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Prueba de diagnóstico para la detección precoz de la susceptibilidad al síndrome metabólico


Oferta Tecnológica
El personal de un laboratorio de inmunología y biotecnologías celulares de Rusia está desarrollando pruebas de diagnóstico para la detección precoz de la susceptibilidad al síndrome metabólico, el conjunto de trastornos metabólicos y clínicos que se producen en la obesidad. Esta prueba determina polimorfismos de un solo nucleótido en predictores genéticos del síndrome metabólico mediante reacción en cadena de la polimerasa en tiempo real. La prueba tiene en cuenta la experiencia de los últimos avances en endocrinología y biología molecular en el estudio de la patogénesis del síndrome metabólico. El laboratorio busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica y servicio.


Diagnostic test system for the early detection of susceptibility to metabolic syndrome
Staff of the Laboratory of Immunology and Cellular biotechnologies (Russia) is developing diagnostic test systems for the early detection of susceptibility to metabolic syndrome, the complex of metabolic and clinical disorders occurring on a background of obesity. The test system is a set for determining single nucleotide polymorphisms in genetic predictors of metabolic syndrome. The Laboratory is looking for partners for technical cooperation and services agreement.
Today in Russia there is a rapidly growing market PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test systems. On the foreign market, there are analogues of the product - diagnostic BioVendor´s PCR kits. Despite the fact that the data sets are multiplexed, the amount of the polymorphisms determined in a single sample is limited to 4, which makes the analysis more expensive (relative to the set with a higher multiplex).
Currently there is no specific and sensitive diagnostic tests for determining the relative risk of developing metabolic syndrome at an individual level. There is a rapidly developing market polymerase chain reaction test systems in Russia today. There are analogues of the product in the international market, particularly diagnostic quantitative BioVendor´s polymerase chain reaction kits.
Significant disadvantages of these kits:
- Identification of susceptibility only to the individual components of the metabolic syndrome (obesity, hypertension) or to a certain type of consequences.
- Pyrosequencing method used in these kits is not widely used in laboratories (unlike real-time polymerase chain reaction).
There are also kits intended only to confirm the clinical picture of the metabolic syndrome (Biocrates Life Sciences, AdipoGen Inc.). These kits do not assess genetic predisposition and apply only at the stage of disease manifestations. Staff of the Laboratory of Immunology and Cell Biotechnologies has developed a new method of genetic diagnosis of predisposition to metabolic syndrome. The method is based on determining the genotypes of polymorphic variants in genes associated with components of the metabolic syndrome. Functionally important genetic polymorphisms in relation to the risk of developing metabolic syndrome in the Russian population were identified based on our own results of genotyping, which will form the basis of a unique diagnostic panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms for the development of test system. The use of a whole range of genes in diagnostic panel in which polymorphisms are localized and responsible for the development of the different components of the metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, abdominal obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and chronic systemic inflammation) will allow the most comprehensive assessment of a predisposition to metabolic syndrome (with or without the presence of one or more components of the syndrome).
Thus one of the main advantages will also be syndrome association of polymorphisms with risk of metabolic syndrome in the Caucasian population tested in the population-based experimental studies involving patients with metabolic. Only polymorphisms with such confirmed through experiments association will be included (and after completion will be permanently added in relation to all components of metabolic syndrome) in the diagnostic panel.
There is a correlation between clinical manifestations and polymorphisms that mainly depends on the ethnic characteristics of the population and it has to be taken into account during such genetic analyzes. This may not always occur in practice, but this condition is realized by selecting polymorphisms in the test system, respectively, the use of the test system will be focused on individuals of Caucasian population.
Technical cooperation will allow developing laboratory model of test system based on molecular targets (diagnostic panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the genes). Under the agreement on the provision of services for the project realization include the providing reagents, equipment, aid in the design of nucleotide sequences of test system components. synthesis of the components of the test system such as primers, probes, positive controls.
Advantages and Innovations:
The test system is a kit for determining single nucleotide polymorphisms in genetic predictors of metabolic syndrome by the real-time polymerase chain reaction.
The test system takes into account the experience of the latest advances in endocrinology and molecular biology in the study of the pathogenesis of the metabolic syndrome.
The main competitive advantages of the test system:
- Allows for genetic diagnosis to all components of the metabolic syndrome and systemic inflammation at the molecular level through the unique selected and proven diagnostic panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes;
- Adapted to the majority of known cyclers for conducting the real-time polymerase chain reaction.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: Academic and research organizations involved in the development of PCR test systems
Role: Cooperation for the development of diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphism panel and synthesis of components of diagnostic PCR test systems
Area of activity: development of diagnostic (molecular genetic, PCR) test kits, DNA diagnostics, predictive diagnostics


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