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Pyme especializada en procesamiento de materiales mediante láser de femtosegundo ofrece herramientas y tecnologías de nanofabricación 3D a medida


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme lituana con experiencia operacional en micromecanizado láser, polimerización y soluciones ópticas ofrece herramientas y tecnologías de fabricación láser 3D con componentes diseñados a medida a escala micro y submicrónica y laboratorios y dispositivos de nanofabricación. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, acuerdos de fabricación de microestructuras complejas a medida de vidrio y polímero y acuerdos de servicio para micrograbado en vidrio y metales preciosos.


Femtosecond laser enabled material processing SME is offering their tools and technologies for custom 3D nanofabrication
A Lithuanian SME with operational expertise in laser micromachining, polymerization and optics solutions is offering tools and technologies for true 3D laser fabrication with custom design components at micro and sub-micro scale - nanofabrication labs and devices for acquisition under commercial agreement with technical assistance; services for manufacturing complex custom microstructures in glass and polymers as well as micro-engraving in glasses and precious metals under services agreement.
This company is a spin-off from a Lithuanian university with operational expertise in laser micromachining, polymerization and optics solutions. The company is currently working in several promising areas of femtosecond laser enabled material processing in micro and sub-micro scale:
- Laser assisted etching in glasses;
- Three-dimensional polymer micro and nanofabrication technology based on ultrafast laser initiated polymerization reaction;
- Direct laser writing inside transparent materials;
- High throughput laser cutting and micromachining;
- Fast manufacturing and replication of microstructures by UV lithography and soft lithography.

For the potential partners the company is offering nanofabrication labs and devices for acquisition, complex custom microstructure manufacturing services in glass and polymers as well as micro engraving services in glasses and precious metals.

The laser nanofabrication labs and devices are of high definition, customized according to specific customer needs and come with management software developed by the company. Key characteristics of the setups available for acquisition are multiple positioning stages, possibility of adding a galvanoscanner, easily adjustable focusing conditions, multipurpose sample holder, full laser harmonic and power calibration integration, software for setup control. Technical parameters and image of a nanofabrication setup can be found in attachments.

Complex custom 3D microstructures can be fabricated in glass and other hard transparent materials by etching. These structures, for example, can be applied in microfluidics or may act as primary sources for soft lithography.

Complex custom 3D microstructures with intricate internal geometries and features with sizes of up to hundreds of nanometers can be fabricated from polymers or inside transparent materials by direct laser writing. Wide array of materials is available for this method - from standard lithographic and hybrid materials to elastomers and biopolymers. The structures can be customized and used for a wide variety of direct applications or they may be integrated in other objects such as micro-channels or fibre tips.

The method of fast and flexible micro-engraving in glass and precious metals that are offered by the company allows to produce explicit, high quality and high contrast marks without impacting the strength of the material. 2D and 3D images can be produced, laser marking does not cause any bruising or distortion of the material.

Commercial agreements with technical assistance or services agreements are sought with partners requiring the setups or services mentioned above - this technology can be applied in sectors of transparent material processing, watch element production, nanostructures in medicine, micro-robotics, space exploration and etc.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovative aspect of the technology of the company is employing an ultrashort pulse laser - method of direct laser writing - allowing to manufacture true 3D milli-sized structures with nano-sized features in polymers.

The method of etching also exhibits certain advantageous characteristics:
- Scalability to high velocity using lasers with high large repetition rates;
- High energy efficiency is achieved by using melting instead of vaporization;
- High material efficiency is achieved by performing cuts with extremely narrow width;
- High precision in three dimensions - 1 micron focus without debris.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Commercial companies and research institutions in the fields like (not limited to) transparent material processing and manufacturing, watch element production, nanostructures in medicine, micro-robotics, cell culture research, space exploration and etc. can take advantage of the offer.

Partners that are interested in acquisition of nanofabrication setups and devices are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners that require services of true 3D laser fabrication with custom design components at micro and sub-micro scale are sought for services agreements.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
05005 Micro y nanotecnología
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