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Sistema de calefacción solar


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española de base tecnológica ha desarrollado un sistema solar para iluminar edificios con luz solar o absorber la energía solar en función de la curva de demanda térmica. El sistema es capaz de generar imágenes en la fachada de un edificio, que cambian con el movimiento de los peatones. La adaptación a la curva de demanda térmica se realiza capturando la radiación solar en una superficie durante el invierno y reflejando la radiación en verano mediante concentradores cuyos parámetros se determinan para satisfacer este objetivo. Se buscan socios interesados en licenciar la tecnología o en continuar con el desarrollo del sistema mediante acuerdos de investigación o joint venture.


Solar heating system
A Spanish technology based company has developed a solar system for illuminate with sunlight a building, or absorbing that energy, according to the thermal demand curve and capable to generate images on building façade that changes when the pedestrian moves. They are looking for partners interested in licence the technology or industrial partners to continue with the co-development of the system under a research cooperation or joint venture agreement.
The Spanish technology based company has developed a compatible system of solar uptake and images generation, whose main objective is uptake pasively through optimized geometric reflexive concentrators, the thermal energy demand of a house or building, with enough temperature and alternatively, generate images in the panels or façades that occupy those concentrators.
The system is oriented to the capture according to the demand curve, wasting a lot of energy available along the year and prioritizing the uptake of energy in the winter solstice, and also exploiting the maximum concentration areas to capture energy with individual elements and generate aesthetic effects.
The system developed has remarkable technical improvements related with fabrication costs and with esthetics.
Adaption to the demand curve is done capturing the solar radiation over an area of catchment in winter and reflects it in summer and makes it through reflective concentrators whose parameters are determined to meet this objective. At the same time this system takes advantage of high concentrations that occur in a given curve, which we call the envelope of light bulbs, to position individual elements and capture, they can get high temperatures, and/or to position elements of color that by default generate visuals and images that vary along the day and seasons of the year and either dependent or independent of the position of the observer so the system solves the major obstacle for the integration of solar collection in architectural design as aesthetics. And all this by the concentrated radiation when it is not affecting the catchment area.
The system is designed to use the facades and cover buildings, even replacing parts of them, which solves the problem of the amount of necessary of surface and contiguity to own housing, to minimize losses of heat and a very important reduction in costs associated with the acquisition.
The system is capable of covering up to 50-80% of thermal energy needs from home when adaptation given to the demand curve is optimum, depending on latitude and weather.
Very basically the system consists of a continuous solution of fixed concentrators and its catchment areas.
The company is looking for partners to lincense the technolgoy, or industrial partners to continue the development of the system under a research cooperation or joint venture agreeement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantages of the system are:
- Without mobile elements, can discriminate between different seasons, that is, collects or illuminates much more energy in winther than in summer.
- It uses small linear concentrators optimized, not yet to improve collection efficiency but to control without mobile elements, when the sun rays shine on the collecting element.
- This allows dimensioning a space heating heating without the enormous amount of surplus energy collected in summer of a conventional panel.
- The capability to generate changing images uses this same optics to determine what a pedestrian can see on the complete concentrator. Something similar to the lenticular sheets that change images depending on the point of view of the observer.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Spanish company is looking for partners interested in license the system, or industrial partners to continue with the development together of the system and finally produce and commercialise it at a big scale under a research cooperation agreement or joint venture.


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Industry SME <= 10
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