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Muros transparentes altamente aislantes


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española de base tecnológica ha desarrollado un muro de cerramiento con tubos de vacío que se consigue uniendo un tubo con el siguiente. La junta entre los tubos garantiza un correcto aislamiento entre la parte interna de los tubos y la externa. Se buscan socios interesados en licenciar el sistema o establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


High insulation transparent walls
A Spanish technology based company has developed an enclosure wall with vacuum tubes, and that is possible by attaching each tube with the next one. The gasket between tubes guarantee the correct insulation between the internal side of the tubes and the outside.
The company is looking for a partner interested in license the system, or for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Spanish technology-based company has developed an enclosure or wall that lets light pass , has high thermal insulation and/or captures energy or let light pass in a similar manner to what is claimed in each season of the year. Until now, the common factor of all existing systems is capture energy within the inner tube or on the surface of it, transmit it to a fluid by heat pipe or "u" tubing systems mainly and maximize the collection throughout the year. As well as windows and current stained-glass windows allow the passage of light, have a thermal conductivity many times higher than a conventional wall (5 or 10 times higher), so unable to care a large surface in a room or building, if you are not willing to consume a lot of energy to maintain a good temperature.
Thus this company has developed a window or enclosure made of adjacent vacuum tubes, separated by insulating boards, which has lower conductivity than a conventional wall, and that if the tubes are transparent lets light and image pass through it, partially distorted, and if they are only translucent they let in light. This makes them excellent for guidance or climates where there is little light intensity.
On the other hand, the conventional windows using conventional solar collection to solve heating, causes that in summer all the captured or entering the building is very large and creates many problems.
The developed system based on vacuum tubes captures solar energy or let the light and radiation much in winter and in summer and they may also constitute a wall or enclosure of the house or building. For this discriminated catchment are used fixed reflective surfaces and with appropriate inclination, so that in summer reflect much of the energy to the sky and give shade to the vacuum tube they have under and in winter redirecting the incident energy to the vacuum tube.
The company is looking for partners interested in licence the system, or for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
Main advantages and innovations of the system:
- In North facades and in high latitudes, light is even more appreciated than space heating, but this system joint boith. It allows a big part of light and radiation to pass inside and thee high insulation (about 6 times better than awindow) keeps heat inside the room.
- There is application for building energetic rehabilitation, that can insulate exterior wall while collecting heat from sun direct or diffuse light.
- The system to deploy this energy to the inside or even to the north rooms is made using the conventional heating system based on radiators without any modification of the system or radiators.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
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Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Spanish technology based company is looking for partners interested in licence the system, or for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


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