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Nuevo sistema de gestión de contenidos basado en técnicas semánticas y de aprendizaje automático


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme española de base tecnológica ha desarrollado un nuevo sistema de gestión de contenidos para optimizar procesos empresariales en organizaciones almacenando en XML todos los contenidos y servicios que deben procesarse en formatos visual y electrónico (HTML5, WML, PDF, DVB, XML, etc.). Esta herramienta de gestión de información se caracteriza por ofrecer seguridad adicional, por su escalabilidad y flexibilidad. La empresa busca socios informáticos y usuarios finales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Novel content management system based on semantic and machine learning techniques
A Spanish technology based SME has developed an innovative content management system that optimizes business processes in organizations by storing in XML all content and services to be processed visual and electronic formats (HTML5, WML, PDF, DVB, XML, etc.). As an information management tool, it provides additional security, scalability and flexibility. They are seeking IT partners or end users for technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Nowadays companies and organizations are challenged to manage, update and reuse all the information generated progressively. Customer engagement must be improved to reduce costs as much as possible. Therefore, some changes and updates have to be made in available services -Y- products at the right time and in a correctly manner for users/consumers.

A Spanish Technology Based Enterprise has developed a novel semantics content management environment and web application that combines simplicity and power in a visual tool for automatic generation of portals and web applications, DTV (Digital TV), mobile platforms, etc. Its power and modularity allow its use as a Content Management System (CMS) for Web Content Management (WCM), Mobile Content Management System (MCMs), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management (DM). This innovative IT platform uses semantic and machine learning techniques to build a smart model over existing data, services and content.

The tool aggregates, normalizes and transforms data sources that contain structured and non-structured data to manage, edit, analyze and publish information as data and multimedia content: connect databases, spreadsheets, text sources, stream data sources, web, video, social networks and images.

Some features are:

· Freely licensed under GNU Affero. The SME has developed a commercial version to extend certain functionalities and/or facilitate the integration of third party technologies.
· It provides all the functionality of content management and document management into a single visual product accessible from a web browser.
· Role management is very open and flexible and enables users to simultaneously work in different departments in a controlled environment thanks to its high granularity approach on atomic actions.
· It provides a powerful WYSIWYG editor for XML that displays the final aesthetics of the website when published.
· It represents the contents based on semantically enriched XML schemas. The provided abstraction facilitates the exchange of information (aggregation, syndication) and reuse of all content, as well as the associated business logic (java classes, php code, etc).
· It uses templates for document edition (PVD) represented in RelaxNG. The transformation is done using templates (PTD) as described in XSLT or DEXT, a simple scripting language oriented to facilitate transformation rules definition by non-technical personnel. DEXT scripts are automatically compiled into XSLT templates.
· It provides a decoupled publication system in the cloud.

The Spanish SME is seeking IT partners for technical cooperation and end users for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

In case of final users, they will provide their needs and specifications to receive fully technical service (implementation according to needs, technical skills for right use) by the Spanish SME.

Technical cooperation will be approached with Regional/Local IT Partners. This will imply tasks like sales, marketing and joint training in their area, technical cooperation for upgrading technology, technical support (at least level 1-2) in terms of local installation, help-desk (technical incidences and questions).
Advantages and Innovations:
- It simplifies the creation and maintenance of web portals.
- It reduces grammatical development and integration terms and efforts.
- It reduces exploiting associated resources.
- It empowers recycling of content, data and applications.
- It ensures full technological independence and adaptation to future standards.
- It allows a quick start production.
- It makes possible simultaneous publication in disparate and remote environments.
- It facilitates migration between technologies and enables the use of all available alternatives.
- It automates the adaptation of web portal accessibility standards (W3C WAI) and interoperability.
- It simplifies all aspects of electronic publishing: syndication and aggregation, processing, presentation, workflow, editing, etc.
- - Its openness is a commitment to provide corporations with full control of information to freely structure information and choose components (servers, ddbb) or rendering formats (html5, RDF, php, json, RoR)
- It can be chosen at any time: maximum interactivity(publishing on last generation frameworks as Django, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, ...) or maximum scalability (load balancing -LB- and High Availability -HA- configurations, freedom to choose any application or web server, etc.), or a mix of both.

- It generates and delivers multichannel content in any technology without performance limitations.
- It guarantees that data-Y-contents are adaptable to new trends, even without upgrading.
- It provides an additional level of security, flexibility and scalability, fully aligned with the cloud-computing paradigm and with the semantic web vision, hiding the complexities from the users´ eyes.
- It is the only CMS (Content Management System) that can publish at the same time to a completely dynamic website (e.g.: as PHP, JSP,...) or its static version (e.g: HTML pages).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partners sought: SME, Industry, University, Public Administration

Depending on the profile of the partner, the respective and following tasks are expected to be performed:

1) Final users from any sector or activity that:
- Need to manage the contents of his organization,
- Need to manage security in content creation and information flows (Website administrator)
- Need to use a development environment capable of recycling the components (Integrators)
- Need a full document management environment (entire organization)

Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought for final users. They will provide their needs and specifications to receive fully technical service (implementation according to needs, technical skills for right use) by the Spanish SME.

2) Technical cooperation with Regional/Local IT Partners for:

- Sales, Marketing and joint training in their area. They will identify needs / users, implement the tool and provide support for a right exploitation of the technology.

- Technical cooperation for upgrading technology as well as adaptation of the tool to specific requirements of their area or clients (language issues, standards, technical changes...)

- Technical support (at least level 1-2) in terms of local installation, help-desk (technical incidences and questions)


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01005005 Filtrado de información, semántica, estadística
01003015 Gestión de conocimiento, gestión de procesos