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Nuevo sistema de regulación para estabilizar la tensión generada en un parque eólico


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa checa con larga experiencia en el mercado de ingeniería de potencia en Europa Central ha desarrollado un nuevo equipo de regulación que estabiliza la tensión generada en un parque eólico. Se trata de un equipo flexible, de amplia aplicación, alto rendimiento y capaz de aumentar considerablemente la seguridad, economía y calidad de la electricidad. Se buscan socios (operarios de parques eólicos y sus proveedores y operarios de sistemas) con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


An innovative regulation system to stabilise the voltage generated by wind power plants. A Czech company is seeking operators/suppliers of wind parks or operators of distribution/transmission systems.
The Czech company with a long-term activity in the power engineering market of Central Europe has developed an innovative regulation equipment that stabilises the voltage generated by a wind park. The equipment is flexible, widely applicable, of high-performance, and able to considerably increase the safety, economy and quality of electricity. The company is looking for partners (operators of wind parks and their suppliers; operators of systems) for commercial agreement with technical support.
The Czech company with a long-term tradition dating back to 1957 represents experience, quality and innovation, particularly in the market of Central Europe. It is engaged in providing services and completion of deliveries for a wide array of branches within electric power engineering, heat engineering and protection of environment, and within processes of fuel energy conversion and electricity distribution, in general. The company has about 170 permanent employees, with an annual turnover of approx. EUR 10 million.
The great penetration of wind power plants in transmission and distribution systems in the last ten years has brought about serious problems due to undesirable fluxes, i.e. reactive power between systems, as well as associated voltage fluctuations and step changes. The wind power plants have partially forced the synchronous generators, which ensured the hitherto voltage stability, out of the systems and, therefore, they have to assume their stabilisation role; otherwise, dangerous voltage collapses will threaten the system.
That is why, the company have modified and significantly extended its voltage regulation equipment (officially referred to as automatic secondary voltage regulation, or ASRU) that was delivered for a long time and thoroughly verified. This equipment has been so far intended for nuclear, fossil fuel and water power plants; recently, it was modified so as to satisfy the needs of wind parks, as well. This equipment enables to return the control reactive power to the system, and thus to ensure economic, safe and high quality electricity supply to the end customer.
Practically, it means that every electricity producer equipped with this ASRU equipment can maintain a constant value of voltage at the substation busbar, to which it is led, by a continuous change of reactive power. In addition, with the ASRU equipment can provide supporting services of voltage and reactive power regulation for the system operator.
Thanks to the direct utilization of reactive power from wind power plants, it is not necessary to install any capital-intensive compensation equipments with troublesome operation in the system. Owing to the application of the ASRU equipment, the quality of supplied electricity will be increased for the benefit of the end customer consuming the electricity.
This technical solution can be used for both mainland and offshore wind parks. For this ASRU, the widely used control software Simatic with its own development library is used. The ASRU equipment can be remotely modified, monitored, diagnosed and serviced.
Hence, the subject matter of this offer is a complete delivery of the equipment for ASRU, and associated technical services.
The company offers a comprehensive set of services for the ASRU equipment to be delivered on a turn-key basis.
· Feasibility study including simulation dynamic calculations
· Compilation of the system project for the solution
· Preparation of the implementation project for the connection of the regulator system to the technology of individual constructed facilities
· Delivery of technical and program means (including parameterisation)
· Experimental measurement of external impedance of the local system
· Manufacture and assembly of all technical components
· Complete installation of the regulator on the constructed facility
· Creation of an operator console
· Experimental measurement of the behaviour of all action members, and determination of control constants for individual action members
· Pre-complex and complex testing
· Compilation of the documentation, and personnel training for regulators on the constructed facilities
· After-sales services
It is envisaged that the cooperation will be established with the following types of partners
· Investors and operators of wind parks for all magnitudes of installed power
· Supplying companies of wind power plants
· Operators of transmission, regional and local distribution systems
Advantages and Innovations:
This fully automated regulation system will enable the wind park operator
· to effectively satisfy the conditions for the connection to the transmission or distribution system without the installation of an expensive compensation device inside the wind park system;
· to reliably protect all installed wind power plants against significant voltage faults from a neighbouring system, and thus to prevent from their outage or significant damage;
· to provide the system operator with high quality service of voltage and reactive power regulation to reduce technical losses in its system, prevent the occurrence of undervoltage and overvoltage, and increase the quality of electricity supply to the end customer;
· to considerably reduce technical losses of electricity in the internal system of the wind park;
· to significantly reduce the number of changes in transformer taps (maintenance costs) within the internal system of the wind park, and thus to eliminate fast wear of the transformer technology, including increased risk of their failure with a potential long-term outage of electricity generation by wind power plants.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The ASRU system is intended for
· Investors or operators of wind parks for all magnitudes of installed power
· Supplying companies implementing the construction of wind power plants
· Operators of transmission, regional and local distribution systems

The necessary prerequisites for the implementation of the ASRU system include the technical openness of wind park control systems, with which the ASRU system has to communicate in both ways, and the ability of installed wind power plants to continuously change their supply of reactive power within a sufficient extent.

The offer is intended for business partners who will order the complete delivery of the ASRU system. All business partners are expected to cooperate intensively when implementing this technology under the given contract, including technical negotiations with experts of the suppliers of other cooperating systems, and contacts with representatives of the system operator (if it is an entity other than the given business partner).


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
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