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Plataforma informática para gestionar procesos de producción de cultivos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa británica ha desarrollado una plataforma informática que transforma datos en conocimiento y se aplica en servicios de apoyo a la decisión. Esta plataforma mide, analiza y gestiona la producción de cultivos por campo casi en tiempo real, con diferencias de rendimiento que se analizan frente a los parámetros de control. La empresa busca agricultores, procesadores, proveedores de insumos, entidades financieras e institutos de investigación interesados en continuar con el desarrollo de servicios de apoyo a la decisión y mejorar la eficiencia de sistemas de cultivos herbáceos. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de joint venture, investigación o cooperación técnica.


ICT platform for managing crop production processes
A UK company has developed an IT platform that processes data into knowledge to apply in decision support. It measures, analyses -Y- manages crop production per field in near real-time, with performance gaps analysed against controlling parameters. They are seeking growers, processors, input providers, financials, research institutes to further develop decision support services that improve the efficiency of arable crop systems via joint venture, research or technical cooperation agreements.
Businesses involved in food production face multiple challenges. These include coping with unpredictable weather patterns as well as longer-term changes in climate, variable water supplies as a result of droughts and floods, changing soil conditions, the need to control the impact of fertilisers and pesticides on the environment and meeting growing levels of global demand for core commodities such as wheat, sugar, palm oil, soy and beef, ensuring supply chain sustainability and resilience.

This UK company has developed a novel method that combines satellite remote sensing with weather information and then applies this to agro-meteorological and biophysical modelling to help accurately forecast and optimise crop yields.

Historical, actual and forecasted data of key crop production parameters is collected per field, per grower in near real-time during the crop production processes. These data concern management, soil, inputs and environment.

Simulations of the physiological crop production processes like establishment, development, production and post-harvest are simulated by populating crop models with parameter data.

"Phenotyping", the measurement of crop performance at a given moment, produces data that is applied to calibrate model simulations. Data is collected with remote sensing technologies such as satellite and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) but also with in-situ (precision-farming) sensors and handheld devices.

The gap between actual, optimal and potential crop performance is analysed against a growing database of crop production parameters. Understanding the effect of single and combined parameters on crop growth processes, the company are able to advise parameter manipulations for improved process efficiency and actively manage crop production.

These process manipulations focus are offered through seven decision support modules:
1. Productivity - Optimising crop productivity within the growing season
2. Investment - Optimising crop productivity across growing seasons
3. Insurance - Establish crop damage due to environmental factors
4. Crop monitor - Forecast crop production for better supply and demand balance
5. Supply chain - Improve harvest and logistics efficiency to processing industry
6. Research -Y- Development - Analyse and improve impact of inputs in combination with other parameters
7. Environment - Reduce impact of crop production on environment by minimising emissions and pollution

Prospective users include: Growers, processors, input providers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, precision agriculture industry, distributors, brokers, government, traders, service providers (insurance and the finance industry)

Users will subscribe annually to one or more decision support modules. This will allow them to interrogate online data and knowledge products while they will receive timely decision support alerts and periodic reports.

Agricultural partners might be involved in the production and processing of sugar beet, potato, oilseed crops like rapeseed and sunflower, cereals like wheat, corn and barley. Or supplying services, equipment or inputs used in these production processes. But also research institutes and universities involved in agricultural production. These partners would:

· Provide crop production data and locations for trials and pilots
· Co-develop solutions regarding parameter and phenotyping data collection
· Provide steering and expertise in developing decision support modules

They are seeking partners to form, joint ventures, technical cooperation or research cooperation agreements to fully exploit this technology and maximise their crop yields.
Advantages and Innovations:
The company is able to integrate multiple data and disciplines into complete offerings that add significant and substantial value for users in agricultural production chains. They process big data into relevant knowledge and apply this into near real-time decision support per specific production unit (field).

· Collect large sets of relevant production parameter data per field, per grower, per crop, in near real-time
· Use and improve public domain crop models in an IT platform to simulate partial and complete crop production cycles
· Apply modern "phenotyping" technologies such as satellite earth observation and precision farming sensors in value added offerings
· Analyse crop performance gaps (e.g. actual versus optimal yield) against measured, historical and forecasted production parameters
· Understand the effect of single and combined parameters on the economical, technical and environmental efficiency of crop systems
· Provide useful and relevant data and knowledge to users for online interrogation
· Send timely alerts for operational decisions and periodic reports for strategic decisions

The company aims to become the independent data processor and knowledge supplier in crop production systems to all stakeholders:

· Provide detailed and timely data, knowledge and decision support per field and multiple fields
· Remain independent from input- and equipment brands and farming methods
· Able to leverage data cost through development of multiple decision support services for multiple users
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The UK company would apply its "data to knowledge to decision support platform" and retains all background IP therein.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: Industry/academia

Role: Farming or agriculture/involved in agricultural production

Specific role of partner sought: Production and processing of sugar beet, potato, oilseed crops like rapeseed and sunflower, cereals like wheat, corn and barley, or supplying services, equipment or inputs used in these production processes, to work with the company within a joint venture or technical cooperation agreement. Or universities involved in agricultural production able to supply crop production data and help create crop modelling and statistical analysis within a research cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States


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