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Nueva tecnología para la gestión de estaciones meteorológicas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española ha desarrollado una nueva tecnología para la gestión y explotación de información, monitorización y mantenimiento de estaciones meteorológicas. Se trata de una empresa de servicios con más de 18 años de experiencia que ofrece servicios en los sectores de telecomunicaciones, energía e ingeniería. Sus campos de actividad incluyen ingeniería, energía eólica, energía solar, sistemas industriales, redes y telecomunicaciones. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, servicio y financiación.


Innovative technology solution for the management of weather stations
A Spanish company has developed a innovative technology solution which has been designed for the management and exploitation of information, monitoring and maintenance of weather stations. They are a service company supported by its experience, which provides services in the telecommunications, energy and engineering sectors. Commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement and financial agreement are sought.
The spanish service company with over 18 years experience, which provides services in the telecommunications, energy and engineering sectors, works with an efficient organization that responds effectively to the needs and expectations of its customers. The company´s fields of activity are engineering, wind renewable energy, solar renewable energy, industrial systems, grids and telecommunications.

The company uses and profits the knowledge in its different field of activities to bring new solution to the current problems of management from weather stations, so they have developed a technology system, which has been designed for the management and exploitation of information, monitoring and maintenance of those weather stations.

It integrates different architectures to provide a wide range of services running in the cloud:
-A web client from which managers and maintainers can manage data and track the status of their weather stations.
-Web services that support the obtaining, integration and analysis of data for the entire solution.
-Software tool that allows to obtain, automatically, the data files from the weather stations.
-Software tool for mobile devices to provide seamless maintenance.

Some innovative features like the warning control, automatic warning control, easy maintenance, remote control, 100% loggers compatibility, cloud computing, data security and availability, make this system a revolutionary way to manage weather stations.

The company pretend to reach a commercial agreement with technical assistance to arrange the acquisition of the innovative technology solution paired with the provision of installation and customer services, it is also possible to arrange a services agreement to meet the needs of management of meteorological stations. Finally, the company is looking for investor for the further development of the project through financial agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
Innovative aspects:

-Warning control: The detection to malfunction in devices is essential to avoid damage or loss of data. The solution includes in the final stage of data processing, a process of data analysis automatic for warning detection. It has the possibility of continuous monitoring of incidents at their stations, for it may consult monitor warning and make decisions immediately.

-Automatic control warnings: It will handle quickly alert after obtaining the data. With the possibility to customize alarm levels, in every season, for related person responsible. Depending on the level of warning, alarm or alert messages will be sent via email or SMS respectively.

-Maintenance: With the mobile solution, it is possible to manage the maintenance performed by recording the time spent on them, identify the maintainer, view the history of faults associated with each station and dynamically obtain data related to the following intervention and most optimal travel route.

-Remote control: Sometimes repairing a warning requires an intervention that can not be performed because the weather preventing access to the datalogger and devices. The solution includes tools for simple remote control on a datalogger, you only need to have Bluetooth on your mobile device.

-Loggers compatibility: Currently each data loggers manufacturer provides a software application to realize part of the process of treatment of the data. The solution, using a single software application, obtaining and analysis of data from the most used dataloggers.

-Cloud computing and data security and availability.

Main advantages:

-Drastic reduction in maintenance costs and data processing costs.
-No need of additional investments in hardware and software.
-Maximum availability and independence.
-Easy integration, compatibility and security of data.
-Transparent maintenance, monitoring, management and control of incidents in real time.
-Minimum implantation effort.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: Companies, R-Y-D institutions or universities, that are responsible for the management of weather stations.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Promoters, maintainers and engineering of weather stations, weather studies, meteorological measuring centers, etc.

- Task to be performed:
Commercial support/arrange the acquisition of the innovative solution paired with the provision of technical assistance (commercial agreement with technical assistance)

Be adviced/supported for the management of a weather station (services agreement)

Financial support for the further development of the project (financial agreement)


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003015 Gestión de conocimiento, gestión de procesos
04007001 Gestión de la energía
01003024 Tecnologías de la nube