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Nueva tecnología aerodinámica para reducir considerablemente el ruido de aerogeneradores y aumentar la eficiencia energética


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa francesa ha desarrollado un nuevo dispositivo ("wing-tip") que se adapta a las palas de cualquier aerogenerador de eje vertical/horizontal y onshore/offshore. La tecnología permite incrementar la potencia hasta un 14% de media al año y también puede ser aprovechada por propietarios de parques eólicos en cuyos aerogeneradores ha expirado el plazo de garantía. Después de varias pruebas, la empresa la vendido dos licencias en Estados Unidos. La empresa busca licenciatarios en todo el mundo.


Novel aerodynamic technology for wind turbines allowing a significant attenuation of noise and an energy performance
French company has developed an innovative wing-tip device that can be adapted to all type of wind-powered generator blades (vertical/horizontal axis wind turbines, or onshore/offshore). The technology procures a power increase of 14% per year in average. The device could also benefit to wind farms owners that have reached their end of warranty. After several tests, two licenses have been sold in the US. The company is looking for licensees (License agreement) worldwide.
French company in the wind energy sector has developped an innovative energy efficiency solution.

The solution is a wing-tip device for the tip of a wing, or a blade of a wind generator, or a blade of a marine generator, that makes it possible to reduce wing-tip vortices.

In the case or a wind generator, the result provides a start-up with less wind, control and energy efficiency that are highly productive throughout its use while at the same time significantly reducing the noise caused by the vortex.

The device has the form of a cylindrical spiral cavity with one or several helicoidal slots, making it possible to reduce induced drag and marginal swirl (vortex). It can be adapted in retrofit for all type of wind turbines (either Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines, or On-Shore and Off-Shore wind turbines).

In terms of performance, the invention reduces energy consumption for aircrafts and produces increased energy in the case of wind-powered generators

Other applications (18 applications): the device can also be adapted, in retrofit, for all airfoils, for wings of airplanes and gliders, helicopter blades and for stabilizers vessels surface or submarines.

The device has already done 8 series of numerical tests on the American National Renewable Energy Laboratory´s NREL wind turbine, obtaining a 14% average annual increase in energy efficiency, with lower vibration over the entire structure and no change in axial thrust.
Since then, 14 patents have been filed, including two in the United States.

The company is seeking value added partners for distribution and/or licence agreement worldwide but mainly in Germany, Spain, UK, Canada, USA and China.
Advantages and Innovations:
Fixed at the blade tip or wing tip, the innovative device reduces induced drag and noise.

The device has already made it possible to obtain an increase in energy performance of 14% annual average with a significant attenuation of noise.
It reduces by 60% the speed of the vortex, by 57% the noise at its source and reduces by 55% the far field radiated noise.
The device also allows a start of the wind turbine with lower wind.

The device can be manufactured at the blade plant. It can also be used as a retrofit device directly on site.

Other applications: the invention also applies to the wings of aircraft or any other profiles having a leading edge and a trailing edge moving in a liquid or gaseous fluid
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Granted patent or patent application essential
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
14 patents have been filed in Europe, Canada, USA, -Y- China including two in the United States already granted.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner will assume the manufacture, marketing and selling of the device. The licensee will also assume installation, maintenance and after sale services.
The licencee will have to be in the composite material industry and will therefore have an extended experience and know-how in this domain.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
04005 Renewable Sources of Energy
04005008 Wind energy