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Proceso continuo y rentable a baja temperatura sin disolventes para envases blíster y otros materiales de envasado


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme británica ha desarrollado un nuevo proceso de fabricación de envases flexibles, incluyendo envases blíster. El proceso no utiliza disolventes, se realiza a baja temperatura y tiene unos costes menores si se compara con las tecnologías de envasado actuales. El proceso puede emplearse para envasado de pastillas, termosellado de yogures, aislamiento térmico o sellado de cables. La empresa busca un socio industrial con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, fabricación o financiación para comercializar la tecnología.


Cost effective solvent free low temperature continuous process for pharmaceutical blister packs and other related packaging
A UK based SME has developed a new manufacturing process for flexible packaging materials,
including blister foil. The process uses no solvents, is low temperature and offers cost reductions over existing packaging technologies. The company is looking for an industrial partner who may be interested in technical cooperation agreements, manufacturing agreements or financial agreements in order to commercialise the technology.
A UK based SME has developed a continuous roll to roll process for coated and laminated flexible materials. This process can be used for blister packaging of tablets, yoghurt lidding, thermal insulation, cable wrap and other applications that involve these materials. The process is solvent free, low temperature and promises energy and cost savings over traditional processes.

The company has developed one continuous roll to roll packaging line to demonstrate the technology. They are looking for industrial partners who would benefit from such a promising technology. This could be a flexible packaging manufacturer or converter, converting machine manufacturer, polymer formulator, or an end user wishing to reduce the cost of packaging materials.

The company is interested in technical cooperation agreements, manufacturing agreements or financial agreements for commercialisation.

These collaborations could take the form of financial investment for the company to take this process to commercial reality, technical cooperation in order to jointly develop a solution that suits the partners´ needs or it could be a manufacturing agreement whereby the UK company manufactures to a particular specification.
Advantages and Innovations:
This novel solvent-free method has been used to achieve coat weights of 1 to 20gsm (grams per square metre), though it is particularly effective in the 4 to 10gsm range when compared to alternative coating technologies. Achieving such coat weights by solvent based or extrusion coating is excessively wasteful due to the cost of the solvent carrier medium or to the difficulty in extruding coat weights under 10gsm. In the pharmaceutical blister foil market, the cost of heatseal adhesives can represent approximately 20% of the cost of the uncoated aluminium foil. This novel method can reduce that figure to approximately 5%.

The process can use polymers with a high molecular weight and high viscosity, exceeding 50,000cps (mPa-s). This offers polymer manufacturers a wider field of application than was previously possible. The process lends itself to the development of novel products with improved qualities and the company has produced a blister foil that seals at temperatures as low as 120degC.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner - industrial company of any size

Area of activity of partner - flexible packaging manufacturer or converter, converting machine
manufacturer, polymer formulator, or an end user

Tasks to be performed - evaluate the technology and discuss commercialisation options


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
03002 Ingeniería de plantas de proceso
02005002 Papel estratificado
02005001 Papel, relleno
02007014 Plastics, Polymers
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