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Plataforma de IoT (internet de las cosas) para controlar, gestionar y proteger máquinas y dispositivos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up española ha desarrollado una plataforma de IoT (internet de las cosas) para controlar, gestionar y proteger máquinas y dispositivos en diferentes sectores. Esta plataforma permite gestionar, localizar, operar de forma remota, extraer y visualizar datos y monitorizar todos los activos relevantes en tiempo real. La plataforma pone en marcha numerosos dispositivos, sabe si funcionan correctamente, extrae información del estado de las máquinas, genera alarmas cuando los dispositivos superan determinados valores de temperatura, etc. La plataforma recoge datos a partir de diferentes sensores y dispositivos y genera análisis e informes para comprobar que la solución está funcionando como se espera. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


IoT (Internet of Things) platform to control, manage and secure machines and devices
A Spanish start-up has developed an IoT (Internet of Things) platform to control, manage and secure machines and devices from different sectors. It can manage, locate, operate remotely, extract and visualize data and monitor all the relevant assets in real time. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
In today´s environment of global competition, technological development and innovation; companies, especially manufacturing, are forced to reconfigure their manufacturing and management processes.

Nevertheless, there is a clear absence of understanding between Industrial and digital sectors, corporate culture, business operations, technology standards, tools, talent background, sales processes, capital needs, scalability....

In this context, a Spanish tech-based company specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions, has developed an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that allows monitoring all of the relevant assets, obtain remote control, perform data analytics and visualize remotely. It allows to operate millions of devices, knowing if they are working correctly, extracting information about the status of the machines, creating alarms when for example the devices exceed some temperature values, etc.

The platform gathers data from the different sensors and devices generating analytics and reports to check if the solution is performing as expected. There is a set of predefined OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and reports. Additionally it offers the possibility of generating any specific parameter to any business model since it allows to easily create customized dashboards.

Main solution features are the following:

·Highly Scalable: It works with any amount of devices.

·Multi-tenant: It Integrates any device and application.

·Configurable: It can be adapted to any concrete business rules, dashboards and reports.

·Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service).

·Secure: Built-in security and privacy features.

·Multi-sector: Functions and views for any vertical solution, like smart energy, smart grid, logistics -Y- transport, retail, etc..

The most important functionalities of the platform are:

·Device Management for controlling every aspect of the IoT(Internet of Things) infrastructure by means of:

-Remote operations: It allows to launch or schedule individual or bulk operations, to diagnose or reboot in a single command or a script-like batch.
-Software update: It allows to create and manage software bundles, and launch massive upgrade jobs controlling the real-time status.
-Monitoring: It proactively monitors the status of any connected devices or assets with standard and ad-hoc tests that keep control of each component.
-Inventory: Internet of Things devices like routers, modems, concentrator, etc. are inventoried, monitored diagnosed and commanded
-Communications: It allows to control any network including M2M, fixed lines, SigFox, narrowband-IOT, satellite, digital radio...

·Business intelligence related to how the business is performing:
-Alarms: Alarms of inventory, operations, status failure and severity customization.
-Reporting: Provides intelligence created from all the sources and how they affect the project or solution.
-Automation rules: It allows to create customized behavior when certain conditions are met at a specific moment.

·Security framework associated to secure the IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure.
-Device authentication: It prevents device spoofing with different levels of authentication, creating individual or group certificates.
-Device authorization: It allows to authorize or suspend groups of devices to access the services in the platform, manually or automatically.
-Communication encryption: Increases privacy and security with TSL (Transport Layer Security), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates at network level.

The company is looking for international integrators, technology and manufacturers devices partners in the following sectors: telecom,utilities, device manufacturers, logistic and transport and smart cities. The kind of partnership sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
Currently the market offers two large groups of software solutions to support business processes. The first one, provides solutions with specialized software for a specific industry, and responds to specific needs of companies, such as a certain production process (vertical solutions software). The second is the type of software used for the administration of any kind of business, and has configuration tools that allow specializing the solution for a specific case (horizontal solutions software).

Due to The IoT business associated to vertical business models, demand important maturation yet, this company offers a new business model of horizontal nature, versatile, robust and flexible. Thus, the proposed system guarantees the availability of data for the different and very varied vertical solutions:
-It covers the operational, fulfilment (activation / provisioning) and service assurance needs of the customers. All this embedded in a fully integrable environment through the API (Application Programming Interface).
-Flexible architecture, managing any kind of device through our device agents or our huge database of compatible protocols (most of the standards in the market).
-Ready for quick integration (premise, SaaS, PaaS) with any vertical, speed and robustness are the keys.
-Stable and coherent ecosystems of partners to cover any need, providing a full vertical architecture on demand.
-Bidirectional support for both data collection and operation from and to devices.
-Integrated by default with managed connectivity platforms offered by most important telco companies.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for integrators, technology and manufacturers devices partners in the following sectors: telecom, utilities, device manufacturers, logistic and transport and smart cities.

The partner sought role is to integrate this technology within its solution portfolio in order to improve the service provided to its clients and also to integrate this technology within their clients technology. On the other hand, the company will provide support in the process of technology transfer and will support in the process of adapting its technology in the different cases.

Therefore, the kind or partnership sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003006 Computer Software
01003025 Internet of Things