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Servicio de TI para control predictivo de riego


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme italiana ha desarrollado un sistema de apoyo a la decisión (DSS) para riego que gestiona la cantidad de agua necesaria para proteger los cultivos. La nueva tecnología es una plataforma predictiva para gestionar el riego en entornos agrícolas y se basa en datos de sensores atmosféricos y del suelo y pronóstico meteorológico de microzonas con geolocalización para optimizar, mediante lógica adaptativa, las cantidades de agua necesarias. La plataforma puede aplicarse a cualquier cultivo y terreno y es una solución en la nube que no precisa la instalación de software y que puede emplearse en cualquier dispositivo, desde PCs hasta tabletas, smartphones, etc. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia, investigación y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


IT service for predictive irrigation management
An Italian SME has developed an irrigation "Decision Support System" (DSS) to manage the needed water quantities to protect crops. The innovative technology is a predictive platform for the irrigation watering management in agricultural environment. It is based on the atmospheric and soil sensor-data, geolocalized micro-zone weather forecast, to optimise, in an adaptive logic, the quantities of needed water. Licence, research and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.
An Italian SME active in the smart agriculture sector has developed an innovative "Decision Support System" DDS product consisting in a predictive platform for the irrigation watering management in agricultural environment.
To-day the decision to start or not the irrigation is based on weather forecast and often it requires continuous manual adaptation due to fact that the weather forecast are not linked to the local micro-zone soil and atmospheric sensors.

The purpose of the DSS is to develop "optimization strategies", not single decisions for irrigation porpoises. The DSS can be usefully applied in all contexts where the forecasting aspects have a strong impact on the decisions to be taken (eg Smart City, Energy, AgTech). In each application domain we are going to define the "sensitive period" in which to orchestrate the optimization strategy (for example in agriculture this period is 5 days, the validity window of the weather forecast), and then define the whole set of actions that in that period, overall they reduce risks and optimize operating costs. The innovative platform, thanks to the DSS allows to save on average 30% of water and general irrigation costs. The platform, (suited for the Internet of Things) can be applied to any culture and terrain, it is a cloud solution that does not require the installation of software and that can be used on any type of device: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc ...
The solution proposed is aimed at farms, with particular attention to small and medium farms, and is designed to simplify irrigation management.
The farmer no longer has to enter in the system, the irrigation plan at the beginning of the season, because it is the innovative platform that determines it (calculating in real time data such as the water balance of the soil and the rate of evapotranspiration of the crop in relation to the phenological phase) and updates it continuously.
In particular the geolocation is "extreme", because it is not based on the nearest weather stations, but obtains weather forecasts located exactly on agricultural land;
The farmer can follow the progress of the crop at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone, receive alerts in case of possible problems and can intervene, if he thinks, by modifying the irrigation schedule, but in general it is the innovative platform itself that relief irrigation program if necessary;
Thanks to its adaptive functions and to the machine learning tools that gradually draw the water absorption curves of the soil, innovative platform is able to manage irrigation, with the utmost care of the crop, even if the farmer has not carried out the chemical.

The SME is looking for the following cooperation types:
Collaboration in the AgTech sector, companies that produce sensing devices for irrigation, connectivity providers, companies that provide global management systems for agricultural activities and are interested in integrating innovative components for irrigation;
Collaboration in application of DSS in domains other than AgTech, able to accelerate the definition of the rules, constraints and priorities specific to their domain.
Collaboration, in all sectors, with universities and research institutions that intend to present collaborative research projects that can benefit from the predictive functions of DSS.
Collaboration of a network for the developing of customised solutions focused on different sectors.
The SME is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance. Licence agreement and Research cooperation agreement. The target countries are mainly in Europe

Advantages and Innovations:
The vertical applications of the DSS, coupled with predictive strategies distributed over the entire "sensitive period", allow a higher level of optimization of resources, by mean of multiple and time-distributed actions for an improved risks protection.
One of the main advantage of innovative platform is the "extreme" geolocalization of the crops that, through the sensors, allows to receive weather forecasts directly comparable with the data collected on the ground.
Another major advantage consists in the easy integration into existing software. Moreover, SWAP permits the complete management of irrigation shifts, which no longer requires the insertion and / or manual modification of irrigation-plans.
This fact requires farmer simplified operations and increases safety: the decisions are no longer based on historical data of the weather (often quite unreliable, with climate change underway) but on real-time sensor data and short-term forecasts.
The agronomic rules refer to the most important international knowledge bases. Every application is "customized" to take full advantage of IoT data and do not require expensive operations for the farmer like the chemical analysis of the land.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners sought can be:
- Digital AgTech application developers
- Connected device makers
- Software development agencies
- System integrators
The partner could use service to build applications, or integrate it in existing ones. In particular:
- Digital AgTech application developers: they can use (under license agreement) the company service as a Backend, as a Service or Database for building their applications, to shorten time to market and reduce costs of their development.

The SME is looking for sensors and connected application device makers to built up a collaboration network to offer a customised product designed for a specific application.

Other collaboration sought are:
- software development agencies: they can rely on the company service (under license agreement) to speed up application development, having the company as a trusted technology partner that will take care of their customers once they end their tasks and developments.
- System integrators: the company could be a technology partner (under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement) and white-label provider of its services for third parties and projects.
The partners above could also decide to sign a service agreement. In this latter case, the company would develop apps on behalf of the partner according to its specific requirements.
Commercial Agreement with technical assistance, licence and research Agreement are sought.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
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