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Plataforma web para profesionales implicados en rehabilitación cognitiva


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme española especializada en psicología aplicada a la salud, estudios forenses, educación e intervención social ha desarrollado una plataforma web digital para profesionales implicados en rehabilitación cognitiva y procesos de estimulación. Este sistema permite a los profesionales personalizar sesiones y acceder para monitorizar el rendimiento de los pacientes, y de este modo adaptar los ejercicios de seguimiento en función del rendimiento y necesidades del paciente en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar. La solución se basa en un sólido marco teórico que parte de la premisa del potencial del cerebro para modificar y adaptarse en respuesta a experiencias, sustancias químicas, hormonas y lesiones. La empresa busca compañías interesadas en adaptar la plataforma a las necesidades de diferentes países y en su comercialización posterior. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de joint venture.


Web platform for professionals involved in cognitive rehabilitation
A Spanish SME has developed a digital web platform for professionals involved in cognitive rehabilitation and stimulation processes. The system allows professionals to personalize sessions and access the system to monitor their patients´ performance, and thereby adapt follow-up exercises based on performance and needs at any time from any place. The company is looking for joint venture agreements with companies willing to adapt the platform to different country´s needs and commercialise it.
A Spanish SME was born in 2000 mainly devoted to areas of psychology applied to health, forensics, education and social intervention. In 2012 the company detects a need in the market and decides to create a complete digital platform to help professionals dealing with cognitive rehabilitation and stimulation processes. Cognitive rehabilitation is intended to help brain-injured or otherwise cognitively impaired individuals to restore normal functioning, or to compensate for cognitive deficits.

The solution developed relies on a consistent theoretical framework which starts from the premise of the brain potential to modify and adapt itself in response to experiences, chemical substances, hormones, and/or injuries. The ability of the brain to reorganize itself by creating and strengthening neural connections is the key to recovery. This platform represents an essential source of support for practitioners involved in processes of rehabilitation and cognitive simulation by means of numerous materials and resources for designing treatment sessions in addition to a patient manager for organizing and saving the results of those sessions.

The platform is hosted in a Cloud Computing system that offers practitioners the possibility of accessing in real time, where and whenever they wish their table of exercises and patient administration tool, as well as to interact directly with a team of professionals in a specialized environment. This all generates a continuous updating of the information and content of the platform.

The solution brings together a wealth of varied materials so that professionals can design personalized interventions, maximizing their adaptation in accordance with each patient´s specific needs.

As such, there are thousands of exercises, tools and real life simulators that allow for the exercise of basic cognitive functions as well as activities of daily living and social skills. It also includes extra content (images and sounds bank, videos and diverse applications) that help professionals design their own activities in a different and more motivating manner.

The classification of activities focuses on the different areas of intervention mentioned above, various degrees of impairment, the ability to work individually or in groups, socio-cultural and educational level, age, and possible sensory limitations.

It also takes into account the mode of task presentation offering two working formats: pencil and paper material; and digital material, which is done on the computer and allows the use of touch screens.

It should be emphasized that the materials´ appearance is aesthetically pleasing and neatly displayed besides allowing for the personalization of content (images and texts that are significant to the patient) which has an important motivational effect when it comes to adhering to treatment.

The product is already in the market in Spain but the company is willing to enter into new countries. The company is looking for joint ventures with local companies in other countries able to develop this business adapted to each country requirements (contacts, healthcare system, political or regulatory requirements, etc.).
Advantages and Innovations:
For professionals:
- Save time planning treatment sessions.
- Activity development and classification based on clinical evidence and neuroscience.
- Multiple and varied material for a comprehensive rehabilitation / stimulation process.
- Opportunity for highly personalized tasks, increasing ecological validity and adaptation to the specific needs of each patient.
- Access from anywhere with an Internet connection (Cloud Computing system).
- Results manager to store results and quickly consult each patient´s progress.
- Inter-professional communication facilitating the exchange of ideas and materials.

For patients and caregivers:
- Personalized intervention, tailored to each individual and his/her circumstances.
- Practice useful everyday tasks.
- Multiple and varied material developed by professionals.
- Motivating content carefully designed and adapted for the patients´ age.
- Both printed and digital formats.
- Opportunity to reinforce treatment by performing tasks at home (always previously set out by the professional).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought:
Private companies.

Specific area of activity of the partner:
Healthcare service providers, especially related to cognitive rehabilitation.

Task to be performed:
The role of the partner sought is to develop the business plan adapted to the country requirements and commercialise the product under a model of joint venture agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01004001 Applications for Health
06005003 Gestión de información sobre salud
06001014 Neurología, investigación cerebral