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Planta de galvanizado totalmente automática para fábricas inteligentes y empresas de procesamiento de metal


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme austríaca ha desarrollado un concepto innovador para líneas de galvanizado que aumenta la eficiencia y consigue una mayor seguridad y estándares ambientales. El sistema automático y cerrado puede integrarse fácilmente en líneas de producción actuales, necesita menos espacio que las líneas de galvanizado convencionales y reduce los costes operativos y los requisitos de mantenimiento. La línea de producción puede adaptarse a necesidades específicas y consume menos energía. Un procesador principal calcula continuamente la demanda energética de los consumidores actuales y reduce los picos de consumo y costes de electricidad. Se buscan socios para fabricar y distribuir el sistema mediante acuerdos de joint venture, comercialización o financiación.


Fully automated galvanizing plant for smart factories and metal processing companies
An Austrian SME has developed an innovative concept for galvanizing lines to increase efficiency and achieve high safety and environmental standards. The closed, automated system can be simply integrated into existing production lines. It requires less space than conventional galvanizing lines and reduces operational costs as well as time for maintenance. The company is looking for partners to produce and distribute the system in the form of a joint venture or commercial/financial agreements.
Metal products need to be hardened and protected from corrosion. Common zinc plating facilities are harmful for workers and the environment. The reason is the mostly open and exposed production process. The biggest dangers are cranes that transport freely suspended work parts and open basins filled with hydrogen chloride (HCI). Inhalation of these fumes can cause severe damage to the workers and the environment.

In order to plan and optimize entire hot galvanizing lines, the Austrian SME has developed a range of products for a closed, fully automated process. Thanks to this innovative concept, no employee has to work beneath freely suspended work parts or next to noxious, open basins.
High-tech equipment collects, extracts and washes harmful gas emissions out of the air. Optimization is partly achieved by the development and use of customised solutions in conveying equipment and special cranes. The patented equipment allows for efficient use of available space and durability of the facility. The production line can therefore be individually adapted to specific needs and space requirements.

Energy consumption of the whole line is optimized as well. Heat generated in the zinc oven is efficiently led back to the pre-treatment basin via a heat exchanger. A main processor of the system continually calculates the required energy needs of the current consumers and therefore reduces consumption peaks and energy costs. Integrated weighing systems directly send information to the ERP system (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) for seamless monitoring of the work pieces.

The Austrian company is looking for partners (especially in North America, but other countries as well) to assemble and distribute the concept systems and to provide extensive support to customers. Potential forms of cooperation are commercial or financial agreements with technical assistance as well as joint ventures. The company is open to other types of arrangements as well.

Galvanizers and metal processing companies can integrate the process line seamlessly into existing production lines. Prototypes and special equipment can be visited and tested at the company´s own technology center upon request.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantage of the galvanization concept lies in the combination of innovative equipment and optimal use of resources that leads to low costs and high safety conditions.

- closed, fully automated process and control
- increased efficiency (electricity, heat, space, workers)
- reduced costs compared to conventional galvanizing plants
- safe for workers and the environment
- innovative conveyor technique
- patented load pick up for lifting units
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for industrial partners from following sectors:

- galvanizing
- surface engineering
- component supply
- plant/equipment manufacturing
- material logistics
- special machines and facilities

The potential partner should be interested in assembling and selling the innovative galvanizing facilities and special equipment to customers in its region and provide excellent service and maintenance.

The Austrian company provides training and transfer of expertise to the potential partner. The company is open to various kinds of cooperation such as commercial or financial agreements with technical assistance or joint ventures.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02002006 Endurecimiento, tratamiento térmico
02003003 Integración de componentes
02003001 Process automation
02002015 Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)