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Procedimiento para obtener péptidos con propiedades antioxidantes y antihipertensivas a partir de semillas de oliva


Oferta Tecnológica
Un grupo de investigación español que trabaja con residuos alimenticios en una universidad ha desarrollado un procedimiento para obtener péptidos con propiedades antioxidantes y antihipertensivas de proteínas aisladas a partir de semillas de oliva mediante digestión enzimática. Después de extraer las proteínas de las semillas, la extracción de proteína se trata con la enzima termolisina para obtener péptidos con capacidad antihipertensiva, o con la enzima alcalasa para obtener un extracto de péptido con propiedades antioxidantes. La universidad busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Procedure for obtaining peptides with antioxidant and antihypertensive properties from olive seeds.
A Spanish research group, working with food residues at a University, has developed a procedure to obtain peptides with antihypertensive or antioxidant capacity of isolated proteins from olive seed by enzymatic digestion. After protein extraction from the olive seeds; the protein extration is treatted with Thermolysin enzyme to obtain peptides with antihypertensive capacity, or with Alcalase enzyme to obtain a peptide extract with antioxidant properties. They are looking for licence agrement.
In the production processes of table olives and olive oil, a large volume of waste is produced. This constitutes an environmental and economic problem. The seed contained in the olive pit has a high protein content representing 20% of its weight, and where can be extracted molecules with high added value as the bioactive peptides.Some of this protein have been described as bioactive peptides, they have beneficial effects being the antihypertensive and the antioxidant capacity two of the most common and important.
Peptides with antihypertensive capacity (inhibitors of the enzyme converted of the angiotensin) are of great interest because the hypertension is the main risk factor of the cardiovascular disease. Antioxidant compounds consumption is increasing and related to aging and diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Moreover, the antioxidant compounds are also useful for controlling lipid oxidation in food products. Lipid oxidation is a serious problem in the food industry since it gives rise to the appearance of bad tastes and odors, dark colors and potentially toxic reaction products. The demand of natural antioxidants has increased in recent years because they are safer than synthetic antioxidants and because consumers have a negative perception of synthetic compounds.

A Spanish research group of one of Madrid´s public Universities, working on revalorization and reuse of residues from the food industry, has developed a new method, that allows to obtain a peptide extract with antioxidant and antihypertensive capacity from olive seeds. Solving the problem of waste management, and obtaining natural antioxidants.
First, it requires the extraction of proteins following a previously optimized method, and later the enzymatic hydrolysis of the extracted proteins. The extraction of the proteins contained in the olive pit is performed using a buffer at pH 7.5 containing sodium dodecyl sulfate and dithiothreitol. Then, the extracted proteins are purified by precipitation with acetone. The isolated proteins are dissolved in an alkaline medium and it is carried out the hydrolysis using Alcalase or Thermolysin enzymes at controlled temperature and with agitation. After the digestion, the enzyme is inactivated and the supernatant containing peptides with antihypertensive or antioxidant capacity, is separated by centrifugation.

This procedure is an alternative use of a waste material such as olive pits and that until now it was not performed. Compared with other use forms of this residue, this method allows the revaluation of this cheap source of protein.

The group has not the capacity to enter production and wants to license the pantent. The group is looking to contact pharmaceutical, or cosmetic, companies willing to adquire it. The role of the partner will be to use the method to obtain the peptides and further commercialization or own use.
Advantages and Innovations:

First proposed procedure for industrial waste use of the olive processing to obtain peptide with bioactive properties.


The technique is simple, inexpensive, fast and safe; because basic instrumentation and a commercial enzyme widely used in the food industry are used.

It is a cheap source of compounds with high biological value. It also solves the problem of the waste during the production of table olives and olive oil.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
National patent

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The group seeks to achieve licensing agreements with companies in food and pharmaceutical sectors; as they have not the capacity to enter production or create a new company.

The role of the partner will be to use and adapt the method at an industrialize scale to obtain the peptides. These peptides will be later further commercialization to other companies or use for own product production.

The research group could also study commercial agreement with technical assistance, with some potential clients in specific cases; but prefers and will give priority to license agreement.


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