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Química verde para la producción de compuestos biológicamente activos


Oferta Tecnológica
Un grupo de investigación español ha desarrollado un procedimiento ecológico y rentable para obtener -Y-beta;-amino alcoholes, un precursor valioso para sintetizar compuestos biológicamente activos (morfolinas, aminoácidos, etc.) a nivel industrial. Estos productos también pueden emplearse en la síntesis de medicamentos. El método utiliza mezclas de diol/agua y no utiliza disolventes ni compuestos halogenados. El catalizador puede recuperarse por filtración y reutilizarse por ser heterogéneo. El grupo de investigación busca empresas para producir compuestos orgánicos y establecer acuerdos de licencia o cooperación técnica.


Green chemistry for the production of biologically active compounds
A Spanish research group has developed an environmentally friendly and cost-effective procedure to obtain -Y-beta;-amino alcohols, a valuable precursor to synthetize biologically active compounds (morpholines, amino acids. etc.) on an industrial level. These products can also be employed in drug synthesis. The researchers are looking for enterprises that produce organic compounds. They are interested in license or technical cooperation agreements.
The -Y-beta;-amino alcohols are products with very high industrial interest because of its applicability in the synthesis of biologically relevant compounds such as amino acids or morpholines. The use of homogeneous catalysts is known for allowing the alkylation of amines by hydrogen transfer reactions. This may be used for obtaining -Y-beta;-amino alcohols. These homogeneous catalysts have limited industrial applicability because of their cost (most are complexes of Os, Ru, Ir), their instability and the difficulty to be recovered and reused. Moreover, the use of organic solvents is required in many of these hydrogen transfer reactions being in some cases incompatible with the presence of water. Therefore, the existence of a process that allows the production of -Y-beta;-amino alcohols in a cost-effective way and in an environmentally friendly manner is necessary and is of special interest.

Researchers from a Spanish university have developed a process for obtaining -Y-beta;-amino alcohols that is environmentally friendly, uses a heterogeneous catalytic system, and is cost-effective, robust and stable under moisture or air. This procedure allows the production of -Y-beta;-amino alcohols in a heterogeneous catalyst system. This method uses diol / water mixtures; no other solvents or halogenated compounds are used. Also, the catalyst can be recovered by filtration and reused since it is heterogeneous. Reagents and solvents do not possess halogen atoms and temperatures are industrially accessible. In addition, yields are superior to all published to date for such a reaction. It is important to note that this procedure is the only one capable of activating diols in a controlled manner avoiding polymerizations.

The invention is applicable in the industrial scale production of -Y-beta;-amino alcohols. These -Y-beta;-amino alcohols would be used for the synthesis of biologically relevant compounds as morpholines or amino acids and for the synthesis of drugs.

The companies looked for should be active in organic chemistry synthesis for the production of morpholines, amino acids, etc. The university is interested in license or technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The most innovative aspect of this invention is that makes available the production of -Y-beta;-amino alcohols with an environmentally friendly procedure.

While, the main advantages of the method of the invention are the following:

- Cost reduction: transition metal in solution and phosphorated ligands are not used, so the cost of the process is significantly reduced. Molecules used in this process do not require anhydrous conditions or inert atmosphere, since catalyst, reactants, solvents and products are stable to air and moisture, so they can be stored in normal containers. Therefore, the use of glove box is not necessary to preserve the catalyst, contrary to many homogeneous catalysis systems. The reagents are commercially available and pretreatment of them is not necessary in this procedure and water is used as co-solvent. Reduced waste: the catalyst can be removed without difficulty, reactivated and reused since it is heterogeneous, thus minimizing waste and maximizing its price. Besides, this procedure is compatible with diols as solvents avoiding over reaction, generating clean crude reactions and limited side-reaction products. In addition, the purification of the products by selective extraction is also possible, impurities are eliminated in a first step and the amino alcohol is recovered in a second step.
- No use of halogenated compounds.
- Atom economy: the diol acts as a solvent and reagent, and it is also activated without chemical transformation; in addition, the reaction only produces as byproduct a water molecule.
- Moderate temperatures: the process operates in a temperature range between 130 ºC and 200 ºC, an operating temperature of around 150 °C is preferred, so it can be easily applied industrially.
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Under development/lab tested
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Spanish patent application.

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Enterprise in the specific area of chemicals production, for testing of applications, adaptation to specific needs, production and marketing.


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