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Plataforma móvil semiflotante para explotación de olas marinas


Oferta Tecnológica
Un inventor italiano ha desarrollado una plataforma móvil semiflotante para la explotación de olas del mar. Esta solución puede emplearse para producir electricidad y agua potable. La plataforma, con posicionamiento automático y que puede controlarse de forma remota, dispone de dos discos submarinos: uno de ellos funciona como balasto y el otro como estabilizador giroscópico. Gracias a sus características, la plataforma ofrece una alta eficiencia y funciona incluso en condiciones marítimas muy adversas. El inventor busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Mobile and semi-floating platform for the exploitation of sea waves
An Italian inventor has developed a mobile and semi-floating platform for the exploitation of sea waves. The proposed solution can be used for producing both electricity and fresh water. The platform is also auto positioning and can be remotely controlled.
The inventor is looking for a license agreement.
Sea waves energy is renewable, environmental friendly, abundant and widely available and a variety of ways to gather it has been recently developed. By contrast several disadvantages are still affecting this kind of energy explotiation because plants are suitable to certain locations; they have effect on marine ecosystem and they could represent a source of disturbance for private and commercial vessels. In addition they are subject to weak performances in rough weather and they are often considered as kind of visual and noise pollution.

In order to overcome most of the above mentioned disadvantages, an Italian inventor has developed a mobile and semi-floating platform for the exploitation of sea waves. The platform is self positioning, self stabilizing and doesn´t need to be moored or hooked to the seabed. The platform is characterized by two large underwater discs, one of which works as ballast and the other one works as a stabilizing gyroscope. Such disks are connected through structural columns to a third level above water which hosts the equipment used for the control of the platform and the conversion and management of the energy produced by special floats. Such floats slides along some internal columns and transfer the power by means of rack bars to a converter of alternate movement into continuous movement. The torque produced by the sliding floats is then transferred to electric generators which supply energy to storage devices. Part of the electricity produced can be used for positioning, operating and controling of the platform while the rest can be safely stored or transferred to mainland via underwater cablel or used to produce fresh water by means of on board desalinators.
A patent application has been submitted (pending) for the above mentioned platform and the inventor is mainly looking for non exclusive license agreement (exclusive license agreement will be considered subject to negotiation).
Advantages and Innovations:
The platform is characterized by a lower underwater disc composed by a solid section that works as fixed ballast and by a large tank that works as variable ballast and is filled and emptied automatically with sea water to level the structure and to keep the average level of the sea waves at the middle of the production columns in spite of adverse meteo-marine conditions. This allow the energy producing floats to have the maximum excursion and fully exploit the power of the waves.
The platform is also characterized by a second underwater disc which contains a large wheel rotating on peripheral wheels connected through a vertical shaft to an
electric motor. This additional wheel works as a gyroscope and in case of rolling and pitching of the platform, it starts rotating, and stabilizes the platform allowing the best vertical sliding of the floats and significantly improving the maximum transfer of energy.
Thanks to the above mentioned features the platform can provide a very high efficiency rate and can work even in very adverse sea conditions.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Manufacturers of sea waves power generators are sought.
Non exclusive license agreement is preferred while exclusive license agreement will be considered subject to negotiation.
Since the patent procedure in still in due course further documentation will be disclosed subject to signing of a non disclosure agreement.


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