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Sistema de imagen 3D con resolución temporal para tomografía de proceso


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de I+D alemán ha desarrollado un sistema de imágenes por tomografía computarizada en 3D. Este sistema permite monitorizar e investigar los procesos internos de un objeto casi en tiempo real. El uso de fuentes de rayos X lo suficientemente potentes también permite la penetración en objetos y equipos masivos para configurar el experimento. El centro busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia o cooperación en materia de investigación.


Time-resolved 3D imaging system for process tomography
A system for time-resolved three-dimensional computed tomography imaging is developed and manufactured by a German R-Y-D institution. With such a system, inner processes in an object can be monitored and investigated almost in real time. By using sufficiently powerful X-ray sources, also massive objects and equipment for the set-up of the experiment can be penetrated. Industrial partners are sought for licensing or a research cooperation agreement.
The client carries out research in the fields of system development, X-ray sensors and simulation, computed tomography, imaging, CT-assisted measurement engineering, applications, and training. The client is an international research and development facility for industrial X-ray technology. It defines and expands the state of the art in the area of non-destructive testing, particularly with regard to optical and X-ray testing technologies. He possesses core competencies in the area of non-destructive testing along the entire product life cycle, all the way from raw materials to recycling. To strengthen the competitive position of regional, national, and international industry and to open up new markets and application possibilities, the client devises application-oriented solutions that extend to the manufacturing of prototypes and small-scale series.
Project partners are sought to realize a time-resolved 3D imaging system or to continue the work on detector development. The novel multi-line X-ray detector is the key component of such systems. The detector enables the simultaneous acquisition of up to 256 object slices in nearly real time. Through the mechanical and electrical design, a very high image quality with high contrast sensitivity can be achieved. A multi-line detector is a good trade-off between the very high image quality which is possible with a single line detector and the volume scan speed of a flat panel detector. The novel pixel design with in-pixel gain switching extends the dynamic range of the sensor and allows high image quality even behind highly absorbing object areas.
With the system, processes inside objects can be monitored and investigated. For example, this could be the tear of a tensile specimen, the flow behavior of mixtures or even the solidification of alloys.
Advantages and Innovations:
Current X-ray systems for process tomography are only capable of simultaneously scanning one slice of an object under investigation. This means that only a small area of the object can be investigated. To scan larger object areas, the object or the source-detector-system has to be moved during the scan. Then, however, the time resolution is lost.
A setup with the novel multi-line detector will enable a time resolved scanning of complete objects or large object areas. With such a system, inner processes in an object can be monitored and investigated.
The detector uses a total of 256 lines; this means that up to 256 object slices can be simultaneously investigated. With framerates of up to more than 1 kHz time-resolved scans become possible.
The detector is specially designed for fast integration times and a low dose per picture. A structured scintillator yields a good efficiency even at high X-ray energies. A special pixel design with in-pixel gain adjustment enhances the possible dynamic range. Its radiation hard design allows X-ray energies above 450 kVp, so even heavy objects can be penetrated. Due to a modular detector setup, the detector length can be adjusted to the object diameter.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners are sought for applications of the technology in different industries that develop and refine processes in regard to materials and would like to test and analyse those materials. Since the process is quite new, the client is open to requests from any industry or in regard to any material.


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
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Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Province Of China, United Kingdom, United States


Technology Keywords:
03003 Ingeniería de aparatos
03002 Ingeniería de plantas de proceso
08002001 Métodos de análisis y detección
09001008 Otros ensayos no destructivos
02007 Tecnología de materiales