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Nuevos perfiles de goma muy duraderos para sistemas de tráfico basados en raíles, como líneas de tranvía, que aumentan la seguridad del ciclista en la ciudad y previenen accidentes de bicicleta


Oferta Tecnológica
Una gran empresa alemana especializada en productos de extrusión basados en caucho ha desarrollado nuevos perfiles de seguridad para sistemas de tráfico basados en raíles. Los nuevos carriles bici basados en perfiles de caucho son la solución perfecta para incrementar la seguridad de los ciclistas en las ciudades. La nueva solución consiste en un perfil de caucho especial que rellena el espacio dentro de la estructura de las vías férreas, permitiendo a los ciclistas pedalear de forma segura sobre las vías a la vez que las ruedas de los trenes o tranvías solidifican el perfil de caucho y facilitan el rodamiento de los vehículos. La empresa busca compañías y autoridades públicas en el campo de ingeniería y planificación de tráfico para establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica


Novel highly durable rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems such as tram lines which make cycling safer in inner cities by closing gaps to prevent bike accidents.
A large German company specialized in rubber-based extrusion products has developed new rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems. The cost-efficient and highly durable bike-safe rail tracks are applied in rail covers and rail crossings in inner cities with high rail and bike traffic, thus preventing bike accidents and making cycling safer. Seeking companies and public authorities with interest in traffic engineering and planning for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Cycle and e-bike traffic increases in city centers worldwide. This requires new concepts and technologies of traffic infrastructures, especially in the field of public city traffic. Since in bigger cities railway and tram lines are often crossing streets and bike lanes many dangerous situations or even accidents occur. In this context, particular risks emanate from grooved tram rails, because bicycle tires can slip into and get stuck in those grooves. Severe injuries are often the result of such bike accidents.
The newly developed rubber-made rail tracks are an ideal solution for closing the gaps in such traffic areas and thus make cycling in cities more safely. The novel solution consists of a special rubber profile filling out the space within the structure of the rail tracks. This allows cyclists to safely ride over them while the flanged wheels of trains or trams solidify the rubber profile in the tracks allowing the railed vehicles to easily roll on. Thanks to its elastic properties the profile returns to its original shape the instant the applying pressure of the passing trains/trams is lifted, refilling the space in the tracks.

- Small components are arranged within conventional rail track channels
- The fastenings for the elastomer profile are outside of the operational field
- The included draining channel allows for a complete rinsing of the system. Thus dust, stones or other particles and foreign bodies do not accumulate in the groove.

Assembly position:
- Suitable for assembly into track bends with the smallest of radii
- Suitable for assembly into track switches (branch tracks) and into extension devices

Certifications / licences:
- Elastomer compliant with DIN EN ISO 5470-2 (abrasion resistance)
- Crate construction compliant with DIN EN 1433, load class D400
- Track guidance certification
- Stray current insulation as per DIN EN 50122

The product significantly contributes to accident prevention involving cyclists or pedestrians and thus ensures the health and safety of citizens. As a consequence, the overall acceptance of rail-dependent local public transport services improves considerably.

Seeking companies of any size with interest in business fields related to traffic consulting, planning, engineering and implementation. Furthermore, public transportation companies, traffic infrastructure authorities, decision makers of transport service operators and relevant approval authorities are sought, mainly for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Generation of new projects are also welcome.
Advantages and Innovations:
Main advantages:
- Protection of bicyclist by avoiding wheel seizing in the rail groove
- Reduction of slip danger on wet rails (rainy weather)
- High protection of pedestrians by avoidance of twisting an ankle in the rail groove

Significant improvements in safety and function:
- The track system forms a completely closed surface to allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross safely.
- It provides additional capacity used to ensure the removal of foreign bodies (e.g.) which otherwise become lodged in the tracks.

Highly cost-efficient thanks to standard components:
- Conventional rolled profiles can be used as tracks with the new system.
- Usage of standard mounting possible (corrugated panel -Y- rail clamp)

Low efforts for maintenance and servicing:
- The system allows for quick and easy rail replacement without the need for complex construction work.
- It is possible to machine clean the system by unscrewing the cover plates.
- The rails can be repaired using a simple reprofiling/welding process.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
- Patent for the profile granted for worldwide;
- Patent for the system applied for worldwide but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Companies of any size
- Decision makers/transport service operators
- Public and approval authorities

Seeking partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance:
- Companies of any size with interest in business fields related to traffic consulting, planning, engineering and implementation of traffic projects: to test, adapt and apply the new solution in inner cities
- Decision makers at local transport service operators: to jointly adapt the solution to end user requirements
- Public traffic infrastructure authorities and relevant approval authorities: to verify the proof of concept for the relevant city/area or local traffic requirements.

Activity to be performed:
- Cooperation in order to jointly plan and implement tramway tracks that are save for bicycles and pedestrians
- Generation of new projects in the related fields are also welcome.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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