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Nuevo diseño de tacos para botas de fútbol


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad británica ha desarrollado nuevos tacos para botas de fútbol que ayudan a reducir lesiones en jugadores. La principal ventaja es la reducción del riesgo de lesiones en la rodilla y el tobillo, permitiendo un buen agarre, confort y control del balón. Los prototipos ya han sido probados. El diseño también puede aplicarse a otros deportes. La universidad ofrece acuerdos comerciales con derechos de licencia para continuar con el desarrollo y ensayos.


Novel design for sports shoe studs
A North West UK University has developed a novel sports boot stud that will help reduce injuries to team sports players. The main advantages are that the studs will reduce the risk of ankle & knee injuries whilst maintaining grip, comfort and ball control. The developers are offering commercial partnerships with licensing rights for further development and trials.
A significant proportion of sports injuries related to team games played on a grass surface (particularly foot ball or soccer) are attributable to the design of the foot wear of the sportsman. The boots worn by the players include studs to enable grip on soft, slippery and often wet grass surfaces. Current designs for these studs encompass a whole range of sizes and shapes enabling grip and at the same time allowing ball control by the foot. However, many of the designs do not permit much manouvreability when turning or decelerating and thus can cause serious (to the extent of carrer threatening) injuries to ankles and knees of the player.
Researchers at a North West UK University have designed and developed a stud that when mounted in football boots could help reduce the number injuries if this nature, be more comfortable to wear and still provide ball control.
Prototypes have been tested and the stage has now been reached that requires the productionisation of the stud to be produced in commercial quantities and more extensive trials need to be carried out. This design could also be applied to other sports and pursuits where studded boots are necessary. A suitable partner is now required who is capable of both producing and financing the next stage in exchange for exclusive rights to license the new design.
Advantages and Innovations:
The Innovations lie in the design of the stud profile.
The main advantages are that the design provides reduced torsional and lateral resistance (compared to current designs) when turning or decelarating, thus reducing the risk of ankle or knee injury. The design is inherently safer, comfortable to use and permits ball control.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Manufacturer or supplier of sports footwear sought to bring the design to a production standard, carry out further trials and manufacture under a licence agreement.


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R&D Institution
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