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Plataforma en la nube de seguros basada en el uso para la industria de seguros de automóviles


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega ofrece una nueva plataforma de seguros basada en el uso (UBI) para compañías aseguradoras y de los sectores de automoción y flotas interesadas en adoptar la plataforma en el contexto de un acuerdo de comercialización con asistencia técnica o servicio. Esta plataforma ofrece a las empresas un análisis avanzado del comportamiento en la conducción y servicios telemáticos. La plataforma ha sido desarrollada utilizando tecnologías y algoritmos del estado del arte, métricas fiables y nuevos esquemas de gamificación para ayudar a los conductores a comprender sus puntos débiles y mejorar su comportamiento en la conducción. La empresa también busca investigadores interesados en continuar con el desarrollo de la plataforma y establecer acuerdos de cooperación en materia de investigación.


A cloud usage based insurance (UBI) platform for the motor insurance industry
An innovative usage based insurance (UBI) platform is offered by a Greek SME for companies in insurance, automotive and fleet industry sectors interested to adopt it under the context of commercial agreement with technical assistance and services agreement. Also, research associates willing to further develop the platform are also sought within the framework of research cooperation agreement.
A Greek company with acknowledged research in the fields of driving behaviour, distracted driving and road safety analysis is offering an innovative usage based insurance (UBI) platform providing companies in insurance, automotive and fleet sectors with advanced driving behavioural analytics and telematics services.

The company has currently developed the proposed technology by using state of the art technology and algorithms, reliable metrics and novel gamification schemes, to help drivers understand their weak points and improve their driving behaviour. This has a high societal and environmental impact producing also significant financial benefits to its corporate clients.

The proposed platform can be positioned as a next-generation behavioural based platform, specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the financial services sector, in identifying and quantifying risk using advanced data analytics and machine learning methods. It connects actually vehicles to insurers with the aim to assist insurance companies around the world to create safe and eco drivers, reduce their business risk and redefine their relationship with their customers.

Analytically, it is a device-agnostic cloud-based platform that gathers just the data it needs and by using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques it can clear the noise produced from smartphone movements inside the car, detect aggressive behaviours such as harsh braking, accelerating, identify driver´s distraction by recognizing mobile usage while driving, recognize driver or passenger trips and keep just the valid trips that correspond to the driver who is monitored.

For its design and development, a set of innovative modules have been integrated:
Firstly, a user-friendly smartphone application acts as the recording engine and the interface with the end user that is the driver. Secondly, a state of the art backend infrastructure for big data analysis. Thirdly, a web application for the visualization of metrics and scores. Fourthly, a sophisticated machine learning and big data algorithms for the understanding and evaluation of driving behaviour. Fifthly, an advanced driving scoring model for the evaluation of driving behaviour.

Concerning the whole flow of process, a series of functions are followed as detailed below: first, the application automatically detects the start and stop of driving, without any user involvement, it records data from smartphone sensors and transmits this data to the company´s backend servers. Then, this data is analysed via algorithms to produce driving metrics, scores, the overall and per trip results. These can be viewed by the driver in the application and by the corporate clients for their fleets in the web application.

The platform comes in two schemes: a) pay as you drive in which every kilometre has its own risk and a premium based on km driven is given on annual base. Drivers get lower premiums if they drive less than average, based on properly designed annual kilometre packages, b) pay how you drive where a premium based on personalized driving behavioural parameters recorded in real time such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering etc. is offered.

Based on all the above, the offered technology constitutes a pioneer solution providing insurance companies with all necessary tools to collect accurate data, calculate risk related to driving behaviour and reward good drivers. In addition, it offers insurance companies a smart cost-effective solution to motivate and engage their customers to improve constantly and become safe and eco drivers.

The company is in need of finding additional partners from motor insurance industry, fleet management, ride sharing and taxi hailing sectors as well as research associates willing to adopt or further develop the proposed platform under commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement and research cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The offered technology is a complete smartphone solution for motor insurance companies with no hardware attached having the following innovative aspects.

The identification of driving is achieved without any user involvement: trip recording starts automatically within the first minutes of driving and ends 5 minutes after the end of the trip.

The recording engine achieves an optimum combination of accuracy and battery consumption.

The company has worked on a pragmatic technology approach where smartphones, external on-board diagnostics (OBDs) and in-car telematics systems can be integrated into the same data analytics and decision engine and produce comparable results utilising state of the art artificial intelligence-enabled infrastructure.

Moreover, the platform has been developed using state of the art cloud based approaches, and the most advanced security procedures to comply with the modern business standards and the strict data protection regulations (e.g. General Data Protection Regulation).

Also, mobile use is detected based on the movement of the device while driving by the smartphone sensors. No data regarding the content/operation of other applications are recorded or evaluated by the algorithms for the mobile use detection.

Furthermore, the driving scoring model has been developed by a team of transportation engineers (certified by the Belgian Road Safety Institute), road safety experts and data scientists with high expertise and research experience on the field. The scoring model provides a set of scores for each of the main driving parameters (speeding, mobile use, braking, acceleration, driving in risky hours) and its result have been evaluated using data from driving simulator experiments, on road assessment and accidents data.

Lastly, through the web portal for data analytics the analysts or the marketing team of the corporates can monitor the driving metrics of their drivers and use this data for pricing or marketing purposes.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek company is willing to establish commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement with business entities of any size active in the fields of insurance, fleet management, ride sharing -Y- taxi hailing willing to make use the offered technological platform in order to deeply understand their customers driving patterns and needs and offer competitive insurance rates and rewards to good drivers while they minimize their claims.

In addition, research associates are also sought with the scope to further develop the offered technology under research cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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Technology Keywords:
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
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