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Portal de Internet de búsqueda de empleo y contratación de la próxima generación


Oferta Tecnológica
10 TR 98OB 3H6C
Una pyme turca ha desarrollado un portal de Internet de búsqueda de empleo y contratación de la próxima generación destinado a solicitantes de empleo, empresarios y empresas de Recursos Humanos. El portal permite que los solicitantes presenten su CV con tecnologías multimedia avanzadas e incluyan vídeos que pueden preparar online sin necesidad de utilizar periféricos y sin conocimientos previos. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos de licencia y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Next generation web based recruitment portal
A Turkish SME has developed a next generation web based/mobile job searching and recruitment portal designed specifically for job seekers, employers and HR firms. This portal/mobile app lets the job seekers present themselves with the cutting-edge multimedia features such as supporting their profiles with video resumes which they can prepare online without any need for additional peripherals or knowledge. The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance.
The portal is the next generation web based job searching and recruitment portal and simply composed of video and resume. The job seekers (candidates) are able to create various profiles, attach their video resumes (video presentations) to these presentations. This way, the employers are able to reach out the best candidate immediately and decide.
The employers are able to conduct online live interviews (face-to-face meetings) via the system. These interviews are recorded for the employers and the candidates. This allows the users to review the interview sessions and come up with the best evaluation possible. By the help of online live interviewing feature, the employers are able to evaluate those candidates who live in distant cities, states or even countries without any need for additional expenses to cover their accommodation and travel for the interviews.
The project infrastructure is very flexible and enables various integrations or renditions (different installations, applications, etc.). This way, it can be presented as a web portal as well as integrated to existing applications / portals easily.
Current and Potential Domain of Application: Employers and Human Resource firms
Current and Potential Domain of Application
Employers and Human Resource firms
Advantages and Innovations:
This portal/mobile app is a system that helps you use and mine your resume database more effectively with its various modules that are implemented using optimized algorithms, guiding you throughout the best recruitment progress, saving you a lot of time.
It is possible to modify the system partially or as a whole to serve different platforms / applications and mobile devices. In addition to all of these facilities, our project is developed independent of the user interface language. Any foreign language edition can be implemented in a straightforward manner.
With the modules and techniques used throughout, it is not only a simple job seeking / recruitment solution but also a real and powerful candidate to be an alternative to the existing systems with its various multimedia facilities.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: Human resource firms and medium size enterprises.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: SME´s which have difficulties with recruitment.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought: Integration of the system according to needs of the clients in countries.
Type of Partnership Considered:
Financial Resources
License Agreement
Quality control
Technical consultancy


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003006 Computer Software
01003007 Computer Technology/Graphics, Meta Computing
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003009 Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining