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Nueva tecnología para procesos de exploración en las industrias de petróleo y gas, minería y geotérmica


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana ha desarrollado un método de detección remota para obtener datos de estructuras geológicas en subsuperficie a partir del procesamiento de imágenes aéreas y satelitales. Los datos muestran e identifican reservas de recursos naturales por tamaño, profundidad y tipo (minerales, agua, hidrocarburos y temperatura) hasta una profundidad de 10.000 m. La nueva tecnología tiene como objetivo mejorar la eficiencia del proceso de exploración de fuentes de energía, como petróleo, gas y estructuras geotérmicas, mediante procesamiento avanzado de imágenes satelitales y extracción e interpretación de datos. La empresa busca socios en las industrias de petróleo y gas, minería y geotérmica con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación y cooperación técnica.


German company offers innovative technology for exploration process for oil, gas, mining and geothermal industry
A German company from Berlin active in the field of sensing of natural resources offers research or technical cooperation agreement on innovative sensing technology for gaining subsurface data for oil, gas, minig and geothermal industry. The new technology is able to generate geological data from satelite and aerial image processing to make exploraition more efficient and cost-saving.
An SME from Berlin has developed a remote sensing method to create geological subsurface data from satellite and aerial image processing. The data created show and identify reservoirs of natural resources by size, depth and kind (mineral, water, hydrocarbon, temperature) up to a depth of 10,000 m.

This new technology concept is aimed to improve the efficiency of the exploration process for energy sources like oil, gas and geothermal structures using cutting edge satellite image processing and big data mining and interpretation. The technology uses very sophisticated mathematical procedures to analyze satellite images, remote sensing data and the digital elevation model of the area under evaluation. It helps to identify geological subsurface structures holding hydrocarbons or providing the necessary information on physical conditions for successful geothermal projects.

The costs for new discoveries using traditional methods have tripled over the course of the last six years and make exploration for oil, gas and geothermal a very expensive undertaking with lots of options of failures (e.g. dry wells). The overall exploration activities seem to decline due to cost issues and market uncertainties. Geothermal projects are unfunded due to a lack of project financing or insurance for the drilling as the risk of failure is too high. Furthermore, the old technology of exploring recourses requiers territory work, which means cutting trees, destroying agricultural areas and impact on wildlife and vegetation. Physical logging requires a whole set of permits, long periods of preparation, data gathering and processing and is very expensive overall. The new innovativ pre-logging technology enables exploration to identify hot spots in the target area, which can be precisely investigated. This would significantly decrease the amount of needed loggings which would have a great positive impact of the environment in the area and will cut the exploration costs significantly.

The company is looking for partners to set up a research or technical cooperation agreement. The technology can be applied in R-Y-D projects or implemented in ongoing or planed geological commercial projects, that can be used as a testbed for the technology.
Advantages and Innovations:
· The technology has no environmental footprint and speeds up the exploration process significantly by providing very specific and detailed geological subsurface data without the necessity to enter the territory of interest. It still creates a very focused target list of reservoirs and minimizes physical logging to now very narrow areas.
· The method offers an environmental friendly solution to analyze large territories in a very short period of time at a very competitive price for oil, gas and geothermal reservoirs and increases the probability of success for such projects significantly.

· The method can be used to scan large territories in a short period of time for very competitive prices compared to e.g. geological scanning, what is taking risks out of the exploration process and increases the probability of success in exploration projects
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners who are interested in subsurface data information and need assistant in exploration risk management. In particular following partners can be involved in a research or technical cooparation agreement:

· petroleum, geothermal and mining industry to use the services to enhance their exploration activities

· partners active in the production of oil and gas, field developers and operators as well as investors in greenfield projects

· partners searching for evaluation of areas to develop geothermal energy plant

· parties interested in developement of mining projects in Europe or around the world interested to gather as many upfront data as possible to make the right investment decision for their projects.

The large amount of data that can be created using the new technology, gives a wide variety of information, which are not used completely at that point of developement. By applying modern big-data approaches to the data set, that can be generate with this technology, more detailed information can be created. To address this field of interest, the company is seeking partnerships with researches to create additional data products. The paticipation in H2020- and Eurostars projects is desirable.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
04005001 Energía geotérmica
04003004 Minería y extracción
10002010 Tecnología de sensores remotos
03008 Tecnologías mineras