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Sistema de gestión de seguridad para instalaciones y eventos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa griega del sector de informática ofrece un sistema integral de seguridad para monitorización de instalaciones y eventos. Se trata de un software en tiempo real que ofrece servicios de seguridad en cualquier evento en directo (conferencias, conciertos, etc.) o infraestructuras (aeropuertos, hoteles, ministerios, centros comerciales, etc.). Este sistema consta de tres módulos: un centro de operaciones, una aplicación para smartphones y una aplicación para tabletas. El sistema conecta a las personas adecuadas y facilita la aplicación correcta de medidas de seguridad y la monitorización. La empresa busca proveedores de seguridad para aplicar el sistema y establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Safety -Y- security management system for premises and events
A Greek IT company offers a complete safety -Y- security system for premises and events monitoring. The system interconnects the proper persons and fascilitate the correct application of safety -Y- security measures and monitoring. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with safety -Y- security providers for the application of the system.
A Greek small IT enterprise offers a new safety -Y- security suite, using integrated IT technologies. The system is a real-time software solution that provides safety -Y- security services to any live event (conference, music concert) or premises infrastructure (airport, hotel, ministries, shopping mall etc).

The system consists of three modules. The first module is the operation centre which is performed through a desktop application. The centre assists the administrator with the management of the incidents. There is a dashboard bringing all the critical information together in real-time, showing communication activity and security staff location. The centre can be easily configured to incorporate the organization´s standard operating procedures and emergency response protocols. All information is recorded and the system is able to present analytics and visualisations useful for future planning.

The second module is a smart phone application specifically designed to enable rich 2-way communication. Members of the staff is equipped with a smart phone operating the app, allowing them to communicate with each other and the operations centre as well. Different types of information can be conveyed, including, voice, text, images and video. Using the app, staff can report their position, notify of completed tasks, check to-do lists (pre-defined by the administrator) and more. To improve robustness, communications between the mobile devices and the operations centre may use a range of different channels, including Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G cellular networks. Information is transferred by using an innovative algorithm ensuring that all communications are encrypted, secure and have extremely high integrity and reliability.

The third module is a tablet application that provides a real-time overview of all communications and workflow activities. It is provided to clients at no extra cost to enable remote monitoring of their organization and stay up-to-date with the

The company aims to find security -Y- safety systems providers for commercial agreement with technical assistance. The suitable partners should be interested to apply the described system to the end users like, among others, shopping centres, hotels and airports. The Greek company will work with them for customization, technical support based on the end-user.
Advantages and Innovations:
The system is a high-tech integrated solution towards the significant enhancement of safety and security tasks. At the same time, it reduces significantly the operational costs. Some of the innovations and advantages include:

- Provision of clear roles -Y- responsibilities to the staff, defined by the administrator and following exactly the safety -Y- security requirements
- Automated communication of emergency actions
- Real time communication dashboard to the administrator
- Real time staff monitoring -Y- coordination
- Instant voice -Y- text communication
- Initiate intelligent notifications and alerts
- Intuitive and user friendly interface
- No more communication delays -Y- failures
- Comprehensive overview of communications
- Monitor workflow on a daily basis
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek company is looking for companies working with safety -Y- security applications. Additional experience in IT systems would be helpful. The collaborator would be capable to help in co-planning, install and support the system. The end-users of the system could be facility management firms, shopping centres, large hotels, airports, metro, ministries, entertainment events.
The desired type of collaboration is commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004004 Aplicaciones en servidores (ASP)
11007 Deportes y ocio
01004017 Gestión de la seguridad e higiene en el trabajo
10001003 Tecnología de seguridad contra incendios