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Nuevo equipo de wellness y fitness para rehabilitación y monitorización del rendimiento del deportista


Oferta Tecnológica
Un inventor italiano ha desarrollado un nuevo equipo para gimnasios que se utiliza tanto con fines de rehabilitación como para monitorizar el rendimiento del deportista. Esta tecnología fácil de usar no necesita motores eléctricos ni pesas, permite realizar movimientos uniformes incluso a gran velocidad y con altos niveles de potencia y también detecta y registra datos relevantes para la rehabilitación y monitorización del rendimiento del deportista. El producto se encuentra en fase de concepto. El inventor busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de financiación y fabricación.


Innovative wellness and fitness gym equipment for rehabilitation and performances monitoring
An Italian inventor has developed an innovative gym equipment useful for both rehabilitation and athletic performance monitoring. The technology, easy to use, does not need any weight, peg or electric motor, it allows uniform movements to the user even at high speed and power levels and also allows to detect and register relevant data for rehabilitation and athletic performance monitoring. The product is at a concept stage. Financial agreements - to follow manufacturing agreements - are sought.
Nowadays most sports equipment are based on weight rods to vary the load on levers used by athletes and sportsmen during a work out session. The technology currently in use is certainly cheap but it does present numerous disadvantages which represent just as many limits:
- weights induce load differences during exercises
- monitoring user´s athletic improvements is generally difficult
- several manoeuvres are always required in order to modify the work out session making it coherent with the activities targets changes
- impossibility of setting constant speeds of displacement
- the only changeable parameter which you can operate on is load
- common technologies are noisy and disturb other users carrying out rehabilitation or sports activities
- movements are imprecise, subject to slacks and deferments
- suspended weights can be dangerous for users

Sometimes weights are replaced with elastics, a cheaper option which however presents disadvantages similar to those described for weights. When using electric motors really high costs are registered and dubious results are usually recanted by on-field tests.

Concerning technical and physical aspects, the main equipment is composed of a highly stable central body where components fundamental to equipment operation are installed. Secondary equipments are then fitted to the central body, being specifically designed for targeted exercises. Each component shall be harmoniously integrated giving the idea of a unique system, which can appear in several configurations, to be customized following the specific client´s needs. This concept makes possible to have equipments such as leg-extensions, leg-curls, squats, leg-presses, pulleys and so on.

The technology has been conceived with a very attractive design.
Attached images show one of all possible compositions featuring a central body with integrated pulley and a secondary body for leg-extension. The central body is standard for all equipment compositions. It´s composed of a tower- shaped and it features the following characteristics:
· base size 75 x 55, height 210 (measurements in centimetres)
· weight 150 / 200 Kg
· construction material various
· power 220/110 Volt, 50 Hz, 300/700 Watts
· other characteristics to be defined

The technology is the result of several years of experience gained in medical sports sector by the inventor. Three coworkers cooperate continuously with the inventor in order to design and assemble the equipment. In 2015 the company achieved a turnover of approximately 110,000 Euros with a 50% increase in comparisone with 2014.
Advantages and Innovations:
Several years of experience and operation in medical sports field allowed the inventor and his team to develop this revolutionary gym equipment, a technology which features numerous advantages over traditional machines despite remaining interesting in terms of price.
The most relevant advantages can be summarized as follows:
- uniformity of movement, both in terms of speed and load
- possibility to electronically measure a series of data useful for rehabilitation and monitoring therapies that similar technologies currently on the market are not able to capture
- ease of use and setting thanks to programmable widescreen
- mechanics reduced to essential, thus reducing slacks and deferments
- simple and rapid adjustments to machine mechanics
- silent and high performance equipment
- notable increase of users´ safety

Particularly innovative is also the product design which can make the purchase more attractive through the use of daring aesthetic solutions, setting it apart from traditional machines.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Financial agreements - to follow manufacturing agreements - are sought by the inventor.
Multiple solutions can be considered but the partner is supposed to have enough financial capacity to support the whole project.
Realization activities costs can be summarized as follows:
- around 30K Euro for prototyping (demonstration)
- around 50K Euro for first commercial items.

The idea is to produce a medium-high standard piece of equipment, priced slightly higher than others on the market, but yielding superior appearance and technological content.

The end-product development shall be reached by three steps:
1. development of a demonstrative prototype which shall integrate all final model functions, without aesthetic or marketing pretensions
2. creation of a product for the market: rectification of imperfections and integration of aesthetic models developed by designers will be carried out to obtain a product suitable for the target market
3. organisation of a production rollout.

The inventor´s company is structured for both product design and manufacture. This does not preclude compromise in terms of production rights assignment to potential manufacturing companies, yielding satisfactory results for both parties.


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