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Servicio por satélite para monitorización estructural


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme italiana especializada en desarrollo de servicios de monitorización basados en tecnologías geomáticas avanzadas ofrece nuevos sistemas que integran datos satelitales y terrestres para controlar entornos rurales y construidos. La empresa centra su actividad en la mitigación del efecto de peligros naturales en la tierra y en redes de infraestructuras. La tecnología ofrece un conjunto de servicios flexibles (precisión, extensión de área y series de tiempo) para monitorizar la velocidad de deformación y evaluar niveles de riesgo/daños en infraestructuras. Se buscan socios con el fin de participar en proyectos de investigación e iniciativas privadas y establecer acuerdos comerciales.


Satellite service for structural monitoring
An Italian SME is engaged in the development of monitoring services based on advanced geomatics technologies. Innovative systems integrating satellite and ground-based data are designed for controlling rural and built-up environment. A specific focus of the company on the mitigation of the effect of natural hazards on land and infrastructural networks. The SME is looking for research projects collaboration, private initiatives and commercial agreement, mainly in Europe and extra-UE
The SME started as an academy spin-off company to apply forefront techniques for monitoring land, structures and infrastructures. The developed technologies are based on the knowledge and experience gained from a steady collaboration with different civil engineering experts, mainly in the field of structural and geotechnical engineering.
The monitoring systems developed by the company are designed in order to increase the capability of setting up preventive mitigation actions to protect land and built-up environment. A number of geomatic technologies are combined to cover a wide range of applications that require different frequency and accuracy standards. A great effort of the company is devoted to increase the use of the satellite data into consolidated monitoring procedure. In particular, the specific absorption rate (SAR) differential interferometry (DInSAR) has been fully exploited to configure reliable alternative and/or integrated solutions to direct in-situ monitoring networks.
A specific service has been developed for the analyses of ground displacements measured, using SAR satellite sensors, during the years for the identification of the natural and man-made processes that may have originated the movement. A more advanced module of the service is dedicated to set up a model for damage assessments able to verify the structural safety level prior to the performance of on-site surveying. A final step of the service is aimed at the evaluation of potential damage evolutive scenarios.
The SME is open for collaboration with companies, research centres and universities for partnering in research projects.
Moreover, preferred partners are companies and institutes (private/public) for the following cooperation types:
· license agreement: licensing for the use of the application;
· commercial agreement with technical assistance: the partner should provide to the company all information about its requirements in order the company to set up a customized product.

Advantages and Innovations:
The technology offers a flexible range of services (precision, area extension, time series) dedicated to the monitoring of the speed of deformation and the assessment of damage/risk levels of infrastructures:
The innovation consists in the high resolution data from a new generation of satellite SAR sensors (eg. COSMO-SkyMed, Sentinel). Moreover the technique permits significant cost/timing competitive advantage in comparison with traditional techniques (eg. monitoring capability, local sensors over past 10/20 years)
Other innovative features are represented by "user friendly" modelling tools (tailored to the specific need and background of the demand segment and based on well known risk measures/techniques) with the aim of overcoming the need to develop a specific SAR knowledge.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partners sought for are:
- companies and institutes (public and/or private). The partner should provide to the company all information about its requirements in order the company to set up a customized product.
- companies, research centres and universities for partnering in research projects


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
10002009 Desastres naturales
01006009 Procesado de señales
01006008 Satellite Technology/Positioning/Communication in GPS
10002007 Tecnología / ingeniería medioambiental
10002010 Tecnología de sensores remotos