
Un equipo de investigación de una universidad italiana con experiencia en prototipado virtual y diseño de maquinaria ofrece metodologías avanzadas y multidisciplinares para crear prototipos virtuales en 3D. La metodología puede emplearse prácticamente en cualquier ámbito de la ingeniería, biomecánica y medicina. La tecnología se emplea para ayudar a diseñar nuevos productos, así como para evaluar de forma crítica productos existentes y realizar comparaciones cuantitativas y optimizaciones antes de crear los prototipos físicos costosos. El equipo de investigación busca pymes, industrias y centros de I+D con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica o servicio.


Advanced methodologies for building reliable 3D virtual prototypes
An Italian university research team with expertise in the field of virtual prototyping and machine design offers advanced and highly multidisciplinary methodologies for building 3D virtual prototypes.
The methodology can be used in almost every sector of engineering, biomechanics and medicine.
The team is looking for SMEs/industries/R-Y-D institutes to sign a Technical Cooperation Agreement or a Services Agreement.
An Italian university research team with expertise in the field of virtual prototype and machine design offers an advanced methodology for building accurate simulative models of complex systems (3D virtual prototypes).
During the last decades, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) methodologies have deeply changed the way of designing and developing products, systems and services. CAE techniques can be used by the designers since the early conceptual phases up to the final stages of engineering processes, and virtual models can also be integrated into product lifecycle models and other management tools. In industrial engineering, CAE methodologies allow to virtually build the shapes, perform behavioural and functional simulations and have a preliminary structural assessment. Very complex models require relevant hardware resources and a solid theoretical know-how, since for the building of a meaningful and reliable virtual prototype, a preliminary study of the involved phenomena, definition of parameters and simplifications is always needed.
The offered technology can be used for assisting the design of new products, the critical assessment of the existing ones and to address preliminary quantitative comparisons and optimizations before the building of expensive physical prototypes. The available computing capabilities allow to produce very realistic digital mock-ups, models and simulations, mimic the real behaviour of a system. The benefits of this approach are many: accuracy in the assessment of the performance, saving of time and money and a very relevant customization to the user´s need. Moreover, these methodologies can be a fundamental tool to be competitive ensuring high quality standards in design.
The technology is mature, although research is still ongoing for further improvements, and it is extremely multidisciplinary. It can be used in industrial and mechanical engineering, aerospace, energy, marine, automotive, maintenance, vibration, ergonomics, safety. Biomechanics and medicine are other possible fields of application.

The team is looking for a partner to sign a Technical Cooperation Agreement or a Services Agreement for the development of software applications, to facilitate some implementation aspects and extend the applicability of the methodology. The client is looking for industries (SMEs or any bigger enterprise) or R-Y-D institutes in the above mentioned fields of engineering.
The best partners are SMEs with expertise in the product design and optimization, interested in building virtual prototypes for designing new or improved products, or even to learn how to build advanced models. The partnership, depending on the reciprocal resources and know-how, could have the objective to extend the scientific and technical network, increase the expertise in building numerical models and the competitiveness of the technology. The team can offer its technical know-how, expertise in the use of computer-aided tools and numerical computation, both for a direct application of the technology and for the activity of knowledge transfer. The partners are expected to share knowledge for building reliable models and give support in the definition and execution of experimental test for validating the model(s), better if with a preliminary study and issue identification. Experimental facilities are welcome, as well as programmers with skills in computer-aided modelling and simulation.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantages in using the offered methodologies of 3D prototyping are:
Saving of time: many solutions can be tested, compared and optimized without building physical prototypes.
Saving of money: digital mock-up is much less expensive than a physical one.
Customization: key feature. The virtual models are built using original numerical formulations able to exploit all the potential of modern computers. Mathematical models of specific sub-assemblies are studied and included depending on the specific case. The models are built from the observation of the physical environment and suits to the user´s objective. As a consequence, the models have a very relevant customization to the user´s need. A virtual prototype is always different from another. Currently, in the market scenario such a fundamental property is still limited because of many different factors, while this is strongly developed in the ambit of the technology offered.
Reliability: the technology is mature and reliable in both the numerical aspects and the specific implementations
Detailing: the experience in the virtual modelling allows for the building of models including not only main physical aspects but also specific and dedicated behaviours, producing a very detailed and accurate simulative tool (multiphysics simulations).
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Technical cooperation agreement
Type: SMEs and big industries, R-Y-D institutions
Activity: Engineering, medical, automotive, energy, marine, biomechanics, aerospace, product design and optimization
Role: End-user, preliminary study and issue identification

Services agreement
Type: SMEs and big industries
Activity: Engineering, medical, automotive, energy, marine, biomechanics, aerospace, product design and optimization
Role: End-user, preliminary study and issue identification


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