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Protección adicional de impactos en la cabeza para automóviles


Oferta Tecnológica
Un diseñador irlandés ha desarrollado un dispositivo adaptable a cualquier tipo de vehículo que proporciona una protección adicional contra impactos en la cabeza. Este producto, con bajos costes de producción y en fase de prototipo, se instala fácilmente en vehículos de cuatro puertas y ofrece una amplia variedad de diseños ascéticos para jóvenes y adultos. El sistema ofrece protección en caso de impacto lateral, accidentes con vuelco e impactos frontales. El desarrollador busca un socio con capacidad de producción y acceso al mercado de accesorios para el automóvil con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Additional head impact protection for automobiles.
An Irish product designer has developed a retrofittable device to provide additional head impact protection for vehicles. The product is at developed to prototype stage and the developer is seeking a partner with manufacturing capabilities and a route to market for auto related products. The partnership arrangement envisaged would be a license agreement.
An Irish product developer has designed a retrofit padded device that protects against this injury mechanism and is seeking to partner with a company with suitable manufacturing capabilities and a route to market for automobile accessories or devices.

A recognised mechanism for serious head injury during automobile collisions involves head injury resulting from impact between the head of the driver or front seat passenger and the door pillar of the vehicle (B-pillar). These results from a combination of rapid deceleration from a collision combined with a restraining action of the seat belt. These combined forces cause the occupant to be initially thrown forward, then backwards while simultaneously being turned in the direction of the pillar.

Many modern vehicles have safety devices including side impact airbags which protect against these incidents. Older vehicles have less sophisticated protection or none at all. Also recent indications are that the reliability of older airbags is suspect.
The product can provide head protection in many scenarios if manufactured to attain full potential. As 50% of drivers or passengers sit adjacent or overlapping the B-pillar in small sized cars with no side airbags they have no protection what so ever in a side impact collision. The product provided cushions the impact to lessen or eliminate a head trauma.

In the event of a frontal collision or near side crash an overlooked pattern of movement involving driver and passenger in the event of the combination of airbag and seatbelt and the resulting throwback or recoil of the head into the B-pillar. The chain of events happens in second or two, on impact the seatbelts lock holding the persons shoulder which is nearest the B-pillar allowing the opposite shoulder and head to move forward and to the side, although this may be only a few centimetres but it determines the outcome of the resulting direction of the recoil after the frontal airbag forces the persons head into an unprotected iron bar covered in hard plastic. With the said product attached, it is designed to adapt on impact and will receive the head and provide cushioning, This compartment does not cause a blind spot while intact and is 100% fail proof.
An extension upwardly of the product can provide head protection along the roof rail in the event of a rollover.
Furthermore with minimal modification and testing this product may be used in conjunction with cars with side curtains to provide a second line of protection in case of non deployment due to faulty units or in the case of side airbags only deploying in side impact yet needed when frontal collisions airbag deployment force occupants into the B-pillar in a throwback fashion.

Evidence of these previously talked about car crash scenarios are widely available on YouTube and advantageously reassure car owners of the necessity of this novel product to ensure their safety as all four door cars result in this overlooked scenario.
The developer is seeking an industrial partner with a route to market for this product type under a licence agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The developer views the advantages of the developed product as including the following
· Provides improved protection against head injury from impact with the door B-pillar during crash incidents preventing brain injury or death.
· Provides protection cover against the seatbelt D-ring without compromising its function to retract the belt or interfere with the D-ring bolts.
· Functionality of the height adjustment of the seatbelt D-ring remains with the product attached.
· Provides protection in a side impact, rollover crash or rear impact incidents.
· Provides protection to the back of the head from rebound caused by airbag deployment.
· Protection provided in the case of failure of deployment of side curtain due to fault or inadequate forces
· Retrofittable device. Suitable for all vehicle types
· Is fitted using a single securing clip to be tooled to suit all car models.
· Easy to install into all four door cars.
· Low production costs
· A wide variation of ascetic designs to make it desirable to young and old.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The company has recently filed a patent to cover the developed device.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The developer is seeking a manufacturing partner with capabilities of working with impact absorbent materials and fabrics and preferably having an existing route to market for auto related products.

The partners role would to commercialise the product under a license or similar agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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