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Nuevo compuesto hecho de aceite de semilla de granada para mejorar la salud del consumidor


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española ha desarrollado una cápsula blanda de gelatina que contiene aceite químicamente estable compuesto por Omega 5, coenzima Q10 y una mezcla de tocoferoles. La fuente de Omega 5 en el producto es aceite de semilla de granada. Se ha comprobado en numerosas publicaciones científicas que este aceite tiene propiedades beneficiosas, como inhibición de la síntesis de eicosanoides, modulación de la función inmune y metabolismo lipídico, efecto de inhibición en el fotoenvejecimiento de la piel, peroxidación y actividad de enzimas antioxidantes y protección contra la nefrotoxicidad inducida por gentamicina. El producto y el método de obtención están protegidos por patente. Se buscan socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


New compound made from pomegranate seed oil to improve consumer´s health
A Spanish company has developed a soft gelatin capsule containing chemically stable oil composed of Omega 5, Coenzyme Q10 and a mixture of tocopherols. The source of Omega 5 in the product is pomegranate seed oil. The product and the method to obtain it are under patent protection. The company is seeking industrial partners to reach license agreements.
Pomegranate seed oil is composed of 65-80% conjugated polyunsaturated fatty acids. The most important of these is the 9-trans-11-cis-13-transoctadeca-9,11,13-trienoic acid, which is called punicic acid or Omega 5. This feature confers it beneficial properties, such as helping to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. It has been proved in numerous scientific publications other pomegranate seed oil beneficial properties such as inhibition of synthesis of eicosanoids, modulation of immune function and lipid metabolism, inhibition effect on the skin photo-aging, peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activity, and protection against the gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity.

Furthermore, Coenzyme Q10 is a liposoluble benzoquinone that acts as a potent antioxidant to protect cell membranes from the oxidation of fats and proteins. Coenzyme Q10 is transported by LDL (low density lipoprotein), which also carry cholesterol and triglycerides and protects them from oxidation. Furthermore, the Coenzyme Q10 has the ability to regenerate the antioxidant activity of vitamin E, which provides an "extra" transport system protection of LDL because vitamin E also uses this system.
Coenzyme Q10 has a protective effect on plasma lipoproteins, strengthening the health of the cardiovascular system, injecting energy and increasing resistance levels in order to the immune and nervous systems. In fact, people over 50 years or those who ingest statins are recommended to ingest compound that contains Coenzyme Q10, in order to replenish the vital reserves.

There are already in the market some products containing Coenzyme Q10, in powder, tablets or soft gelatin capsules. But there are no products commercially available containing Omega 5 and Coenzyme Q10 chemically stable.

The present technology offer refers to a new product and a method to obtain it. The product is presented in soft gelatin capsules, filled with the product in oily state, with a composition of:
- 70% to 95% of pomegranate seed oil containing Omega 5,
- 5% to 30% of Coenzyme Q10,
- 0.01% to 0.5% of a mixture of tocopherols.
The source of punicic acid (Omega 5) in the product is pomegranate seed oil. The presentation of the mixture of compounds in oily state, rather than in the form of tablets in a solid state, improves absorption of coenzyme Q10 and omega 5 by the consumer´s body.

The procedure to obtain the product has the following steps:
- Pomegranate seed oil is obtained by cold pressing of dehydrated pomegranate seeds. This process protects the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the resulting oil. Furthermore, cold pressing is an exclusively mechanical extraction that is performed at low temperature, thereby the ratio of essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants are preserved.
- Coenzyme Q10 is obtained by a biotechnological process, as a dark yellow powder from the metabolism of microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeast.
- The mixture of tocopherols is obtained from sunflower seeds. In the industrial refining process of sunflower oil, the mixture of tocopherols is a byproduct. The tocopherols are added to the product with the main purpose of preventing oxidative deterioration of pomegranate seed oil. The mixture of tocopherols involves the presence of vitamin E. Thus, vitamin E is the major lipid-soluble antioxidants. That is why the presence of vitamin E is essential to protect organisms against conditions related to oxidative stress such as arthritis, cancer, cataracts, diabetes, etc. Moreover the vitamin E is involved in immune function, intracellular signaling, regulation of gene expression and other metabolic processes.
- The homogenization of the different components of the mixture is carried out by gentle agitation in a mechanical blade mixer.
- hen, the homogenized mixture is introduced into soft gelatin capsules.
- They are looking for a partner to perform development of food supplement toguether Omega 5 + Conenzime Q 10.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovative aspect of this technology is that this product containing pomegranate seed oil, coenzyme Q10 and a mixture of tocopherols is chemically stable and it is not susceptible to oxidative deterioration.

Additionally, the product offers advantages as:

- The combination of its elements offers a synergistic effect on cardiovascular health. This synergy is due to the effect of Omega 5 on the lipid metabolism, combined with the protective effect of coenzyme Q10 on plasma lipoproteins, being further enhanced by the regenerative effect of antioxidant activity of vitamin E. Thus, the consumption of the presented product offers advantages over the ingestion of these elements separately.

- The presences of Omega 5 together with coenzyme Q10 involves protection and / or improvement of cardiovascular health, normalizing blood pressure levels by the presence of Coenzyme Q10 and considerably increasing their therapeutic role in cardiovascular disease because Omega 5 promotes the modulation of cholesterol metabolism.

- Moreover, the presence in plasma of the Coenzyme Q10 together with vitamin E promotes its antioxidant function, through the protection of LDL oxidation and protection against free radicals.

- The presentation of the mixture of compounds in oily state, rather than in the form of tablets in a solid state, improves absorption of Coenzyme Q10 and Omega 5 by the consumer´s body.

- The process for obtaining the pomegranate seed oil is only a mechanical extraction by cold pressing of the dehydrated seeds. This process ensures the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the oil.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Spanish patent

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: industrial partners

- Sector of activity: food supplement manufacturers

- Task to be performed by the partner: license the technology


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
08001002 Aditivos / ingredientes alimentarios / alimentos funcionales
03004006 Organic Substances
05001004 Química orgánica