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Nueva tecnología de desalinización ecológica para empresas, hoteles o pequeñas comunidades de zonas remotas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana ha desarrollado una tecnología de desalinización ecológica que tiene en cuenta la protección del medioambiente, eficiencia y uso de energías renovables. Esta tecnología puede alimentarse con cualquier fuente de energía renovable sin necesidad de utilizar sistemas de reserva de energía. El agua producida se emplea como agua potable y con fines industriales. La tecnología es especialmente interesante para empresas o comunidades de zonas remotas. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture, licencia, fabricación o cooperación técnica.


Novel ecological desalination technology for companies, hotels or small communities in remote areas
A German company developed an ecological desalination technology that takes into account environment protection, resource efficiency and the use of renewable energies. It can be powered by any renewable energy source without need for energy buffer systems. The produced water can be used for drinking and industrial purposes. The technology is in particular interesting for companies or communities in remote areas. JV, license, manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement are possible.
A company from the north-eastern part of Germany has designed a novel seawater desalination technology.

The unique technology is based on the well-known process of mechanical vapour compression. This robust technology can be attached to any energy source, making off-grid renewable energy available for sea water desalination. Through replacing the traditional chemical seawater pre-treatment by a proprietary electrodialytic process, desalination becomes truly non-polluting. The produced water can be used for both drinking and industrial purposes.

The concept of the patented ecological desalination technology has been proven; the first plant is operating on the island of Rügen, Germany. The water produced has an outstanding quality and the brine output is considerably lower than with other desalination technologies. Because the brine is free of added chemicals, it can be exploited for salt recovery.
The unique technology is particularly aligned to the conditions and necessities of remote areas and islands in southern EU and Mediterranean countries and around the world. The entire desalination plant will come pre-installed in two 40.-ft containers. This will make it particularly easy to install in remote and difficult to access coastal areas and islands.

The ecological valuation shows that the technology complies by far the best with the environmental requirements of sustainable development. Its higher water recovery rate produces 40 % less of brine compared to reverse osmosis technology. Taking the option for salt recovery as valuable asset, the brine discharge comes to less than 10 % and increases considerably the economic outcome, the reduced specific energy consumption provided.

The technology might be interesting for:
- remote hotels or communities that are facing problems of drinking water supply
- companies or communities that are looking for options to produce table water independently from ground or spring water
- companies that are seeking to obtain feedstock from seawater and could reduce costs using concentrated sea water
- companies that want to directly use sea water concentrates (for example for wellness issues)
- companies that need to treat solid-bearing mediums or sea water concentrate with electrodialysis.

The company wants to enter new markets, in particular in semiarid coastal areas or islands. Manufacturing or technical cooperation agreements are possible. Other options could be the establishing of a Joint Venture or the licensing of the technology.
Advantages and Innovations:
Proven technology:

- high economy standard
- very long lifetime cycles of all components
- no use of chemicals
- pollution free and environmental friendly

Production of high quality potable water:

- up to maximum of 500 m³ / day and unit
- no filtration of incoming water
- excellent water quality, usable as source for table water too
- desalination also up to extreme high mineral content

Production of high-quality salt:

- direct production of salt through evaporation from brine
- incoming brine with salinity up to 10%
- reduction of Saline size by 1/3
- zero liquid discharge possible
- extra benefit from salt production ensured by our technology

Possibilities of energy use:

- conventional generated electrical surplus energy
- regenerative energy exclusively:
- wind energy converters
- photovoltaic systems
- biodiesel-, bioethanole-, biogassystems
- no energy storage required

Entire plant:

- is fully automatic
- is remote controlled and monitored
- has minimal maintenance
- is installed in 40-ft standard container
- is a stand-alone unit operation, ideal for remote areas.

Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Companies or small communities interested in the technology


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02004 Diseño de planta y mantenimiento
03002 Ingeniería de plantas de proceso
10002007 Tecnología / ingeniería medioambiental