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Nueva tecnología de control objetivo de la desinfección de las manos


Oferta Tecnológica
Un equipo de investigación de una spin-off de una universidad húngara ha desarrollado una tecnología para evaluar de forma automática la calidad de la higiene de las manos. Esta tecnología ofrece una evaluación objetiva de la limpieza de las manos del personal médico y reduce las infecciones nosocomiales de forma eficiente. La tecnología está indicada para centros médicos y empresas productoras de alimentos. El dispositivo puede integrarse en el sistema de control de calidad del hospital. Se buscan socios para realizar las pruebas clínicas y continuar con el desarrollo bajo un acuerdo de cooperación técnica.


Innovative technology for objective hand disinfection control
A research team of a Hungarian university spin-off has been developing a clinical technology for automatic assessment of hand hygiene quality. The technology provides an objective assessment for staff hand cleanness, efficiently minimises nosocomial infections. Technology is ideal for health facilities and food manufacturing companies. The SME is searching for industrial or service partners for clinical testing and partners for further development under technical cooperation agreement.
The Hungarian SME developed a technology to objectively control hand hygiene performance of medical staff.

World Health Organization (WHO) has set up a 5-point list to establish proper hand rubbing procedures; hands should always be washed: prior to touching a patient, prior to any aseptic intervention, after contacting any mucus, after touching a patient or his/her environment. It also defines the 6 steps of correct gestures during hand rubbing. Similarly, EN 1500 stipulates proper hand rub techniques. Unfortunately, an increasing number of hospital acquired infections (HAI) has been registered. In addition, no antibiotics can provide protection against several mutant bacteria or viruses. Strengthening rules applicable to hand-wash practices can massively minimise number of infections.

The offered technology provides an accurate and objective snapshot of what hand surfaces have been disinfected, and based on the findings of this analysis, the software establishes whether hand washing quality complies with hygienic standards. Technology operational process:
· Hand washing is performed with the UV-marked hand rub mix, which appears brighter on surfaces sufficiently treated with the alcoholic disinfectant. The specification of the original material guarantees the effectiveness of the cleaning.
· Pictures of the hands are taken in the UV-lighted box with integrated wide angled digital cameras.
· The palmar and the dorsal sides of the hand are recorded one after the other, or dual-side imaging is performed on one hand at a time.
· Results are calculated by system software and shown on the monitor. Results can be accessed later from the reporting platform.

There is a personalized reporting system providing statistics about hand hygiene compliance and progress. The device has the ability to track individuals with its identification system, thus a continuous, more comprehensive monitoring of the staff's hand hygiene is available, outlining the organization's hand hygiene trends. This feature plays a key role in the long-term study of hand hygiene progress at department level. Using the device, it is possible to give a scientifically thorough assessment of each shift, staff or age group's hand hygiene behavioral pattern.
The continuous presence and usage of the device offers the opportunity to be integrated into the quality assurance system of the hospital.

The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation. A professional team (in collaboration with local hand hygiene experts) can provide a computer-enhanced training and assessment program to improve the hand washing technique of the dedicated staff. The partner can participate in further development of technology units (like development of a wall-mounted version equipped with motion sensors).
Advantages and Innovations:
Novel feature of technology: the system conducts automatic checks after every hand washing, not just a couple of times a year. It has an objective evaluation and feedback system. Existing solutions have failed to execute a full-scale check of hand-wash completeness.
Main advantages:
· carries out an objective check, and as such, results are unanimously accepted by all hospital managers and staff members
· reporting towards the hospital IT system
· massively minimises nosocomial infections
· protects both patients and hospital staff from infections
· prevents large-scale epidemics
· accurate
· simple to use
· can easily be used in medical training
· tested on more than 15000 healthcare workers
· the innovation got 13 major innovation awards
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought: industrial or service company
- Specific area of activity of the partner: manufacture of hand hygiene products and disinfectants, lighting equipment

- Task to be performed:
- participation in further development of technology units
- converting the internal lights into UV power LEDs
- further development of fluorescent powders
- development of a wall-mounted version equipped with motion sensors
- replacing the digital camera with a cheap industrial camera
- hands can be handled and displayed by the software in 3D
- testing in a hospital environment with a large-scale data pool (validation).


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01004001 Aplicaciones para la salud
06001001 Bioestadística, epidemiología
01003012 Imagen, procesado de imágenes, reconocimiento de modelos
06001013 Tecnología médica / ingeniería biomédica
09001007 Tecnología óptica relacionada con la realización de medidas