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Motor eléctrico rotativo compacto y plano con mayor potencia mecánica para aplicaciones industriales de "pick and place" y manipulación


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad suiza de ciencias aplicadas ha desarrollado un motor eléctrico rotativo compacto y plano para aplicaciones de "pick and place", manipulación y fabricación industrial con más potencia mecánica que los motores comerciales, donde el espacio disponible se limita a una dimensión. La universidad busca socios industriales para lanzar la tecnología al mercado y continuar con la investigación. También está interesada en desarrollar conjuntamente otros actuadores planos basados en el mismo concepto.


Title: Flat and compact rotating electric drive with increased mechanical power for industrial pick and place / handling applications
A Swiss Applied-Sciences University developed a flat compact rotating electrical motor mainly for pick--Y--place / handling / industrial manufacturing applications with increased power in respect to commercial drives, when the available space is limited in one dimension. Industrial partners for the bringing into the market and for further research are sought. Co-development of other flat actuators based on the same concept is also considered.
An important topic for process automation systems is the compactness of the pick and place / handling systems in order to reduce the volumes for the production. Pneumatic systems are widely used because they offer high power in small volumes. However, this technology brings also many disadvantages; in fact, pneumatic systems require a big maintenance, have very high energy consumption due to the pneumatic losses and have a limited functionality. The increment of the efficiency of the electric drives in the last years, has encouraged many producers to invest also in electric solutions for industrial production. For this purpose and to increase additionally the efficiency, actuators have to be designed exploiting the space requirements. See Figure 1, new flat rotating drive.

For many applications the overall width of the moving actuators has to be minimized for example in order to mount more pick and place modules near to each other. In this context a new compact rectangular electrical drive has been developed for industrial /pick and place / handling applications. The main innovation is the reduced width of the motor that allows maintaining the moving system flat and increasing the mechanical torque and power.

This new motor exploits the lateral dimensions, in the case where the width is limited from constructive constraints. In respect to the conventional motors of the same family (synchronous machines), the performances (mechanical torque and power) of the new drive are increased considerably. The concept is simple: the available space is exploited better, contrarily to conventional motor that cannot profit from the lateral space, as shown in the figure 2, comparison between conventional and new motor.

Additionally, for small sizes (width < 3mm) brushless motors have no iron core (due to the space limitation) and are rather suitable for low torque and high speed applications. On the other hand, traditional stepper motors (with iron core) achieve high torque but low speeds.

The motor presented here can achieve higher torques as the stepper motors, speeds in the range of brushless motors with iron core and thus higher total mechanical power. As a consequence the user doesn´t require additional gear reduction elements, increasing the precision without backlash and having a direct transmission of the torque. The motor presented can be simply controlled as a conventional three-phase motor, as an electronic board with industrial interfacing from a partner company is already available.

The direct transmission of the power allows the direct monitoring and control of the torque for precision application, without the use of additional sensors.

An important task will be the further development and improvement of the product palette. For this purpose and with the aim to acquire more market volume, the special needs of the possible clients have to be deeply researched. The same rectangular concept to improve the overall mechanical power can be applied to other new actuator types; possible new products have already been investigated.

Possible applications for the motor (shown in Figure 3 and 4) can be automated screw driving systems with high sensitivity torque control, assembly with high resolution rotation (e.g electrical or mechanical components), surface finishing or polishing or closing systems for small bottle caps. Partners are sought for collaborative development via technology cooperation agreements.

A possible immediate application is flat spindle drive systems. In this case the new motor can be used for the directly with the spindle drive to generate linear motion without the need to use additional gear reduction elements. The motor with spindle drive can be used for example for flat xy positioning tables or for compact machine tools. In this case partners sought would conclude a financial or commercial agreement for utilization or integration of this innovative motor on their products.

Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovation is the electromagnetic concept of the motor. While the conventional drives have a cylindrical or square shape, the rectangular shape of the new motor allows a better usage of the available volume to generate mechanical power, in the case where the maximal motor width is limited. The generated torque is doubled in respect to torque motors drives like stepper motors and more than tripled for permanent magnet machines with the same speed ranges. As result the produced mechanical power is higher.

An additional advantage is that the motor can be actuated directly with no additional gear reduction elements, reducing costs and improving the precision.

The offered drive is a complete actuated system (with servo-control of a partner company) with a simple commissioning and that can be interfaced with industrial communication systems.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Granted patent or patent application essential,Exclusive Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners sought are active in the industrial automation / Pick and Place / Assembly and production domains and ready to either:
· Support bringing the motor into the market
· Propose adaption requirements for the product to be used for concrete applications
· Propose new possible requirements, research and development


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems
02003 Control de procesos y logística
02005 Empaquetado / Manipulación
02002 Producción industrial