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Publicidad en tránsito para taxis


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa ucraniana ofrece un nuevo medio publicitario sin competidores: un cartel LED para taxis. Esta tecnología ofrece numerosas ventajas: control remoto de la difusión de contenidos en medios publicitarios en tránsito, creación y edición de planes de difusión desde el anunciante, creación de informes estadísticos con archivos multimedia para el vehículo y monitorización en tiempo real de los medios de comunicación en un mapa interactivo de una región específica para que el cliente pueda encontrar físicamente el medio publicitario. La empresa busca socios en todo el mundo interesados en lanzar esta nueva tecnología publicitaria mediante acuerdos de financiación o joint venture.


Transit video advertising on taxi
A Ukrainian company offers an innovative advertising medium with no known analogues, an LED signage for taxi car roofs.
The basis of the idea of creating a business model for the integration of innovative products in the advertising services has been taken.
The Ukrainian company looks for partners globally interested in introducing the new advertising technology under a financial or joint venture agreement.
Project advertising on taxi designed to make outdoor advertising more accessible to the consumer. Mobility, mass and maximum coverage of the audience, the ability to display both static and dynamic content, bright picture, which attracts the attention of absolutely all the others, like at night, and on a sunny day, low broadcasting costs and minimum time launching an advertising campaign - undeniable benefits of the new media channel.
This project combines all of the most cutting-edge trends in the market - LED technology, is actively developing in all areas of business, design - light and elegant advertising media by our specialists using today´s best components, the software that has no analogues, corresponding to the main question advertiser warranty displays advertising content and ensuring total control over advertising companies, low cost broadcast media content on advertising mediums than any other types of advertising promotion, at the expense of opportunities geographical and temporal targeting impressions makes it possible to get the most out of advertising budgets and to minimize the time and financial costs of advertising campaigns.
Advantages and Innovations:
The advantage of this technology and innovation is a specially designed software that allows to:

- Remote control of content broadcast on transit advertising media.
- Create and edit media plans from the media advertisers.
- The formation of statistical reporting displays a media file for a media vehicle, as well as for all media-media broadcasting media plans selected commercials.
- Real-time monitoring of media carriers on an interactive map of a given region - allows the customer to physically find the interesting advertising medium. Communication on 3G / LTE data speeds, together with one of today´s best devices geopositioning GPS / Glonass - ensures accuracy of imaging of media vehicles on interactive map up to 5 meters, even in the urban jungle.
- The function of on-line show is broadcast on a particular carrier media content - answers the fundamental question of advertisers - to guarantee delivery of dynamic content, and in conjunction with geo-monitoring - enables the client at any time verify the conformity of Statistics shows for a specific media vehicle.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted,Exclusive Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Ukrainian company looks for partners interested in introduction of a new tool in the field of advertising and marketing on the market.


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Technology Keywords:
01005003 Contenidos digitales, publicidad electrónica
01001002 Sistemas digitales, representación digital
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