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Plataforma de servicios basada en localización para el desarrollo sencillo de cualquier tipo de aplicación móvil sensible al contexto


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española del sector TIC ha desarrollado una nueva plataforma basada en localización para desarrollar cualquier tipo de aplicación móvil sensible al contexto. Esta plataforma evita las dificultades de localización y proximidad, acceso a información geográfica, autenticación de usuario, almacenamiento de información geográfica, etc. al desarrollar aplicaciones móviles. La plataforma permite desarrollar distintas aplicaciones: 1) control de flotas, gestión de la fuerza de ventas o acceso a zonas restringidas, 2) aplicaciones de realidad aumentada y juegos basados en localización, 3) marketing y oferta de productos específicos dependiendo de la hora, necesidades y características del entorno, 4) herramientas para facilitar la investigación y trabajos de campo y 5) redes sociales y geolocalización. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Location based services platform for easy development of any kind of context-aware mobile applications
Spanish ICT company has developed an innovative location based platform for development of any kind of context-aware mobile applications. It remarkably eases, when creating mobile applications, difficulties related to location and proximity, access to geographic information, user authentication, information storage, etc. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Nowadays, main problems for web and mobile applications developers are those related to location and proximity, access to geographic information, user authentication, information storage, etc.

In order to ease these tasks, the ICT Spanish company has developed an innovative platform which addresses this kind of difficulties.

It is useful for development of any kind of context-aware applications such as:

-Fleet control, sales force management or restricted area access.

-Augmented reality apps and games based in location.

-Marketing and offering specific products depending on the hour, their needs and the characteristics of their environment.

-Tools to help in researches and field work.

-Geolocated social networks.

Main solution features are the following:

-Real time location tracking: It tracks users' location in real time, find users near a location, a point of interest or near other users. Also, it registers position by position or creates a track session in order to manage related events: user out of comfort zone, user is off-line, etc.

-Points of interest: It stores points of interest with relevant information for the app or allows consulting the enormous databases from other users integrated into the platform.

-Electronic ID: It includes forms and associated processes of maintenance and security through the platform electronic ID service, based on OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization).

-Social: A great number of modern mobile apps include typical features of the social networks. Because of that, this platform allows developers to build a users' relationship network. It includes context-based functions to track relationships between users, friendship or recommendation algorithms.

-Rules and events: The platform connects perfectly with any app sending PUSH notifications every time defined events happen or when it fulfills pre-established rules. It also provides a tool to communicate every time a user leaves or approaches a defined area, when he has been "too much time" stopped, stops suddenly, when it seems that battery of his phone is dead or even in other circumstances.

- Images can be stored in the platform being available through a remote access mechanism to multimedia resources. All images stored in the platform can be associated to POIs (Point Of Interest), geo-located or integrated with other platform services.

-Storage: It provides entity storage including the mandatory query operations.

-It supports any platform. Android and iOS SDKs (Software Development Kit) are available.

The company is currently working on the platform in order to improve it by adding the following services:

·Complete SDKs (Software Development Kit) with high level operations.
·Integration with services from other users.
·Tools to generate workflows.
·Services with a high level of design and huge app display.
Advantages and Innovations:
-Provides mobile apps with the needed web service avoiding waste of time and effort in its implementation.

-Thanks to the high level of the abstraction of the platform underlying technology, developers can focus on the value added of the app for your users and clients, avoiding all the problems related to the infrastructure, the technology and the devices fragmentation.

-It offers a range of tools and SDKs (Software Development Kit) which make it easy to develop new apps in different technologies and keep apps working whichever is the platform or location mechanism used.

-It works whatever the data volume is needed, automatically adapting to the device size requirements, available space and memory of the app. The hosted services balance automatically their charge, even during maintenance tasks, so they will always be available.

-No additional training required: Thanks to its interoperability characteristics, standard protocols and the existence of SDKs (Software Development Kit) and other tools, app developers don't need to learn anything new, gaining a lot of time and making work easier.

-It is an innovative high level solution for the development of context dependent apps and every kind of software related to geo-location and environmental intelligence, offering a wide range of functions through a highly scalable cloud platform.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
-Type of partner sought:
ICT partners

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Mobile applications and web development.

- Task to be performed:
To deploy and implement this platform within the partner area of influence under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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