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Nuevo revestimiento para producir electricidad


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme italiana ha desarrollado un revestimiento transparente mediante el uso nanotecnologías, ecológico y basado en el efecto térmico diferencial (EDT). Gracias a un enfoque multidisciplinar, este revestimiento está indicado para cristales de ventanas y puertas y permite producir electricidad a partir de la luz solar y el calor. El revestimiento se aplica también en módulos fotovoltaicos, módulos de aislamiento para revestimientos térmicos y soporte personalizado para recuperación de energía a nivel industrial. Las ventajas de los revestimientos de EDT-nanotecnología incluyen el ahorro de energía, eficiencia energética, mejora de la sostenibilidad climática y ambiental, uso racional de fuentes de energía renovables, implementación con sistemas de seguridad y transporte y mejora de la eficiencia en agricultura inteligente, movilidad inteligente, ciudades inteligentes, barcos, trenes y sistemas aeroespaciales. La empresa busca compañías con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación, licencia y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Innovative coating for electric energy generation
An Italian SME has developed a transparent coating, using nano technologies, environmentally friendly based on the energy differential thermal (EDT) effect. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach this coating is suited for window glasses and permits the production of electric energy from solar light and heat. The SME is looking for companies for research collaboration agreement, license and commercial agreement with technical assistance. Target countries mainly in Europe second extra EU
The Italian SME has developed an innovative coating that is able to produce electric energy from the sun and heated surfaces. The coating is transparent, based on nano-particles, and can be easily applied to:
-glass windows and doors: the nanocoating, being a transparent thermal conductor, turns out to be completely safe if applied to these materials, transforming the windows into real electricity generators exploiting the difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the glass ;
- photovoltaic modules: the efficiency of commercial photovoltaic panels does not exceed 20% due to overheating problems. With the application on a photovoltaic panel of this coating, the EDT- layer does not affect the conversion of light into electricity, given the transparency of the layer itself, and also manages to cool the panel by increasing its efficiency to 40% and producing electricity using the subtracted heat;
-Insulation modules for thermal coats: These modules are used as external or internal covering of buildings and apartments to increase their energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. If the surface of these panels were coated with EDT, the difference in temperature between the inside of the house and the outside could be exploited to produce electricity, in addition, by converting the heat into electricity, it prevents the passage between inside and outside, thus improving thermal insulation;
- Customized support for energy recovery at an industrial level: large industries are increasingly interested in energy saving and are increasingly adopting solutions that allow them to use energy at a lower cost. Covering metal panels with EDT-layers, in order to create customizable modular structures capable of capturing heat and converting it into electricity, could lead these companies to self-produce part of the electricity required at a very competitive price.
With the creation of the smart window as well as having a system capable of producing energy from the thermal differential (external and internal temperature), inserted in a domotic system it can act as an alarm system, since EDT is a thermal detector. It can also detect anomalous presences of people, for surveillance and security.
The The SME is open for collaboration with companies, research centres and universities for partnering in research projects.
Moreover, preferred partners are private companies for the following cooperations:
· license agreement: licensing for the use of the application;
· commercial agreement with technical assistance: the partner should provide to the company all the information about its requirements in order the company to set up a customized product
- partening in collaborative research funded projects

Advantages and Innovations:
The advantages of the EDT-nanotechnology coatings are:
- energy saving and energy efficiency
- improvement of environmental climate sustainability
- rational use of renewable energy sources,
- implementation with safety and transport systems,
- efficiency improvement in smart agriculture, - smart mobility, smart cities sectors, ships, trains, aerospace systems.
All customers falling into these categories can take advantage of EDT technology to increase the added value of their products, make them more efficient and competitive within a global business landscape.
The practical energy saving solution, at low cost, does not request for aesthetic changes or spaces suitable for installations.
As for an exemplum: a coating of about 1800 nanometers is transparent at visible ligth between 380-750 nanometers and with a temperature difference of 10 °C is able to produce 550W/square meter.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
"EDT" - the process at a glance:
· The element to be coated (window, glass plate or other) is washed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath tank at the maximum temperature supported by the element itself (in any case not higher than 90 ° C) then dried with steam and immediately introduced into the "Vacuum Machine" and fixed to the special substrate holder. This operation must take place in a "white" environment (absolutely clean and free from contamination). · The target, carbon 99.9%, is previously set on its -magnetron-, (at least three special units with annular duct, around the target, for the passage of technical gases).

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The SME prefers collaboration with companies able to invest in research activities and partnering in research projects.
Moreover, preferred partners are private for the following cooperation types:
· license agreement: licensing for the use of the application;
· commercial agreement with technical assistance: the partner should provide to the company
all information about its application in order to set up the production of a customized product


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