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Plataforma para logística verde, flotas de mensajeros y distribución urbana


Oferta Tecnológica
Un editor belga de software ha desarrollado una herramienta de transporte sostenible de mercancías para empresas y comercio electrónico. Gracias a su plataforma, tecnología y experiencia, la empresa ofrece una solución multifunción para clientes que incluye logística, flota de mensajeros y aplicación móvil en la nube. La plataforma está codificada por la empresa mediante bases de datos y lenguajes de programación de código abierto. La empresa, implicada en la economía circular, busca socios interesados en utilizar el software para distribución de comercio electrónico. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Platform dedicated to green logistics, messenger fleets and urban deliveries
A Belgian software editor has developed a tool dedicated to sustainable transportation of goods for enterprises and e-commerce. Thanks to their platform, technology and expertise, they provide an all-in-one solution for customers: the logistics, the messengers´ fleet, the cloud mobile app. The SME is involved in circular economy; they look for partners willing to use a software solution dedicated to ecommerce deliveries. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.
The Belgian company is a software editor based in Brussels and wants to replace motorised urban freight transport by sustainable urban freight.

Cars and vans provide most of the freight transportation and pollution inside the cities. This pollution can be suppressed by using intensively all the possibilities offered by sustainable transportation (bikes, cargobikes, tricycle, electric vehicles...). And actually, enterprises are looking for means to put green logistics in place like with bike deliveries. In a context of traffic jams, pollution and undertakers, bike delivery is more efficient and creates short chains that the consumers and the citizens appreciate.

This allows cities being much cleaner, breathable, and human, making then green transportation a requirement and a way to upscale sales. First mile and last mile logistics and even same hour deliveries can easily go green.

Therefore and with such a purpose, this software editor has developed a tool dedicated and supporting a sustainable economy.

Technical aspects and advantages:

The software solution is natively cloud and mobile first. This platform is entirely coded by the company, using open source programming languages and databases. They are the only owners of their solution and can develop any type of application on top of it, like specialised mobile apps for your projects. The environment is secured and highly available; online backup is also provided.

Open data exchange is facilitated by their next generation architecture. Geo visualisation and tracking are integrated. The connection of external software is easy via the API (Application Programming Interface).

They can even provide with real time pricing and automatic invoicing within the system.

They have expertise in the green logistics field and possess unique building blocks to put green logistics in place. Nowadays sustainable delivery is a must everywhere it is applicable because commerces sell more

They address the e-commerce, the urban freight and urban logistics market. They also have market applications in smart cities projects and waste collections. Food delivery and logistics projects are concerned as well. They actually provide mobile apps using GIS (Geographic Information System) and have their own servers. They are working on the version 2 of the software and are preparing solutions involving IoT (Internet of Things) products. There are a lot of market applications inside the first mile and last mile green logistics regarding the next generation transportation products.

Type of cooperation expected :
The main cooperation type would be commercial agreements with technical assistance. Indeed the company can provide commercial service of bike delivery.

The SME already has partners in several European countries and would like to grow its international network. The solution can be tailored to the needs of the clients and integrated in wider policies.
Advantages and Innovations:
The solution is highly innovative because it combines:
- Functional innovation providing green logistics to enterprises
- A complete offer of services on the new markets of reverse logistics and sustainable transportation
- Next generation technical environment from cloud servers to mobile app
- they entirely own their technical environment, and they can customise it to the user needs and integrate well with information systems : the company provides open data and real time feed.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Design Rights,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type : SMEs
- Activity : ecommerce
- Role : the company gives new opportunity to commerce and e-commerce to grow in cities relying on new transportation models. Through the software, the company provides bike delivery solutions with technical assistance.

Circular economy actors:
Circular economy associations, the company offers tools and expertise to connect to all other actors, manage the fleets and the people

Thanks to these solutions, Enterprises will enhance their customer experience and be more efficient. All sectors are benefitting from having less pollution and better services. There are no geographical barriers to their markets: the company is already present in Italy, Germany and soon in Norway.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
10002006 Ecología
02008003 Logistics
11001 Modelos de desarrollo socioeconómico, aspectos económicos
02010003 Sistemas y transporte