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Patines en línea para superficies con baches e inclinadas, sistema único de frenado y muelles y ruedas hinchables


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa checa especializada en equipamiento deportivo ha desarrollado y obtenido la patente de patines en línea de tres ruedas con mecanismo de suspensión de muelle, sistema de frenado eficiente y ruedas hinchables. Este patín ha sido diseñado para superficies con baches e inclinadas. Cada rueda frena de forma individual (frenan dos ruedas en vez de tres), consiguiendo una gran eficiencia de frenado que facilita las subidas. Se buscan empresas interesadas en establecer acuerdos de licencia.


In-line skates for bumpy and slope terrains with a unique spring and braking system and pneumatic tires
A Czech inventor owning a company developing sports equipment has developed and patented 3-wheels´ in-line skate frames with a spring suspension mechanism, efficient braking system and inflatable tires designed for bumpy surfaces and sloping terrains. Each skate is braked separately, great braking efficiency (braking of 2 wheels out of the 3) eases uphill riding. Based on the patent granted, the inventor is searching for companies interested in license agreement.
The hitherto state of in-line skates engineering use additional brakes for ensuring a better efficiency of braking. It does not include a complex solution of an efficient braking system, clever suspension mechanism and a possibility of braking the wheels separately. A Czech inventor, an owner of a small company developing and designing sports equipment has developed a new generation of inline skates designed for all fans of inline skates that do not want to be limited only to smooth surfaces but would like to enjoy this sport wherever they wish, without being afraid of a steep slope or a poor-quality pavement.
The under-carriage of these skates includes three wheels each. The last two ones are braked similarly as with bicycles. The brakes are controlled with a Bowden rope joined to a manual controller. Each braked wheel has a brake clip which is equipped with a brake block or pad located at or proximate to the wheel disc or the wheel tire side wall. With this, the secure control of the skates is provided, especially in hilly terrain, even for less experienced skaters. The advantage of this solution includes the provision of individual braking of each skate or each foot respectively which is useful especially in riding uphill. The foot the rider takes off with can be braked partially and so the rider can take off in a steep hill more effectively.

Suspension has been designed to eliminate irregularities and consequent vibrations induced by non-quality surfaces. All wheels are equipped with several springs: the front wheels have two springs each at an angle of 45° and the rear wheels have four springs each at an angle of 90° to the ground. Springs are oriented so that to resist the front wheel from being drawn negatively. Two sets of springs are designed, each of them covering specific weight range of the user.
1st set: 50 - 80 kg
2nd set: 80 - 110 kg
The stroke of suspension is 8 mm, and in addition to better absorption of surface vibrations, it significantly reduces wearing of tires. Technical solution of the suspension includes one smart element: before the compression of springs over the maximum specified compressibility limit can occur, the axis of wheels reaches the end of a groove in the frame, where the suspension takes place, so springs will never reach their compressibility limit.
Rubber contact rings additionally dump the stop position of wheel axes. Further, in places of fixing the boot to the frame, rubber washers are used, absorbing the residual vibrations, which then cannot be transmitted up to the legs of the skater.
Inflatable tubeless tires have 105 mm in diameter and 35 mm in width. The wheels are unique in that the tire valve does not project from the disc, but it is completely flushed in it.
Prior to inflating of wheels, a special reducing adapter will be screwed into the hole in the disc just behind the tire valve, and to the opposite side of the reducing adapter, the tire pump with manometer will be put or screwed on. After that, the inflating itself can occur.
Wheels are inserted into the frame so that holes with tire valves are always on inner sides of skater´s legs. This way it is possible to inflate the wheels without the necessity of taking them off. In such case, inflating can be simply made e.g. when bending forward or when the skater sits down and crosses one leg over the other. As regards the fact that the product is innovative and valuable for the worldwide sport and market, the inventor might give rise to quite a new sports discipline which might quickly find many faithful fans and become a completely new, widely-used sports discipline.
The license agreement was selected as the inventor would like to bring his invention to life and offer inline skaters a new generation of skates. The future licensed manufacturer of this product is supposed to provide the inventor exclusive sales representation for the Czech Republic, thus ensuring a long-term cooperation of both partners.
Advantages and Innovations:
-High efficiency of braking, due to a favourable ratio of braked wheels to brakeless ones (2 of 3) compared to current state of skates with the ratio of mostly just 2 of 4.
-Additional brakes for ensuring a better efficiency of braking do not have to be applied compared to hitherto state of in-line skates.
-Possibility of braking of each skate separately (advantage at uphill running). This does not exist in current models of skates.
-Better riding properties due to orientation of the front-wheel spring, coiled compression spring cushioning and pneumatic tires.
-The suspension system construction significantly helps to reduce wearing of tires.
-The tire valve does not project from the disc, but it is completely flushed in it
-Better manoeuvrability and security also for beginners compared to hitherto known skates
-Danger of fall on uneven surfaces is much lower
-All important size parameters are the same as with classical skates but the weight is lower compared to currently offered skates on the market.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Czech patent granted, European and US patents pending.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The role of partner sought is manufacturing of the patented in-line skates based on signing the license agreement. At the same time the partner should be willing to provide the inventor the exclusive sales representation for the product in the Czech Republic.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


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