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Nuevo conjunto de herramientas informáticas para monitorizar totalmente y objetivar el proceso de elaboración de aceitunas de mesa


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme española, proveedor de servicios de informática para el sector agrícola, ha desarrollado un nuevo conjunto de herramientas informáticas (hardware, software y aplicaciones) para monitorizar de forma integral y objetivar el proceso de elaboración de aceitunas de mesa. Esta herramienta contribuye positivamente a reducir el impacto ambiental y económico, así como a incrementar la calidad del producto. Se trata de una herramienta fácil de usar e implementar que solo requiere un dispositivo de tamaño similar a una pequeña impresora y una tableta con conexión a internet. La empresa busca compañías especializadas en la producción de aceitunas de mesa con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Novel set of IT tools for monitoring and objectifying the table olives elaboration process
A Southern Spanish SME, provider of IT services to the agriculture sector, has developed a novel set of IT tools comprising hardware, software and app capable of fully monitoring and objectifying the process of elaboration table olives. This tool contributes positively to environmental and economic impacts as well as a better product quality. The SME is interested in getting in contact with industrial companies of table olive production for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Currently, the process of elaboration of table olives is based on subjective methods, mainly by the experience of the technical manager.

According to the state of art, there isn´t any tool capable of objectifying this process at 100% accuracy. The Southern Spanish SME has approached with the concept of industry 4.0 sector, since all the stages of the process are monitored on-line and real-time as well as analyzed thanks to the tool they have developed. The results obtained are converted into knowledge through Big Data techniques.

This tool is an easy-to-implement user-friendly system that only requires a device (similar size to a small printer) and a tablet with an Internet connection.

This set of IT tools can be used for the process of elaboration of the 3 major varieties of table olives: sevillian green style, natural black and black ripe, so that any company can benefit from this new system.

For each production stage, different measures are taken and processed using analysis software which yields data on the evolution of the process over time in order to optimise it. The tool can predict the end of the process to produce the best-quality final product.

All collected information is uploaded to a cloud server that is available online in real-time to both the client manufacturing staff and technicians working outside the client facilities.

In this way, communication is continuous and any failure in the production operations can be easily avoided or solved. In addition, this improves the quality of the decision process and therefore the quality of the olives.

The Spanish SME is interested in approaching table olive processing companies for commercial agreements with technical assistance. They should need optimisation of their manufacturing processes.
Advantages and Innovations:
By objectively monitoring different stages in the process, the system hereby exposed it optimizes the quality, efficiency and reliability in the processing of table olives. This is translated into:
-Better product quality and traceability. It reduces quality losses along the whole production process. The impact in quality improvement can be up to 15-20% (it highly depends on the initial level of optimization in the processes).
-A reduction of the environmental impact, due to waste reduction through efficient processing. An optimized process monitored with this tool can generate up to 4-5 times less wastewater compared to a traditional processing (e.g. green olives: 0.65 versus 2.50 L/kg, black ripe 0.65 versus 3.50 L/kg ).
-A reduction of production costs, due to efficient input consumption and reduced corrections and wastewater management. The reduction differs depending on the level of technical capabilities in the industry, reaching levels over 20% in companies following traditional processing.

Apart from advantages indicated above, all functionalities of this tool contribute to the sector with a very important innovation: Introduction of objectivity, achieving a higher degree of reliability, as an objective method is applied.
Currently, the process of elaboration of table olives is based on subjective methods, mainly the experience of the technical manager. This tool contributes to 100% monitoring and manage the manufacturing process.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Spansih SME is interested in getting in contact with table olive (Sevillian green olives, green, natural black, or black ripe.) processing companies. They should carry out the entire process of elaboration. Private or cooperative companies of 1st or 2nd degree are welcome.
Commercial agreements with technical assistance is sought by this industrial company to optimise their manufacturing processes.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01004 IT and Telematics Applications
02003001 Process automation
01003024 Tecnologías de la nube
08002004 Trazabilidad de los alimentos