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Plataforma móvil de pago basada en inteligencia artificial y sistemas de geofencing


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme española con experiencia en FinTech (tecnología financiera) ofrece una plataforma móvil de pago basada en inteligencia artificial (IA) y sistemas inteligentes de geofencing. Esta plataforma permite realizar pagos entre consumidores y empresas, utiliza 3D-Secure y puede integrarse en aplicaciones de terceros. La herramienta ofrece información estratégica sobre los patrones de demanda y tendencias y el sistema de geofencing ofrece notificaciones y publicidad conforme a estos patrones. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, comercial o en materia de I+D.


Mobile payment platform integrating big data market analysis and geofencing systems
A Spanish SME expert in FinTech (Financial Technology), offers a mobile payment platform featuring Business Intelligence (BI) and smart geofencing systems. It allows payments between consumers or companies, uses 3D-Secure, and can be integrated in third-party applications. The BI tool provides strategic information on demand patterns and trends, whilst geofencing enables notifications and advertising based on them. Partnership can be considered via a technical, commercial or R-Y-D agreement
The Spanish innovative SME was founded in 2012 and is committed to deliver creative software tools by means of cutting-edge technologies, providing their customers competitive advantage in their business. The company helps them to exploit their data resources, to support their strategic decisions, foster their communication strategy and improve their market impact.

Their main business areas encompass big data for business intelligence, fintech and e-payment systems, mobility and smart cities. The company has experts in online communication strategy: web design and development, mobile applications, online marketing, SEO/SEM and social media. The SME won the INTURTECH 2015 award for innovative start-ups in Spain, they have been chosen to show in the International Web Summit 2016, and have been nominated for Top 100 European FinTech Awards 2017. The company have also participated in 7th Framework Programme projects involving software development.

The technology offered is a mobile payment platform integrating a big data Business Intelligence (BI) tool and a geofencing system. The innovative solution is not only a payment system, but a mobile payment platform integrating BI and smart geofencing. It is modular and easily adaptable to domain specific applications.

First, it allows carrying out, from a mobile device, any kind of payment which can be done using a credit card. The money is transferred directly to a bank account, without having to use "money pots", being a "virtual Point Of Sale (POS)". Transactions are secured using 3D-Secure standards.

Second, its big data engine provides insightful market reports combining transactions´ anonymous data with users´ behaviour, habits and location history.

Third, the smart geofencing module enables an ad-hoc notification channel between users based on their mobility patterns and consumption patterns, with which professional users can create and send advertising messages to potential customers when they are located in specific areas.

Fourth, the platform features an automated invoice generation and notification system. For each money transfer, both peer users receive their corresponding notification. Besides, if any of them has set up their invoicing information, the corresponding invoice is generated automatically, sent to the user and stored in the database. Later, it can be reviewed, downloaded and its data exported to be used in external accounting applications.

Desired cooperation types are:

· Participation in research, development and innovation actions in H2020 RIAs (Research and Innovation Actions), either as Consortium Member or Subcontracted for software development. Some interesting topics could be: smart cities, ICT, new business models and technology for society, among others. The SME offers their know-how in the FinTech domain. It can provide access to the mobile payment platform to integrate the corresponding developments. With this type of actions the expectation is to be able to introduce further innovative features for the platform in exchange.

· Business and commercial partners for EUREKA or IBEROEKA projects in other countries than Spain. In this case the company offers the whole mobile payment platform to be integrated into the partner´s systems. The business partner will provide its domain specific know-how and access to the systems which need to be interconnected. Ideal partners should have a critical mass of customers in order for the platform to be sustainable in the long-term.

· Partners for a FTI pilot (Fast Track Innovation): domain specific business companies, SMEs and research centres from different countries. The company expects to deliver innovative FinTech tools leveraging the FinTech mobile payment developed, big data and geofencing platforms. Partners should represent different roles within the whole value chain.

· Software retailers and distributors willing to include the FinTech platform described in this profile in the
Advantages and Innovations:
The platform provides several innovations and advantages in different aspects:

Economic transactions:
· Fast direct payments from credit/debit cards to bank accounts, with no need for charging or retrieving money from a "pot".
· Prevents the need for a physical Point of Sale (POS) to make a transaction and saves its cost.
· Unlike with the use of physical Points of Sale (POS), this system is a virtual POS aware of the whole transaction process (customer and business data).
· Secure transactions using 3D-Secure standard.

Big data:
· Innovative integrated business intelligence big data engine, capable of generating reports based on anonymous transaction data, user behaviour and habits, geographic information, etc.

· Innovative integrated smart geofencing system that enables an ad-hoc user notification channel. Professional users can set up different "virtual fences" delimiting geographic target areas and associate messages to them; when users enter these areas, they will be notified with the corresponding pre-established messages according to their preferences and profiles.

Other added value advantages:
· All-in-one mobile application: users only need to take their mobile phone with them to enjoy a full service.
· Automatic invoice generation and delivery.
· Data export for third-party accounting applications.
· Advanced authentication capabilities.
· Simple user interface, payments can be done just in one step.
· Modular approach: different features can be picked, adapted and integrated to create ad-hoc solutions.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Exclusive rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Potential partners sought are:

· Public bodies and smart cities´ administrations willing to offer a unique mobile payment solution for their services: public transport (bus, underground, train), taxi service, carpools, bike rents, museums tickets, touristic city cards with combined services, wifi services, city taxes, etc. Public administrations will benefit from a vast amount of data related to mobility patterns of their citizens and will be able to offer city´s merchants and advertising channel to contact potential customers. Collaboration can be established in the framework of a smart cities research project or directly as part of the innovation strategy of certain public administration.

· Companies with high volume of customers in domain specific applications whose products or services can be paid by their customers by credit/debit card, i.e.: highways, restaurants and fast food chains and franchises, supermarkets, private medical insurances and hospitals, gas stations, airlines, travel agencies, customer loyalty clubs, shopping centres, etc. These companies will be able to offer their customers an integrated mobile service with their offer, direct shopping capabilities and loyalty programmes.

· Banks and financial entities willing to offer their customers an integrated mobile banking solution. They will get more information about their customers, demand, habits, trends and localization. The platform can also be customised to be integrated with their own existing systems.

· Research and Innovation centres willing to offer their know-how on systems and technologies to complement and further develop the platform.

· Software distributors willing to include this platform in their portfolio and offer it to their customers.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003006 Computer Software
01003011 Electronic Commerce, Electronic Payment & Signature
11001 Modelos de desarrollo socioeconómico, aspectos económicos
11006 Participación de los ciudadanos