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Monitorización de costas y aguas poco profundas mediante tecnologías de bajo coste


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa griega especializada en estudios costeros, en colaboración con una universidad, ha desarrollado una nueva herramienta de bajo coste basada en web que permite estimar de forma precisa desplazamientos futuros de la costa y la evolución del litoral. El proyecto está financiado por el esquema Instrumento pyme del programa Horizonte 2020. La empresa busca gestores y agentes inmobiliarios, inversores y autoridades locales interesados en monitorizar y predecir los cambios en la costa en estudios de caso realizados a lo largo del litoral mediterráneo.


Coastal and shallow-water monitoring through innovative low-cost technologies offered by a Greek SME-instrument-funded company to public authorities and investors for applications in the Mediterranean
A Greek company which specializes in coastal surveying studies related to the seafront has developed an innovative tool which allows the estimation of the future coastline displacements and the evolution of the shoreline and is funded by the SME Instrument. The company is looking for property management or real estate agents, investors and local authorities interested in monitoring and predicting coastline changes in case studies along the Mediterranean coasts.
Coastal tourism is constantly affected by climate change in terms of coastline loss, land use changes and extreme weather conditions that affect the value of current and future investments. The private and public sectors should incorporate tools for monitoring coastal areas in their action plans for protection and development.

A Greek SME, in collaboration with a University from Cyprus, has developed an innovative web-based low-cost monitoring solution which accurately predicts coastline changes. The company is a beneficiary of the SME Instrument and its vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of coastal areas through innovative ideas with respect to the unique coastal societies´ characteristics and environmental protection.

The technology offered can help potential clients to monitor changes in the coastline at the desired time and can provide predictions for the future development of the coasts, addressing threats and risks along the coastal zone. Such a tool can be used as:
· assistance in the safe determination of all the necessary parameters to be used in master plans as well as business plans for the development of tourism accommodation infrastructures (providing information for the budget required to protect, increase or decrease the coastal material in front of the tourist investment etc.)
· a coastal vulnerability index in order to develop and monitor climate adaptation policies
· an index estimate for the potential risk of salinization of coastal aquifers as well as nearby water recipients,
· a critical parameter/support for real estate valuations and insurance schemes (configuration of the appropriate insurance schemes for tourist facilities in coastal zones).

The economic benefits for the users of the proposed innovative tool are the following:
· protection of current investments in potentially vulnerable areas
· protection of future investments in terms of risk assessment
· upgrade of current investments in areas with the potential for an increase in tourism visitors
· more efficient time and spatial management of work against climate change in vulnerable areas
· gain insurance discounts where appropriate.

The company is looking for international partnerships with other companies or research institutions in order to exchange theoretical and technical knowledge concerning the modeling of shoreline evolution and the monitoring of changes in coastal areas.

The company is also offering the technology to be used in cases of shorelines along the Mediterranean coasts (services or technical cooperation agreement) and is targeting collaborations with local authorities (municipalities, regional and European authorities), SMEs or investors in the property management, tourism or real-estate market.
Advantages and Innovations:
The innovative technology allows the estimation of the future coastline displacements and the evolution of the shoreline, providing customized information about:
· an indication of the historic profile of the coast
· monitoring services of the dynamic coastal evolution
· predictions for the future positions of the shoreline
· recent high-resolution images
· bathymetric and digital terrain model (DTM) information

The main advantage of the proposed monitoring tool is that it uses low budget resources for input data (common hardware and software tools that can easily be found in the market, etc.) and, provided that the available techniques will be improved, the level of accuracy in predictions will be higher. It can lead to the adoption of a holistic approach on coastal and shallow-water morphodynamics monitoring, providing reliable information for assessing the climate change impacts on the coastlines by using mathematical models that are not site-specific. Therefore, predictions about the future positions of the shoreline can be calculated for any coast, covering large-scale coastal areas relatively cheaply for the potential end user in comparison to other tools in the market that are more complicated to use and far more expensive.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for:
1) Research cooperation agreement for further improvement or future development of the technology, tools offered and the service provided. Potential partners include SMEs, Universities and R-Y-D Institutions. The activities envisaged include the exchange of theoretical and technical knowledge concerning the modeling of shoreline evolution and the monitoring of changes in coastal areas.

2) Technical cooperation agreement for case-studies and for enhancement of the tool. The company is looking for test users wishing to implement coastline-monitoring studies in the Mediterranean zone to use the future versions of the tool and provide feedback. They can be SMEs, local/public authorities or investors active in the spatial planning of urban and suburban areas and the monitoring of coastal areas regarding constructions and land use. The development of protection measures and climate adaptation strategies are particularly targeted.

3) Services agreement
Potential partners include SMEs, specifically current and future investors in the real-estate, tourism or property management business who will use the commercial version of the technology under a services agreement to assess the future climate impacts on the coastal areas that will affect their investments both directly and indirectly, thus allowing them to make better plans to protect those investments.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
01004007 GIS Geographical Information Systems
10004009 Medio ambiente marino
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