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Motor de engranajes sin o con holgura controlada


Oferta Tecnológica
Un investigador italiano con experiencia en automatización industrial ha desarrollado y solicitado la patente de un motor de engranajes sin o con holgura controlada capaz de gestionar la distancia entre el eje de entrada y el eje de salida del motor. Esta tecnología permite un funcionamiento con un juego mínimo durante las fases de transferencia de movimiento para después detenerse en posiciones de funcionamiento sin juego. El investigador busca socios en Europa, EE. UU. y Canadá con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación o comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Technical partners wanted for gear motor with controlled or no backlash
An Italian researcher, experienced in industrial automation, has developed, patented but not yet granted, a gear motor with no or controlled backlash able to manage the clearance between the input motor shaft and the output shaft. This technology allows to operate with minimum play during the movement-transfer phases and then to stop in working positions with no play. Technical cooperation or Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought in all Europe, USA and Canada.
The Italian researcher has developed and patented (but not yet granted) a gear motor with no or controlled backlash able to manage the clearance between the input motor shaft and the output shaft and to solve specific needs of industrial automation and mechatronics.
At the moment simplified prototypes have been built to validate / verify the functional principle before the patent. There are two available sophisticated demonstrators built to verify the functionality of the kinematics (the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces which cause the motion) including electronic drive.

The two key features of the prototypes are:
· Continuous biunique relationship between fast and slow shaft (no backlash-no vibration).
· Total rigidity of the output shaft in the position reached (the output shaft is so rigid in both directions of rotation as the dimensioning of the gear motor expected).

The patented kinematics organization gives rise to other original performances that are obtained in a cascade way, including:
· Dynamic control of the mechanic play: it allows continuous operation at zero play, or the cancellation of the play at specific positions and controlled play outside of these. In a machine with stops working positions A, B, C, ...... n, the solution can eliminate the play in the positions A, B, C ... .n, but cover the intermediate sections to a minimum and maximum efficiency play.
· Electronic bidirectional control providing instantaneous and constant torque output.
· Electronic control of the play for zeroing preload: it allows to optimize the behavior as a function of requirements, plus. Moreover it allows to maintain the preload, or the minimum clearance, regardless of external environmental temperature and the internal temperature of the gearmotor.
· The clearing of electronic control of the play provides the initial performance does not degrade over time. In this regard, systems engineers will be able to implement the play control routine according to its own criteria, from a check at each start-up to continuous monitoring during operation.
· Electronic control unit for real-time monitoring of internal sensors. The data collected and processed by the control unit are shared on the network with the external calculation unit engaged on the optimization of the parameters of use, to the management of scheduled maintenance of the individual components and the prevention of failures (Encoder, load cells, indoor / outdoor temperature, vibration, accelerometers, oil level, etc.).

The researcher is looking for partners interested to establish technical collaboration agreements for the joint development of industrial products based on the patent and related commercial exploitation.
Advantages and Innovations:
The proposed gear motor is characterized by its ability to manage the clearance between the input motor shaft and the output shaft. This capacity allows, for example, to operate with minimum play during the movement-transfer phases and then stop in working positions with no play. In this way the end user who design and build machinery knows how it is important in certain applications to get the gear motors like that proposed. In fact the manufacturers of geared motors have the problem of providing to its customers gear motors with characteristics as that offered.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The European Patent Office accepted all the claims presented without any changes or observations.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Researcher Is looking for partners interested to collaborate jointly in the industrial and commercial development of the prototype or manufacturers of gear motors interested in adding this new product to their products.
Technical cooperation agreement or Commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems
02003001 Process automation
02003006 Prototipos, ensayos y proyectos piloto
09001009 Tecnología de sensores relacionada con la realización de medidas