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Productor italiano de suplementos basados en nanovesículas derivadas de plantas busca socios en las industrias farmacéutica y agroalimentaria para desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones


Oferta Tecnológica
Una spin-off italiana del sector de productos nutracéuticos produce suplementos basados en nanovesículas derivadas de plantas, vesículas lipoproteicas de 50-70 nm. Las nanovesículas están enriquecidas con elementos biofuncionales y son una nueva forma de ingerir compuestos naturales saludables. Sus suplementos han sido probados en un modelo animal y van a ser probados en pacientes con cáncer. La empresa también está investigando el uso de nanovesículas en otros campos, como enfermedades inflamatorias y neurodegenerativas. Se buscan socios en las industrias farmacéutica y agroalimentaria con el fin de desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones de las nanovesículas mediante diferentes tipos de cooperación.


An Italian startup, producing supplement based on plant derived nanovesicles for patient´s care is searching for pharmaceutical or agrofood partners to develop new application.
The company is an innovative spin-off of an Italian University. It works in the nutraceutical field with the aim to produce supplements consisting of plant-derived nanovesicles, lipoproteic vesicles of 50-70 nm in size. Nanovesicles are enriched in biofunctional elements and represent a new way to intake health natural compounds. The group is looking for pharmaceutical and/or agrofood partners to develop new applications for plant nanovesicles under a variety of possible cooperation types.
The company has been created in 2016 from a group of biologist of an Italian university, in a research laboratory where for several years they have been working on anticancer strategies.
The group is leader in the field of exosomes, small lipoproteic vesicles released by almost all the animal cells, with a long-established role in cell-cell communication. Thay have found structures similar to animal exosomes in lemon juice. These vesicles have been isolated by differential centrifugation steps, and have been then characterized by electron microscopy and dynamic light scattering analyses. Their content has been evaluated by proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomics approaches, showing that they are enriched in biofunctional compounds. Subsequently, they tested the isolated nanovesicles in vitro on different cell lines obtained by tumor explants i.e. from lung, liver, colon and leukemia cells (both sensitive or resistant to conventional therapies) and also on healthy cells i.e. endothelial, stromal and peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The company found that lemon nanovesicles selectively killed tumor cells without affecting normal cells. In addition, by testing the effects of nanovesicles in vivo, in an animal model for leukemia, they demonstrated that lemon nanovesicles spontaneously reach tumor site and induce a 60% reduction in tumor growth.
Starting from this discovery the company is focusing on the production of a nutraceutical supplement consisting of lemon nanovesicles to support cancer patients. Their product gives a new "shape" to nutraceuticals; their supplements, indeed, are composed by isolated and purified plant nanovesicles that, in turn, collect and concentrate, in a single structure, several bio-functional elements. Nutraceutical market is a steadily growing worldwide market, considered by the experts as the future of pharmaceutic industry.
The list of foods and/or supplements with healthy properties for cancer management, and considered helpful together with traditional treatment, is known to a large part of cancer patients. Unfortunately, the market is overcrowded by products that, although obtained from healthy foods, lack of scientific proof.
The company proposes an innovative solution by developing a new way to combine plant curative bio-functional compounds with a primary interest in functional elements with anti-cancer properties.
Their supplement has been tested in an animal model and is going to be tested in cancer patients, thus assuring a scientifically proved support; the company in fact, aims to go to market with a product, holding European health claims for cancer patients support, that ensures to patients a measurable improvement of health condition, and not a palliative effect of a placebo.
The company has already settled up a strategic partnership with a company leader in the production of citrus juice that will provide the location for the industrial process and will supply the raw material.
The process, as well as the business model, is scalable and applicable to other plant matrices. The company also propose to engineer the plant vesicles with the addition of compounds that can enhance and/or modify their properties. Moreover, the company is evaluating the use of nanovesicles in other fields such as inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. The company is looking for partners in the pharmaceutical or agrofood sector to develop these new applications

Advantages and Innovations:
- High know how and scientific background of the group
- Group leader in the field of exosomes
- Several years of work on anticancer strategies
- Product already tested in vitro ed in vivo with very good results (lemon nanovesicles spontaneously reach tumor site and induce a 60% reduction in tumor growth)
- Scalable process
- Strategic industrial partnership already settled for raw materials
- Chances to use nanovescicles in other fields such as inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Two patents have been filed and are now under PCT

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partners the company is searching for are:

1) Academic partners to build a scientific network in order to deeply investigate the molecular mechanisms unveiling the inhibitory effects of plant nanovesicles in cancer progression. A multidisciplinary and scientifically strong network between Universities, SME and Start-up companies is critical to apply for funding at Horizon 2020 grant applications. For this partners a research cooperation agreement can be defined.
2) Industrial partners (pharmaceuticals and/or agro food) to define
i) alternative and more convenient technical approaches for the process of scale up of nanovesicles production;
ii) new combinations of the product with other nutraceutical compounds in order to test increased efficacy or other therapeutical applications;
iii) new application of vegetal nanovesicles in functional food.
For this partners can be defined financial, manufacturing, service or technical cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
08001002 Aditivos / ingredientes alimentarios / alimentos funcionales
08003 Micro y nanotecnologías relacionadas con la alimentación
06001021 Productos de un único uso y bienes de consumo