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Sistema de cubierta ligero y energéticamente eficiente


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme holandesa ha desarrollado un sistema de cubierta con elementos que permiten un reflejo duradero del sol (85%). Estos elementos son duraderos y ofrecen un ahorro importante en tejados escasa o moderadamente aislados, con un ahorro energético extra en tejados con un buen aislamiento, contribuyendo así a ahorrar energía y a reducir los costes de calefacción y refrigeración. La empresa busca socios (constructoras y arquitectos) con el fin de implementar y lanzar este sistema al sector de la construcción.


Lightweight energy-efficient roofing system
A Dutch SME has developed a roofing system with elements that provide a lasting sun reflection of 85%. The roofing elements are durable and will cause significant savings on poorly and moderately insulated roofs and enable extra energy savings on well insulated roofs, thus contributing to energy savings by decreasing cooling and heating costs. The company is looking for partners like building companies and architects to introduce and implement this system to the construction sector.
The roof system consists of hard white plastic roofing elements interconnected by fittings that are clicked together. The elements are sealed with a bound insulating material and are lightweight.
The working principle is based on a high reflection factor (85% of the sunlight) of the surface of the roofing element.

This roofing system implies a new approach to the isolation of houses and building. It requests a thorough understanding of the physical processes in and around houses and understanding of the impact and importance of the surface temperatures. However, the system can be applied on both existing and new buildings.

Some general features that reflect the applicability of this system:
For spaces under the roof the tiles contribute to a comfortable living / working climate, they decrease the needed cooling power.
Temperature difference indoors can reduce to more than 8° Celsius. The roof system is aesthetically pleasing, is UV and infrared resistant.

The base product weighs 8 kg per m². They can easily be put on existing flat roofs, and of course on new roofs.
The elements can also be removed and reused again, and they are completely recyclable.
Normal foot traffic is possible on the covering title. The surface is anti-slip, prevents virtually all growth and needs low maintenance.

The roofing systems can easily be combined with the use of bitumen in warmer countries and with steel roof constructions.
The tiles extends the life of the underlying roof. In case of bitumen the life is even extended 2 to 4 times! (depending on the type of bitumen).

Advantages and Innovations:
Due to a new approach to isolation of buildings there are many advantages to the use of this roofing system:
The sun can easily cause temperature on a roof up to 80º Celsius or more. Now, the roofing surface is no longer heated to extreme temperatures since there is no direct contact with the radiation of the sun. This prevents a heat exchange to the interior of a building and therefore the great need for cooling.
During cold and windy periods, a clear reduction of wind is shown under the roofing elements. If the wind is reduced, it extracts less heat, thus providing energy savings.
As the original roof is covered with the tiles and not infected by daylight (UV Radiation), the surface remains in a good condition for a longer period of time, thus preventing leaks and need to replacement.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Design Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
For full profit of the innovative principle of isolating partners like architects are sought to integrate these roofing parts into new buildings. Other partners can be found under maintenance engineers, and renovation companies, looking for solutions for upgrading older houses and building.
Technical cooperation agreement for real estate development, solar & airco manufacturers can be considered.
Finally partners are sought for local production and for distribution on local markets, combined with technical support.


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Industry SME <= 10
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