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Plataforma de monitorización y gestión de flotas marítimas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa griega especializada en software marítimo ofrece una plataforma basada en web para la monitorización y gestión de flotas, concretamente en la industria de transporte marítimo. El software propone rutas óptimas para optimizar la utilización de flotas y ofrece análisis e informes de los barcos gracias a la información en tiempo real y a las medidas obtenidas de la eficiencia del casco, motor y hélices. Además analiza alarmas, identifica causas y propone acciones de mitigación y alertas en caso de riesgos no controlados, como mal tiempo, zonas de piratería e inactividad. La empresa busca socios europeos en el sector de transporte marítimo con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Maritime fleet management and monitoring platform
A medium sized Greek company specialized in the field of maritime software is offering a web-based fleet management and monitoring platform specially designed for the maritime shipping industry. Partners across Europe active mainly in maritime shipping are sought. The desired type of collaboration is commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The research department of a Greek medium sized shipping company has introduced an integrated software platform for maritime industry. The platform provides fleet performance management and monitoring making use of maritime data analytics.

As regards company´s activities, they are a world leader in maritime software and shipping ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), serving over 500 shipping companies world-wide since its establishment in 1986.

With respect to the offered technology, it constitutes basically a specialized software able to provide optimized ships management and monitoring exclusively for maritime entities.

Regarding the tasks it performs, they cover a broad range of activities. For instance, taking into account navigational restrictions, Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA) areas and piracy zones, it proposes the optimal route optimizing thereby fleet utilization. It also provides vessel report analysis based on real time data by measuring hull, engine and propeller efficiency. Furthermore, it can analyze alarms, identify causes and propose mitigation actions whilst it provides alerts for non-controlled risks like bad weather, piracy zones and stoppages. Moreover, it records and examines charter party compliance. Conversely, it offers a fleet management dashboard with ongoing voyage analysis (time, fuel, risk) based on most accurate weather forecasts, charter party clauses, navigation restrictions, vessel sea keeping and main engine and propeller characteristics. The platform contributes therefore to improving technical and economic efficiency at corporation level.

In order to effectively perform all those tasks, it aggregates and analyses data gathered from multiple sources. More analytically, it uses basically five different layers of operations carrying out the workflow management:

i. the data access layer made up of large volumes of data,
ii. the data quality layer in which data integrity (accuracy, validity, consistency) takes place,
iii. the conceptual representation layer (transparent manipulation of data provided by heterogeneous sources),
iv. the data integration layer (transformation of abstract data into meaningful information for decision making),and
v. the data visualization layer (situation-aware data presentation in pictorial and/or graphical format).

All the process among the abovementioned layers is achieved by using advanced algorithms and visualization tools that transform complex or fused data into useful information.

The decision-making process is therefore strengthened as it provides a deep knowledge on various aspects of vessels´ lifecycle via:

-handy-casting (reflecting the past) implementing trend analysis and statistical methods for identifying hidden correlations among complex past data,
-now-casting (interpret of data and respond efficiently to the present) through key performance indicators real-time monitoring, vessels´ benchmarking and timely anomaly detection, and
-for-casting (prepare for the future) by examining what-if scenarios and making risk assessment analysis on technical, economical and environmental level.

The company has chosen to develop the described software with the ulterior view to offer a centralized, modern web system to control ships performance providing the user with a true competitive advantage.

Now, the company is aiming to introduce the described technology to new promising market areas. Additional partners from maritime shipping industry willing to adopt or further develop that platform are therefore sought. The considered type of agreement is commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovations and advantages of the offered maritime platform include:

-The platform is based on advanced award winning algorithms able to extract significant information from complex data and provide accurate results

-It improves team´s competence in a controlled and secure manner by involving partners into company´s daily operation and sharing situation awareness

-It benchmarks actual vessel performance in terms of speed, fuel and time

-It is fully integrated with stowage planning and trim optimization

-It brings mobility to ship corporate operations as it is web based and can be used on any device

-It awarded with the Lloyd´s award for big data

-It was finalist (in 2012) for the Franz Edelman award, the highest award in Operational Research on fleet optimization
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
-Type of collaboration: The Greek shipping company is willing to establish commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners (with more than 250 employees) from the field of maritime shipping.

-Tasks to be performed: to develop or implement the offered web-based software to effectively control fleet performance according to specifications of collaborative partner.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01004008 ERP - Planificación de recursos empresariales
02003005 Information processing & Systems, Workflow