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Nuevo sistema de desagüe con menor acumulación de residuos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa irlandesa ha desarrollado un nuevo sistema de desagüe para recoger agua de lluvia en tejados inclinados y reducir la acumulación de residuos, como hojas, arenilla y musgo. El sistema no se ve afectado por intensas nevadas y ha sido probado durante más de 7 años. El agua de lluvia está mucho más limpia que la recogida por los sistemas de desagüe convencionales. Este producto está en el mercado irlandés desde hace un año y ha obtenido una excelente respuesta. La empresa busca compañías con acceso al mercado de sistemas de recogida de agua de lluvia para establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Innovative gutter system with reduced debris collection.
An Irish company have developed an innovative rainwater gutter system designed to collect the run off rainwater from pitched roofs while vastly reducing the build-up of debris, such as leaves, grit and moss in the gutter. The water is much cleaner so is much better for rainwater harvesting. The system is unaffected by heavy snowfall.

The developer is seeking to license the product to suitable companies with a route to market for rainwater systems.
An established Irish product designer has developed an innovative gutter system that due to its design, only allows the rainwater into the gutter, debris such as leaves and moss are eliminated and which greatly reduces the need to climb ladders to clean out gutters. The system has been field tested for over 7 years now and it still remains clear inside.

How it works:
The rainwater flows from the roof onto the top section of the gutter. The "coanda effect" causes the water to cling to the surface of the gutter and enter the small opening between the top section and the bottom cylindrical section where it is gathered and flows to the outlet. Debris is eliminated as the opening is too small for larger particles to enter. Any small debris such as grit that enters is quickly washed away with heavy rain as the shape of the bottom section creates a flushing mechanism as in a toilet bowl which flushes out small residues.

Rainwater from the gutter is much cleaner than traditional gutters and this will enhance its use for rainwater harvesting.
Heavy snowfall will not damage the gutter as its design allows the snow to slide over it. Ice dams will not form on roofs where the gutter system is fitted as the meltwater from the snow will not build up as it freezes on the roof as with traditional gutters.

The product has been on the Irish market for a year with an excellent response rate to date. At present the gutter is produced as an extruded PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) product, with joints, brackets, corners etc. made from injection moulded PVC.
The design however does lend itself to fabrication in other materials such as aluminium, zinc or copper.

The product is covered by patent rights and trademark. The company are interested in licensing the product to manufacturing companies with an existing route to market for gutter systems.
Advantages and Innovations:
A universal problem associated with guttering systems and the collection and removal of water from pitched roofs is the requirement to periodically clean the gutter and remove the debris that inevitably builds up over time. In locations with high levels of vegetation for example, the build-up of leaves and associated organic debris makes this gutter cleaning requirement at least an annual event.

As well as inconvenience, time lost and the extremely hazardous health and safety issues associated with often inexperienced householders using ladders to clean gutters, other issues such as the increasing use of roof and gutter systems for rainwater harvesting operations dictates a desire for systems that eliminate or at least greatly reduce the build-up of debris in gutters in the first place.

The rainwater gutter system on offer has been specifically designed to address these issues. The profile of the gutter is such that it acts as a separator for debris by allowing the water to flow freely into the gutter but allows leaves, moss and other items to fall to the ground.

Another issue associated with current guttering systems is that they can suffer mechanical damage due to the weight of accumulated snow. The design on offer here is inherently more resistant to this type of damage. The system is also viewed as aesthetically pleasing.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company are seeking suitable partners in the Plastics for Buildings Manufacturer/ Retailer/Distributor sector with an existing route to market for gutter systems.


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Industry SME <= 10
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