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Sistema de información del suelo para gestionar el terreno agrícola de todo un país


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de investigación eslovaco ha desarrollado un sistema de información del suelo. Este sistema posee una base de datos y un mapa del terreno que permite identificar el tipo de terreno y su disponibilidad en un país entero, ofreciendo toda la información necesaria para la gestión de granjas. La empresa busca socios en gobiernos y empresas agrícolas de otros países para adaptar el sistema en dichos países.


The Soil Information System: a database/soil map of collected soil samples for an entire country
A Slovakian research institute has developed the Soil Information System, which is a database/soil map that identifies the time/space soil variability of an entire country. This database can contain all of the information about soil that is necessary for farming management. The data entered for each country should include all soil types & subtypes. The company is looking for partners such as governments and agricultural companies from other countries to adapt the system to their own countries.
A Slovakian research institute is offering the Soil Information System. Soil data is obtained by soil description and sample analyses of basic (mapped) profiles with simple analyses, and choices characterising profiles with very detailed and special analyses. The entire territory of Slovakia has already been entered in this database (398 333 soil samples). Now this same database can be used in other countries.
The data complex allows establishing the Complete Soil Survey and introduces data including all of the important soil characteristics (ex: 17 000 soil profiles are contained in the Slovakian example). The data includes all the soil types and subtypes characteristic of the country including humus contents and quality, textural fractions, soil reaction, carbonates, sorption characteristics, P, K contents in various fractions by their availability for plants. All these data are included in the database of the Soil Information System. One of the most completed systems sui generis that can contain complete farmland bonitation results is the bonneted information system (soil quality information system). The Bonneted Information System (BIS) includes Bonitation Data bank (BBD) and database of Bonneted Pedo-Ecological Unit maps (BPEJ) in digitised form - there are 12 000 map sheets with proper database containing all the parameters expressed by 7-figure BPEJ code. Furthermore, there are soil price data and soil incorporation into soil delivery groups.

Information system (database) of soil monitoring is a part of national soil monitoring and comprises the soil characteristics that are subject of soil property changes, in 5-year intervals. The database can include information in 3 soil profile depths, concretely humus content and quality, parameters of soil: physical properties, structure, risk elements levels in soils and soil contamination, soil reaction, active carbon contents, etc. Information can also include well-defined soil contamination maps, municipality cadastral number and contaminated soil areas.
A complete picture on the soil information system at the Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute gives the list of existing databases:

1. Set of digitised maps
2. Soil databases list

Current and Potential Domain of Application: This system can be used mainly for farming management.
Current and Potential Domain of Application
This system can be used mainly for farming management.
Advantages and Innovations:

Soil funds including maps and databases have been gradually updated and transformed into unified (from international view) GIS (geographical information system) in order to be used as generation multiplier outputs, or purposeful data-layers in other countries. Recent 15-20 years' development gradually formed the conditions for interlinking the pedological information system with other institutional systems. The soil science information system elaborated and systematically updated is a unique system. It can contain an immense amount of data on soils and gives large possibilities of utilisation in soil use, conservation and agriculture, as well as other national economy departments.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners from other countries to adapt the system to their own countries' soil samples. Agricultural companies, goverments may be interested.
Type of Partnership Considered:
Joint further development
Testing of new applications


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R&D Institution
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