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Nuevos métodos y servicios para analizar datos de contadores inteligentes


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad alemana ha desarrollado una nueva herramienta para analizar datos de contadores inteligentes. A pesar de que cada vez se instalan más contadores inteligentes en las viviendas, los datos obtenidos solo indican el coste de la luz, ignorando muchos de los datos recogidos. Esta herramienta tiene en cuenta todos los datos, incluso aquellos ignorados por el software de un contador inteligente común. Los investigadores han combinado diferentes métodos para utilizar eficazmente todos los datos recogidos por los contadores inteligentes, como procesamiento de señales y aprendizaje automático. La universidad busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica e investigación.


New methods and services to analyse data of smart meters
A German University has developed a novel tool to extensively analyse data from smart meters. While a continuously growing number of households have smart meters installed by now, their data output is in most cases only being interpreted regarding the cost of electricity; thereby ignoring a vast part of the data gathered. This tool however takes all of the data into account including the data ignored in common smart meter software. A research and/or a technical cooperation are sought.
The tool has been developed at the IT department of a university located in northern Germany, which has a long history in technology research and development. Their technology provides potential applications not only for electric utilities but also for providers of smart home systems or home automation respectively.

In order to make effective use of all of the data gathered by the smart meters the researchers combined different methods to maximize the potential insight; most importantly signal processing and machine learning. This combination resulted in the development of a tool that registers and processes the smart meter data every second, thereby gaining valuable information about (a) all of the electronics being used in a household, their mode of operation, their efficiency and wear, (b) their future value and (c) the number of residents as well as their daily activities/routines. The data analysis can be performed either directly on the smart meter or via a set-top unit or through a cloud service. In order to still guarantee the protection of privacy the researches are currently working on a method, which can encrypt the data without corrupting the accounting of electricity usage.
Advantages and Innovations:
Most of the commonly installed smart meters do not make effective use of all of the data that is being gathered. However, this data contains some very valuable information about the different households. This novel technology takes all of the data into account by interpreting it through software, which is based on signal processing and machine learning.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Research and industry partners for research and technical cooperation agreements:

-Research and industry partners are sought who are interested in further developing the data processing methods for energy information (through research contracts or collaborative projects) in order to further analyze the applicability in practice
-For meaningful experiments, the researchers depend on the cooperation with companies which have the corresponding data

-Relevant companies/partners are active in the fields of transmission / distribution system operators, meter operators, smart home service providers, operators of renewable sources and electric energy storage, manufacturers related power electronics.


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Technology Keywords:
09003 Sistemas electrónicos de medida
09001004 Tecnología eléctrica relacionada con la realización de medidas