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Publicidad inteligente: herramienta audiovisual que ofrece el mejor tiempo y lugar para insertar publicidad en vídeos recreativos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una spin-off de una universidad española ha desarrollado una herramienta audiovisual avanzada que ofrece el mejor tiempo y lugar para insertar publicidad en vídeos recreativos, aumentar la monetización, mantener la atención del usuario e incrementar los índices de retención de espectadores. El sistema analiza las características de audio y vídeo y los puntos de datos, y puede sugerir los mejores puntos de inserción basándose en configuraciones predeterminadas. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Smart advertising: audio-visual tool that provides the best time and place to insert publicity in entertainment videos
A spin-off from a Spanish university has developed an advanced audio-visual tool that provides the best time and place to insert advertisement on entertainment videos, improving monetization, maintaining user attention and increasing viewer retention rates. To obtain mid-roll points, the system analyses video and audio features as well as data points and it can suggest the best insertion points based on predetermined settings.

A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.
A spin-off from a Spanish university is offering an advanced audio-visual tool to find the intelligent points to place ads. It automatically detects multiple smart mid-roll points on the video stream to maintain a high quality audio-visual experience for the user.

Until now, TV stations and broadcasters decide where to insert advertising based on criteria other than content and user experience. Some broadcasters decide based on their leading channel and other based on timing, but they do not consider when it will be less invasive to the user. With this system, broadcasters can obtain mid-roll points to place ads by analysing a sequence of frames and detecting the best time to insert advertisings.

First, the system inserts several algorithms on the video to detect the changes of shots and once the video is divided into several shots, then they are analysed. To accelerate the process, each sequence is simplified and represented by a group of frames (keyframes). The number of frames on each shot depends on the complexity of the shots.

The system algorithms and tools can analyse different characteristics of the video such as:

· Shot analysis: cut -Y- diffusion
· Colour: histogram analysis and time evolution
· Objects: motion analysis
· Face: Detection and size.
Different characteristics of the Data such as:
· Subtitle analysis
· Movie databases, chapter databases
· Web big data analysis
Different characteristics of the audio such as:
· Silence detector
· Music, speech, music -Y- speech.
· Original soundtrack canceller.

Then the results of the three analyses are combined to suggest the best insertion points. A scoring system based is then applied to offer the most reliable points to add advertisements and determine the areas of the image where inserting commercials will interfere less with the content.

The system can be set up to suggest the best mid-roll points based on:
· Suggest N number of points on a video
· Suggest breaking points on ascending order based on quality
· Suggest a breaking point every M minutes with an analysis window of +/- K minutes or seconds
The system configuration is flexible and can be easily set up and it is robust against server failure.

This solution can be applied to TV channels and Platforms, allowing TV stations to schedule their commercials taking into consideration what is being broadcasted. TV platforms have different mechanisms to introduce advertising on their programming but most of them do not consider the content.
This solution will help TV channels or platforms choose the best points, especially if they need to coordinate more than one channel at a time.

It also can be implemented in online video advertising (where this solution can be easily installed on their servers), to solve some of the issues that online channels are facing.

Online video advertising is still a market area whose potential has not reached its maximum and channels struggle to keep the attention of the end-user while airing commercials (80% of online video ads are abandoned within the first half of the ad and 20% of viewers will click away from a video within the first 10 seconds of a commercial).

This tool is designed for publishers to increase the number of mid-roll points from their audio-visual contents. Hence, publishers can obtain better revenue for the same number of impressions where more advertisements are placed. In other words, publishers can improve their inventories to place ads and at the same time their quality is also improved by the fact of using mid-roll points. It is shown that the ad completion rates is higher in mid-roll points rather than pre-roll and post-roll points reaching a 99% for short forms content and 89% for long form contents.

A commercial agreement with technical assistance to integrate the solution is sought with companies on the broadcasting, marketing and video-advertising sectors.

Advantages and Innovations:
· Automatically detects the best time to introduce advertising on a video based on what´s being played (audio and video)
· Automatically detects scene changes, plane changes, sentence stop, etc.
· It analyses video, audio and data from any video, it combines the results of the analysis and then suggests as many insertion points as needed
· Flexible definition of mid-roll insertion points: the number of insertion points can be determined either by time or by space
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
A commercial agreement with technical assistance (to integrate the system with the client´s current platform) with companies either in the marketing, multimedia, audio-visual or broadcasting sectors is sought.

Companies which are either publishing or promoting video advertisement as well as companies that provide video advertising-related services are sought to introduce this solution in new markets.

Other partnership agreements will be considered.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
01003006 Computer Software
01006012 Description Image/Video Computing
01003012 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
01006002 Tecnologías de banda ancha