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Nueva máquina de doble acción con pistón rotativo


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa serbia ha desarrollado una nueva máquina de doble acción con pistón rotativo que funciona como un compresor, bomba o motor de gas o combustión basada en un nuevo mecanismo que reemplaza el pistón oscilante. Sus ventajas incluyen 4 tiempos, ausencia de vibraciones y velocidad hasta un 30% mayor. La empresa busca socios de los sectores de automoción y maquinaria interesados en establecer acuerdos de licencia o joint venture para ofrecer asistencia en la producción y realización de estudios de mercado, entre otras actividades.


Innovative double-acting machine with rotary piston
A small Serbian company developed an innovative double-acting machine with rotary piston, which works as compressor/pump/gas or combustion engine based on new mechanism that replaces reciprocating. Advantages in comparison with existing are: 4-strokes for 1 craft, absence of vibration, and at least 30% higher speed. The company seeks partners from automotive and machine sector interested in license or joint venture agreements to provide production and market research support, among other tasks.
A small Serbian company is specialized in providing services in the field design and mechanical engineering. The company developed an innovative double-acting machine with rotary piston.
Existing piston mechanisms are characterised by: 1. noise and vibration, 2. large number of parts, 3. two strokes for one craft, and 4. single-acting.
The elimination of the noise and vibrations of reciprocating mechanism (conventional machines are based on a reciprocating mechanism) is not possible because of how mechanism works. The piston mechanism consists of two parts (the piston and the piston pin) which are moving together forwards and backwards and changing direction is followed by their collision. The collision of the parts results in vibration and noise.
The noise and vibrations elimination is very important due to the new coming legal restrictions in the automotive industry. Some major manufacturers have already stated it would be difficult to fulfill this legal restriction with an existing designs of the machines.
Changing the last two characteristics of the existing machines brings more cost effective features in the production and the usage of the machines.
The company developed an innovative rotary piston mechanism which is characterized by: the absence of vibrations; reduced number of parts, weight and dimensions; 4 strokes for 1 craft, and double-acting.
The company offers many types of reciprocating double-acting machine with rotary piston (compressors, pumps and combustion engine). These are: 1. compressors (air compressors and refrigerant compressors), 2.pumps (water pumps, oil pumps, IC engines (4T / 2T Otto IC engine (with LPG option) and 4T / 2T Diesel IC engine).
All these machines have unusually large (at least 8) number of relatively small cylinders. The essential parts of an innovative machine are:
· Unmoved machine housing,
· Mechanism machines,
· 2 cylinder wheel - rotor (replacement for the cylinder block with cylinders)
· 2 rotary piston with shafts (replacement for reciprocating pistons)
· With clearly separated two units - the drive and driven segment.
Each cylinder wheel is composed of an equal number (usually an even number) of cylinders and cylinder heads alternately connected making a full circle. Rotary piston consists of the body and the desired number of pistons. There is only one rotary piston within each cylinder wheel. Number of piston corresponding to the number of cylinders. Each cylinder has two working chambers (one working chambers in front of piston and one on the back). This fact enables double-acting effect of the machine. It means that both sides of the piston are active at the same time, unlike conventional reciprocating machines which has only one working process of the piston.
This innovation can be used in all industries where are internal combustion engines used, reciprocating compressors and reciprocating piston pumps especially where it is needed and hydraulic energy (various types of working machines and / or hydraulic drive) because it is easily possible to make a machine that combined internal combustion engine with an oil pump.
The company is interested in two types of cooperation:
1. License agreement, and
2. Joint Venture Agreement.
In case of license sale, the company is interested in selling licenses for compressors (air compressors and refrigerant compressors) and pumps (water pumps and oil pumps).
The company is ready to offer consultancy and other services; namely the company is ready to participate in the further development of the machine.
In the case of a Joint Venture, the company will be responsible for: 1. modelling and construction of prototypes, for all types, such as: internal combustion engine, reciprocating compressors, and reciprocating piston pumps; 2. the selection and purchase of computers and software for modelling and design of prototypes; 3. assembling prototypes, and 4.partly preparation and production of the machine.
Advantages and Innovations:
Novelty is in the way of achieving rotary piston motion inside the cylinder in the cylinder wheel. It is achieved through mechanism of the machine.
Unlike conventional reciprocating machines where within a stationary cylinder, the piston is the only one moving - oscillates back and forth, in this innovative machine rotates both the cylinder and the piston round.
All cylinders and cylinder heads together form a cylinder wheel, whereas all pistons together form rotary piston. Cylinder wheel rotates at a constant speed. Rotary piston rotates at non-constant speed. In one craft (360¿ turnover) of the cylinder wheel, rotary piston produces 4 strokes (unlike classical reciprocating machines which produce 4 strokes into two crafts).
Compared to conventional reciprocating machines, the advantages are:
· double-acting (both sides of the piston are active at the same time, unlike conventional reciprocating machines which have only one working process of the piston)
· 4 strokes for 1 craft,
· reduced number of parts, weight and dimensions (since there is no piston mechanism and the flywheel),
· the absence of vibrations (due to the absence of an oscillating piston),
· At least 30% higher speed and 100% specific power.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: Industry

Activity: Companies which produces cars, working machinery, transport equipment, reciprocating compressors, reciprocating piston pumps.

Role: In the licensing agreement, it is expected from the partner to repurchases licensing rights for at least one product group. Compensation for the license rights would include: contracted percentage of product sales, and contracted fixed fee. Also, if a partner wants, the company is ready as external associates to continue the development of machines for the relevant contracted salary.
In a joint venture agreement, it is expected from the partner to ensure: 1. the financial resources for the development activities of the company (salaries for company´s employees for modeling and designing, money for computers (optional), money for software (3D modeling and legalization), and money for the patents protection domestic and abroad); 2. funds for the purchase of additional devices (financial resources for additional devices and funds for the delivery vehicle (optional); 3. material for parts (financial resources for materials for parts manufacturing, financial resources for standard parts, production of parts for prototypes, and funds for the production of parts for prototypes); 4 production (production space ensuring, providing storage space, providing equipment for production, and working capital); and 5. finding markets and sales (market research, finding buyers, and sales contracts).


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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