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Sensor inercial para la detección funcional en tiempo real del movimiento humano


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana ha desarrollado un nuevo sensor inercial que contribuye a la evaluación técnica y científica del movimiento humano funcional y fisiológico. Este dispositivo tiene el objetivo de ofrecer los datos necesarios a cualquier persona que necesite planificar su entrenamiento correctamente (entrenamiento físico o rehabilitación) o simplemente monitorizar el estado físico de la persona. La empresa busca socios en los sectores médico, sanitario y de servicios deportivos con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Inertial sensor technology for a real-time functional detection of human movement
An Italian company has developed a new inertial sensor technology to contribute to technical and scientific evaluation of the functional and physiological human movement. The device has the aim to provide the necessary data to anyone who needs to plan properly targeted training (a physical training or rehabilitation) or simply monitor the physical state of the person. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance in the fields of medical, healthcare, sports services.
An Italian small company has developed a new inertial sensor technology for a real-time functional detection of human movement. The technology is a measurement tool able to analyze the movement of any body segment. It contains the latest generation components for carrying out accurate and repeatable measurements of acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field in three dimensions. The device works with a Bluetooth data transmission that provides real-time measurements directly to the PC via software. Then, the software, with its scientifically validated algorithms, offers simplified data for processing and interpretation. Data could also be acquired without a PC, since the device is equipped with a MicroSD memory card.
This device allows to objectively evaluate and monitor joint functionality and muscle strength during rehabilitation phases and for training a specific area of the musculoskeletal system. It is used to quickly identify any posture deficiencies, problems or asymmetries. Thanks to the immediate delivery of the numerical values and the possibility to check periodically the obtained results and the effectiveness of the treatments, the device helps prevent relapses, complications and regressions of the disease or post-accident condition. Furthermore the sensor makes possible to perform motor movements that are more or less complex without limiting or influencing the subject, also due to the fact that it can be used outdoors and on any surface (grass, sand, unstable platforms, etc.). Consequently, It motivates the subject to constantly improve its conditions.
The company is interested to reach commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners active in medical, healthcare, sport services sector, interested to introduce the innovative device in ad-hoc structures, like post-trauma rehabilitation structures, or in rehabilitation protocols in hospitals and clinics. The company will make skills and technical services available to the potential partner. The final users could be sport or clinical professionals like orthopaedist, physiotherapists, sports science´s experts or trainer.
Advantages and Innovations:
Thanks to its latest generation components, the device is able to supply acceleration measurements of up to 16g and angular velocities of up to 2000°/s with an acquisition frequency of 1000 Hz. Through these characteristics, the sensor allows to obtain data on time, in outdoors conditions and on any surface.
In detail, here below some of the innovative functionalities:
· quantify the deficit in terms of joint function or muscle strength between a limb and the contralateral or between the injured limb and the same limb prior to the accident;
· evaluate and measure the subject´s balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces;
· monitor the exercise intensity with real-time visual bio-feedback via a work threshold that can be selected by the user;
· trace and report the subject´s recovery during the entire rehabilitation process by means of the report functionality;
· evaluate and monitor athletic performance directly in the field.
Furthermore, the device has a user-friendly software interface and, comparing with other similar existing technologies, is low cost.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner sought should be a company interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The potential partner should operate in medical, healthcare, sport services field in order to reach easily the possible final users: sport or clinical professionals like orthopaedist, physiotherapists, sports science´s experts or trainer.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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